Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thoughts for the day…

Thoughts for the day…

Today is(was) 9/27/2011

This is an idea I have about making a running post of the particular subject that is most on my mind for a particular day. The most recent entry will be at the top, and older ones will descend in reverse order. There are no rules – I’m going to keep them simple. If I feel like my comments need to be supplemented I will add links. This running post will show up as links on my blogs and facebook. It will be physically located in my “Stories” blog. If you wish to comment on a particular entry, be sure to include the correct date of the entry in your comment. So I begin…

7-4-2012 - is the last post, I'm going to do things differently now. You might notice on this long post that all of the links and pictures have disappeared. That happened when I tried to publish my last entry (the one directly below) It wouldn't go through and came up with an error message. So I thought I would just copy the last entry and exit out. Then the message warned me that information would be lost if I continued, and I continued. What I didn't know was that what was lost was everything - links and pictures. Without these this post is basically toothless, and it would be too hard and time consumming to fix. So I'm retiring this post, and instead are just going to do one each month. So all of the "Thoughts for the Day" links should still work and be current, but they will just involve the current month. I will leave this post here - but clearly it's not the same. Live and learn.

7-4-2012 - I was thinking today (as I was watching fireworks downtown) about how many of the people surrounding us enjoying the fireworks really understand what we are celebrating right now, and does it even matter to them? To me democrats, and those who vote for them, are anti-freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-family, anti-Declaration of Independence, and so on. Yet I remember back when I voted democrat, I was oblivious to all of these same things - because that's how I was programmed within my environment. Here is something I saw on Facebook today which I think explains things well along these lines...

So here's my question - should democrats even have the right to celebrate July 4th for what it stands for? I certainly wouldn't begrudge them - there's no doubt they are being hypocrites by doing so, but like I mentioned above - so was I. Thank God I eventually got past that!

I know I often mention how irritating it is that democrats are able to successfully con most women and blacks into voting for them against their own self-interests - women because most of them don't know jack about politics, and blacks for racist reasons. I read this article today that I thought was excellent on this same subject. Also there's no doubt that the regulations that Barack Obama and his administration are foisting on us to keep us in this perpetual recession and to help destroy our nation, definitely are a huge factor in helping these along. Here's an article that addresses this well.

7-3-2012 – This is my attempt to let you in on a bargaining unit (Union) vs. Company conflict where I work. First for a little background - I’m a electronics technician who belongs to a private sector union (IBEW). I work for a large local company (Rockwell-Collins). Last year (FY2011) I had a lot of work and I worked a lot of 10-hour days (8 hours plus 2 hours overtime at time-and-a-half = 11 hours pay). For the week this means 50 hours worked = 55 hours pay. This means I was paid for 15 extra hours than the normal 40-hour-workweek for working 10 extra hours. At the end of FY2011 (Sept 2011) this overtime ended for me. They (our immediate management) told me that the rate (the amount of work) I had to do was going down, and rather than having to lay some people off – they would just eliminate our overtime. So I thought “bummer,” but if it will save some jobs then it makes sense. So my rate did go down for about a month, and then it slowly crept back up to where it was back to the same amount as when I was working overtime before. The overtime didn’t reappear – yet they (management) expected me to keep up irregardless, so I tried – sometimes succeeding and other times not.

So as time continues to pass – going into this year (2012) here is a personal view of our economy and how it has affected us. The prices of everything - gas, groceries, property taxes, supplies, insurance, utilities and other bills, etc. have dramatically increased in the last year. We have had to pay for Leah’s braces, Jenna’s hearing aids and speech; Alex’s psych evaluations, glasses for 3 kids. We have had massive automotive repair bills. In short, we are getting our butts kicked financially during this last year. I have recently discovered that because of what I mentioned above I will make over $10K less in earnings this year compared to last year – ouch! Also recently at work I’ve noticed that management has gone back to asking some electronics techs and assembly people for overtime. I hadn’t been getting asked for overtime at all by management, so I didn’t really bother to look at the posted overtime lists on the bulletin board where they are. Recently (last night) I finally checked our overtime list and discovered that my counterparts (techs who work on the same stuff I work on but on day shift, where as I work night shift) had been getting asked for significant overtime. According to our Union rules, this is illegal for management to do. If they ask day shift for OT, they must also ask night shift. Or if they only need one person they should ask the person with the fewest accumulated overtime hours asked. Since for me this number = 0, I definitely have the fewest. So I pointed this out to my Union Steward, and together we explained to management the error that was made by them.

Today I talked about it to my day facilitator who was directly responsible for this error, and she told me she didn’t see it as an error. She told me the day electronics technicians (who I considered my counterparts) who were asked to work OT were considered the “primary” techs on the boards they needed tested, and I was the “secondary” tech. So despite the fact that I knew how to work on and test this stuff (and had done so many times before), since I was merely the “secondary,” they didn’t have to ask me for overtime. There is no rule or agreement that says this is so, just the rule I explained above. So I told her it looked to me like she was showing favoritism to the day shift workers by giving them all the overtime on stuff that I’m also well-qualified to do, and stuff that they sometimes ask me to do (albeit – without overtime pay). She replied that sure wasn’t their intention. I told her despite the fact I don’t wish to make waves – if I choose to fight them on this I believe the rules will back me up. So I think in the end I convinced her that I should be asked for overtime anytime my counterparts are asked, for the same amount, and I will work on the stuff that needs to be done during the overtime. This was my goal – we shall see if it happens. I also told her that I hoped they wouldn’t try to solve this problem by just taking away the overtime for the day shift electronics techs – I’m just interested in being treated fairly from here on out. She said they wouldn’t take their overtime away. If all of this does happen then hopefully I will get to work some overtime and make some more money. If things remain the same I will continue the fight.

This is my example of Capitalism at work.

7-2-2012 – It’s July – just before the 4th – Independence Day – as I watch our independence slip away. We are becoming a dependent state and we have a lying asshole for our leader, and a compliant media who guards and protects him, and people who we know well who still vote for him. Lot’s of birthdays this month – Cheryl’s sister Heather (today), her father Ian, Kristen’s daughter Savanna (both on the 4th), my sister Lori (5th), our sons Benjamin and Ryan (both on the 12th). It’s hot outside – after our heavy storm a few days ago we are back to hot and humid weather. Cheryl’s been handling the storm clean-up around our house while I was helping my siblings paint our mom’s house. So now I’m back to work and working on my blogs to combat the evil forces of Obama and the democrats. Do you remember when our country used to actually fight wars to prevent the spread of communism, but now thanks to the democrats and Obama we have an Imperial President who was brought up and indoctrinated by Communists, and it’s now eating the fabric of our rules, laws, government, and our society all from within. It just makes me want to kick some ass, or smack some idiots upside of their heads. When I think of the serpent that lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden, he has the head of Barack Obama. The serpent tricked Eve into taking a bite of the apple, despite God’s warning. Well many warned that Barack Obama is the leader of false prophets and is one himself – yet he still has a significant number of followers. It makes me want to puke on them.

We are having a birthday party for all of these birthdays for those of them who show up this Saturday. My brother and sisters (except for maybe Julie) and Cheryl’s sister Kristen will not be there because summer is a busy time. It just goes to show that Leah, Benjamin, and Ryan get the low end of the stick as far as family showing up to help celebrate their birthdays once again – so this will be the last such party of this type. Call it a failed experiment. We’ll keep it to close family and Grandparents from here on out. Jenna and Alex get a birthday party with Samantha, Kobe, and Zoey (cousins) each year around Easter, and it has proven too hard for us to do the same for Benjamin, Ryan, and Leah (summer birthdays). More proof that life isn’t fair – just accept this as fact.

The good news is there are still battles to be fought and won – because in the end, good will prevail. For now we will deal with both the good and the evil. Besides having close relatives who are still Obama supporters, and therefore care little for our freedoms and liberties - I have 2 daily remnants of my democrat supporting past. Our auto insurance company is still Progressive - with the White Flo, and Peter Lewis - the rich liberal owner who supports dirtbag liberal causes like "kill as many babies as possible - the blacker - the better(Planned Parenthood) and Move On.org. Also we still have AOL as our internet browser. AOL owns the Huffington Farce (I mean Post) and I get it to laugh at it each day. It has one section that's called "Gay Voices" that gives all the latest Gay news (as if I give a crap). Today's big news was Anderson Cooper (jerk-off media correspondent) came out publically as being "gay." No shit Sherlock! I could tell he was gay just by his appearence and mannerisms - big deal! So now we know for sure he's destined for Hell, unless he magically acknowledges and repents his sins.

6-30-2012 - I spent most of this day helping to paint my mother's house. We almost finished in one day, but not quite. I'm going back to help finish tomorrow.

Well I just read an article today that I totally agree with. I have been thinking for a long time that we need women here on earth, and they are smart at many things. I am absolutely certain and of mentioned this several times - when it comes to politics - they are too stupid to vote - period. I know very few women who know much about politics, and for many they are repelled by politics. However when they go to vote it shows that they don't know jack - I'm serious. Women and Blacks - many blacks will vote for Obama just because he's says he's black (he's half black, half white). This makes them not only stupid politically, but racists as well. So yeah - both of these groups are too stupid politically to vote.

Here's another thing that bothers me. When I point out all the underhanded tactics the democrats use (see illegal) to get their agendas done, people will say "they are just doing what they have to do to get things done." Hell no! We don't need leaders who work that way - no matter what party they belong to. This is the whole "The end justifies the means" way of thinking that Obama and his administration believes - it's Marxist thinking. Also how the Obama's always disrespect our country and our military. I keep thinking of that video where the Obama's (Barack and Michelle) are standing for our Pledge of Alligence, and it shows Michelle telling Barack something, and we can clearly read her lips. She's saying "all of this for a flag." She clearly doesn't understand that it's for all that the flag symbolizes (represents) - things they don't believe. For this reason alone they should've never been where they are!

6-29-2012 – Yeah, I’m at work and the ear-splitting alarm goes off and tells us to head for the walls – a storm warning is happening. So I meander over to the windows (because it was sunny, hot, and humid when I came into work just a couple of hours ago), but not now. Now there’s a torrential downpour happening, so I decided to type here instead of working. It ended up being another rant – but these are my thoughts for today.

Yesterday I had another one of those ‘private sector’ discussions with a coworker who I’ll just call SAD (for stupid-ass democrat). He’s a single guy, and he’s another one of those dipshits like our president who think the “private sector is doing fine.” I mean Obama and his media lapdogs even said so. I asked him if he was a homeowner and bought his own groceries, to which he replied that he’s a renter and does pay his own bills. I told him clearly that’s a lie that we are doing fine – take our situation. I will probably make more than $10K less this year in earnings, despite being expected to do the same amount of work as before. Our energy costs have increased astronomically in just one year and there is no change in sight (except for more increases). Of course this causes the cost of everything else to increase a lot – groceries, insurance, all home bills. So that hurts – a lot. We have also had major auto repair bills this year, had to pay for both braces and hearing aids. When you have a family, these are expenses that just happen. Yes, ouch! We are pretty poor financially right now and the prospects with Obama as our president are looking very bad. The fact is – if anyone is doing fine its people working in the public sector, but even that won’t happen for long because the private sector subsidizes the public sector. As we go down – so will they go down. So then DS says something that’s truly stupid, he says “but the public sector has to pay taxes too.” I reply “Well, yeah! But how will they pay taxes when they have no earnings? Try to think ahead a little bit! The public sector is paid completely by taxes from the private sector!” Then DS starts talking (yeah I know – for the thousandth time) points – “well our poor economy is Bush’s fault.” I reply “we’ll although he’s not completely without blame, it’s miniscule at this point.” “The democrat’s have been in control of our Congress since early 2007.” “The recession started out being due mostly to the failure of our sub-prime mortgage defaults started in late 2007.” “Bush warned the democrats several times before about these poor sub-prime lending practices (fiascos – which they strongly defended), and he possibly could’ve done something to curtail them or try to stop them, but he needed continued funding for the war on terrorism, so he went the bipartisan route and tried to work with the democrats too much – that was his failure.” Other than this the democrats own this mess, and they refuse to clean it up.” “Obama has spent more and put us in more debt than all the other presidents – combined!” “So don’t tell me Bush is to blame – fool!” “The only thing the democrats are good for is deflecting blame.” Many of them are also racists – read this for an explanation.

In fact I considered the years during the Bush administration of 2002 – 2007 as the “Golden Years.” Unemployment was low, earnings were high. Taxes were lower, yet tax revenue was higher. We adopted several of our children, most of who had special needs and would require us to have good health insurance – which we had. Today in 2012, I’m really worried that we will be dumped into Obamacare’s government pool of crappy health insurance, where I’ll have a partisan democrat deciding what they (government healthcare) will cover for us. Doctors will be bailing out left and right because the healthcare profession is no longer worth the time and effort for them, so a severe shortage will develop. Other health insurance companies will be taxed and regulated to death by our government, and will not be able to compete with our government, so they will disappear and we’ll be left with government single payer health insurance – which is always mediocre, will be high-priced, and always leads to longer wait times and major rationing. Medicare will go bust because the democrats will raid it further to help pay for Obamacare – bad news for our seniors. In other words our decent health care will be ruined, and we will more closely resemble 3rd world country’s health care – like Cuba’s. Yet many of you really stupid people still think Obamacare is a good plan!

So now (as I mentioned yesterday) we still have Obamacare, or as it should be known from here on out “Obamatax! The democrats and Obama scream at us that it isn’t a tax, but more lies spew from their lips. This article lists all of the taxes of Obamacare, mentions “Taxmageddon,” which is what happens when Bush’s tax cuts expire in 2013 (which the democrats refuse to renew or make them permanent). Also check out the links to videos to see the impact Obamacare will have on everyone. We won’t believe the amount of how much more we’ll be taxed. The only way out of this mess folks is to vote the democrats out this coming November (they deserve this fate and are really asking for it) – that’s the bottom line! Personally I think both Obama and Eric Holder (the Doctor Death Twins) should be removed from office before the election and thrown in jail. I think good cases can be made in this direction – it’s certainly where they belong!

6-28-2012 – Big day! First Obamacare was upheld by our Supreme Court on a 5-4 vote with Chief Justice Roberts voting with the liberals. This was a surprise and a disappointment, on the other hand it may have handed the 2012 Presidential Election to Mitt Romney, which is good. Speaking of Mitt Romney, here's what he had to say on this subject today. Lately I’ve been thinking that Obamacare was one of the largest drags on our economy – creating much economic uncertainty. If Obamacare was to be struck down then maybe businesses would have more confidence and start doing more hiring, maybe our economy could recover somewhat. That isn’t going to happen yet, so things will keep getting worse. Obamacare is an albatross for his administration – it’s failing to do anything that the democrats promised. The only way to get rid of Obamacare and start to solve our real healthcare problems is vote Obama and the Democrats out, and I believe that many will do just that. Add to this the several other things that are going bad for the democrats – AG Eric Holder has just been voted in criminal contempt by our bipartisan Congress. This is historic and has never happened before in our history. Obama is heavily involved in this cover-up due to his granting of executive privilege to Eric Holder. They are both hiding something big, which is their involvement in giving guns to Mexican drug lords to make our gun shops and our 2nd Amendment look bad enough for them to go for more gun control. The democrats are crying racism, while the republicans point back at them calling them murderers (enablers). Only one side is correct here and as usual it isn’t the democrats. Then there the ongoing voter fraud mess going on where Eric Holder and the democrats are suing states who are trying to clean up their voter roll (according to state law) because he wants those voter ID-less voters for Obama. Eric Holder is just a walking, talking dirtbag and so is his boss.

Yesterday I drove the kids to Lake McBride to do some swimming at the beach there. The temperature (can be viewed on the rearview mirror of our GMC Yukon) was 88 degrees F. on the drive there, and it eventually climbed to 99 degrees F. This was the 2nd time we have gone there this summer. I’ve wanted to take them there once each week, so I figure I better step it up. We went 5 times last summer; I definitely want to beat that this summer. It was a good day to go swimming and the kids and I enjoyed ourselves. I believe I have Leah swimming and Jenna is almost swimming, so that’s progress. The kids are also going to our church’s Bible School each night this week. Unfortunately due to low finances we won’t be sending anyone to Bible Camp or Korea KAMP this year, but Leah will be attending her band camp later this summer. Obama’s economy (and he better own it because it’s his) is really affecting us heavily. Our economy will never get better unless we get rid of this fool this November.

I was thinking about white privilege lately. Check out this video of a group of complete race-baiting saps (this is where the education dollars are going – to fools like these). I think they went to the same school of perpetual victim hood as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and many of their supporters. It reminded me of that scene in the movie “Crash” where 2 thuggish looking black guys are walking down a street in LA talking about how people are always looking at them with contempt and don’t view them with respect, when they pass a white couple (Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser) going the other way and she shoots them a look of, maybe fear. Then one of the black guys says “there, did you catch that? That’s what I’m talking about.” Then the next thing these guys do is go into a coffee shop to hold it up at gunpoint. Yeah, I know, it’s just a movie. Just thinking… I’m someone who’s entirely different from those race-baiting saps.

6-22-2012 – Shades of gray – only shades of gray. The Monkee’s sang a song by this name in the late 60’s I believe. It’s about how things used to be simpler and were more black and white, either this or that, but now the black and white often mix together into shades of gray (becoming more complex and complicated). The fact is things have always been shades of gray. We just reside in a more dangerous world that is losing its very soul and is changing rapidly. Moral relativity is becoming more and more commonplace with each new generation, and religion, Christianity, and the Bible are being ignored or ridiculed by many. Our President (Obama), his administration, and the Democrats are leading the charge into lawlessness and moral decline. Have you noticed that many politicians (mostly Democrats) and their compliant mainstream media want us to see things only in black and white, despite as I mentioned above that this isn’t how reality works. They either think we are really stupid and/or it’s them that are stupid (it’s both). Just to give some examples – if you disagree with Barack Obama, then you must be a racist. If you think our AG Eric Holder should resign because he’s corrupt and incompetent, then again you must be racist. If you disagree with gay marriage then you must be a bigot. If you consider yourself colorblind as to how you view or treat others – then you don’t care about race. If you want our government to use our natural resources of energy – like coal, oil, nuclear power, etc. then you must want our environment to be dirty. It’s either this or that with them – there couldn’t possibly be any other explanations. They refuse to see the big picture to solve our problems, Democrats and the media prefer to stick to their own narrative, of which really only the ignorant people believe to be true. So the question is… why do we put up with them? Some of them are actually friends and family – that’s one explanation.

How far do we have to fall before people wake up and say to themselves “hey, wait a minute, what’s going on here?” If any of the examples above seem familiar to you and you have thoughts like them – I’m here to tell you that you are a real dumb-ass. I understand that many of us (including just about everyone I know including myself and my wife) have been brainwashed our whole lives to be liberal-Democrats, but myself I snapped out of this as the internet age became more prominent in our lives and gave us the opportunity to learn more truth. It’s not too late for others while we are still living – it’s not easy and usually doesn’t happen overnight – but it can happen for you. See the lies! Become aware that our government and our media are controlled by liars and thieves. They are stealing our freedoms and liberties right out from under our noses and too many of you refuse to be aware. You are in fact “dupes” of our government and the fourth estate – the media. It doesn’t have to be this way – seek the truth, not just their truth which is mostly lies. God is speaking to us and he’s telling us we are losing our way. Hear Him, and follow the Bibles teachings.

Liberals love their Multiculturalism don't they? It does sound good in practice but like with most things (see Unions) it can be abused and used for nefarious reasons. Almost everyone I know think multiculturalism is a wonderful thing, but I know that it as well as political correctness are helping to destroy our society - our nation. Everytime I see one of those bumper stickers on cars that say 'CO-EXIST' spelled with the symbols of many of our world's religions, including Islam, Judaism, and Christian. I just want to convince them they are incredibly naive if they really believe this can happen. If you are the type of person who likes to make everything about race, who thinks other people's motives are usually all about race is a race-baiter. A race-baiter is a racist themselves - in fact they are the worst kind of racists - the ones who divide us. Most of them are liberal-Democrats, like Barack Obama, Eric Holder (here's a video of him showing him as a race-baiter), many in the mainstream media including just about everyone at MSNBC (Chris Matthews - Al Sharpton - O'Donnell, etc.). If you want to know what the worst kind of racists are like - study these people. They use racism as a bullying tactic and people need to stand up to them at every turn. To end this entry on a positive note - watch this video interview of a man who gets it - who understands these types of issues. If you can find the time, check out this video - it's important!

6-14-2012 – We are in the middle of the 2012 election season – with over 4 months to go before the most important election certainly in my lifetime. I have never seen a political party (The Democrats) and their leader (Barack Obama) work so hard to divide our country (the electorate) in so many different ways. They work hard to divide us by race, religion, class, political party and ideology. I have also never seen our mainstream media be so compliant toward one party so much the way they are painfully biased in the liberal-democrat-marxist-socialist direction. I don’t see how this is an effective election strategy for them, and I believe they will be in a state of disbelief after they get their asses handed to them in November 2012 after the election is over. It will show once again how big of sore losers they are and how much damage they can cause to our country before they leave. Barack Obama can’t run on his abysmal record. The Democrats have controlled our Congress since early 2007, right before our economy tanked, and they had complete control for 2009 and 2010. There is no doubt they completely own this mess we are in and to blame Bush is just ridiculous beyond belief – but that’s all Obama has to work with and it’s all a lie! Some people are still incredibly stupid enough to believe this is all or mostly Bush’s fault, which just shows how brainwashed they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if both Barack Obama and Eric Holder are arrested and jailed before or after this all happens. I know that I will probably never trust a Democrat again to be honest, and I will never view them as allies for a common cause – we are just way too different. Only some of us have any ethics or morals and it isn’t them. We will not be united – there will be those who are good and those who are evil. There is still time for the evil ones to change while they are still alive – so there is that at least. Will they see the error of their ways? Can I help them? Convince them they are on the wrong path? Only time will tell. The brainwashing which we are all exposed to throughout our lives is very hard to overcome for so many people because our government and it’s media are powerful.

Click here to watch a video of Rep. Allen West from Florida talking about how Florida is trying to clean up its voter rolls to prevent voter fraud during the election, and about how Eric Holder and our Justice Dept. have sued them as a result. It's just abysmal how corrupt the Democrats have become under this current administration. Evil? You bet!

6-12-2012 – Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted to this story – so let’s get back to it shall we? My eleven-day vacation has come and gone and we made some progress with our home (room switching and clean-up). We didn’t get done with all of our projects but we are well on our way. I have faith we will complete them. Our 4 youngest children have been going to summer school for the last couple of weeks. Our oldest daughter Leah now has braces in her teeth. They hurt her for several days and she couldn’t eat a lot of food she used to eat, but she’s getting better now. Governor Scott Walker won the Wisconsin Recall election 53 – 46%, which is the same margin that Obama beat McCain in the 2008 Presidential election, yet most mainstream news said Walker “survived,” while Obama’s victory was a “landslide” according to them. I have been following this story because it’s important – click here and keep reading the links at the bottom of each article – you will get an education. Read this article to receive an education about a lot of what the liberals have done to our country in the last 50 or so years – they are heavily to blame for much of what has went wrong. Have you ever wondered what Barack Obama's plans are for us and our country if he somehow wins his next election? Well wonder no longer - read about it here. So who is responsible for this mess we are in now? Click here to discover the culprits (as if you didn't know). The great Thomas Sowell makes the case that Obama and the Democrats are not really Socialists, but rather something more insidious. The summer continues on and we haven’t received much rainfall lately. The local newspaper is talking about drought. Our riding mower’s main drive belt busted so I will need to replace it before I can finish mowing our lawn.

This weekend is Father’s Day, my 11th as a father. It is also my wife and my 15th Wedding Anniversary, and 15th year of living in our house, so this is what’s happening.

6-2-2012 - Today is my 50th Birthday! My little sister Lori sent me this video. Maybe she remembers that I've been a big fan of the Beatles since forever. My wife Cheryl and I have been off from work for 8 days now, and I have 3 days left - this weekend and Monday. We have been working on our house. We are switching the boys bedroom and the dining room around. The boys old room required considerable cleaning and we repainted the walls from yellow back to green (almost aloe) to match the green carpet. The dining room doesn't need any work besides all of the switching furniture around - which is in fact, work. We rented a huge dumpster for the week and we are filling it up with old junk (much of it toys). We are repainting and recarpeting Leah and Jenna's bedroom, turning it from pink to blue (songbird). For both of these rooms we repainted we also had to remove all of the oak trim, which we will reinstall after the painting and carpeting is done. Hopefully our brad nail gun and air compressor still work - they will be necessary. Alex will be moving to the downstairs bedroom, which also requires considerable cleaning. We are going to tear out all of the brown carpeting in this room, and put in a sub floor (dri-core) like most of the rest of our basement already has installed by us. Then we are going to put down some blue carpet there. A lot of things will be rearranged in our basement but this will take some time. Some other things that happened this last week - we sold the 2 vehicles we have been wanting to sell, the 1998 Dodge Durango and the 1988 Toyota SR5 4-runner, so know we only have the vehicles we use regularly. Leah had a doctors appointment to finally get her perscription changed so she has new glasses that she can see much better with now. We also had to call a plumber to clear out 2 of our basement drains. It was also Leah's 11th Gotcha Day! This means that we received her as our daughter at the Des Moines airport (She's adopted by us from South Korea) exactly 11 years ago. That is when we first became parents.

A word about my WOE blog. It is a busy blog - much busier than this one, or any of my other blogs. Last April was the first month where the WOE blog's pageviews topped 20K for one month. This last month it topped 20K again, but a little over a hundred less than the month before. The comments it gets are mostly positive, and hopefully it's allowing people to learn the truth about much of what's going on, although too many have no wish to know.

5-24-2012 - Well Obama stopped by our state today to visit a wind farm. He used our tax dollars to travel as usual, told us a bunch of lies that were actually quite funny because they are so easy to disprove, and went back to Washington D.C. to think up some more lies for the dummies who actually still believe him. There are a lot of these dummies - I know many of them personally. So not only does Obama and Hillary Clinton want to turn over our weapons and our 2nd Amendment rights to the rogue United Nations but they want to turn over our oceans to them as well and let them make decisions about them in our behalf. So I ask you - what's worse then letting our know-nothing federal government make decisions for us and control our lives? I will tell you - letting the crooked United Nations make decisions for us and control our lives and money. What a bunch of idiots! Can we just get rid of them already? Can we get rid of the stupid people who vote for them? Here's why they are stupid. Obama can lie his ass off every day and his compliant mainstream media will cover for him - he knows this, and if they don't they know they will be hearing from him or his administration. Now over on the other side the more conservative media that Obama doesn't control will report these lies and show proof of them with past articles (links)and videos - everyday! However if you don't watch or read the conservative side of the story (which is the truth) then you can go through life without being aware of the truth. Obama's not going to tell you the truth, the mainstream media's going to either hide the truth or lie about the truth. Many people just don't want to know the truth and they are no help to anyone. That's why I call them stupid or ignorant and they are everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by them. My so-called Facebook friends are mostly these types of people. This is why I reccommend important articles to my page each day. I don't know who reads them or not but my goal is to show them where they can find the truth if they even care. I'm sure many of them don't care. If they don't care then I don't even need to know them.

Check out this old poster of a Socialist Conference in Chicago that Obama was a speaker at - although I would say that he has graduated to being a full-flegged Communist by this point - dont you think? I think Obama and his administration is going down in flames - del fuego! Be sure to read this article that describes the dummies pretty well.

My team, the St Louis Cardinals, the defending champions, fell out of first place in the NL Central for the first time in a long while. They started out strong and at one point had the best record in the MLB, but getting swept by other division leaders recently, first the Atlanta Braves, and then the LA Dodgers last weekend has taken it's toll. The Cardinal's did sweep the San Diego Padres this week, but the Cinncinati Reds have been hot, and just completed a 4-game-sweep of the Atlanta Braves. So the Reds are now are 25-19 while the Cards are 25-20, a 1/2 game back. Last night the Cardinal's lost a tough one to the Philedelphia Phillies, 10-9.

5-22-2012 - Well I've heard from some people who don't like being called "traitors". The solution is quite simple really - quit acting like one! Quit supporting them!

Well I only have around 1 1/2 weeks of being in my 40's - I turn 50-years-old a couple of saturdays ahead. What a decade it's been. It's the decade where Cheryl and I mostly built our family (except for our first daughter Leah who we received right before I turned 39). So it's the decade we learned to be parents - still learning. It's also the time where we traveled halfway across the world four times to receive our children, South Korea twice, 3 different places in China, and the Philippines. The decade started out rough because it was right after 9-11 happened, but in 2003 our economy rebounded and we had an excellent 5 or 6 years. In late 2007 the economy started going south because the democrats won Congress back and started pointing us back toward socialism. Then in 2009 Obama became our president and had a democratic Congress as well, so they really did some damage.

Nobody who's telling the truth ever said life was fair, or even that it's supposed to be fair. Today my daughter Leah found out she had to get braces earlier than she thought she was going to get them. She mentioned that she had bad luck, because she had to get braces, and has had to have 3 eye surgeries because she was born with crossed-eyes. Leah was also put up for adoption when she was a baby, which isn't lucky. I agreed with her that she wasn't very lucky in these regards, But at least she wasn't abandoned at a public park as a baby and had to grow up in an orphanage for 3 years, like her sister Jenna. Jenna has had several surgeries in her life as well because of being born with a cleft palate, and suffering severe hearing loss that has affected her speech. Jenna is still often happy and joyful, and Leah can be as well. It's all about one's attitude and outlook on life. I also mentioned to Leah that it's better for her to get the braces out of the way while she's still so young, so they should be removed by her high-school years and she will have a more perfect, beautiful smile. Now the fact that we need to come up with $5K in the next couple of weeks to pay for the braces isn't very lucky either, but it's just another bump in the road to run over and get past. On the bright side - this friday starts 10 straight days off for vacation, but it will be a working one. If we get everything accomplished that we want to get done I will be glad.

5-16-2012 - Today I'm thinking about treason. Specifically treason against the United States of America, our country. Has our president, Barack Obama committed treason? He became our president under fraudulent circumstances. He lies more than any other politician - ever, so much so that you can tell he doesn't know the difference between the truth and a lie. He ignores his oath of office and trashes our Constitution whenever he can. He ignores rules and laws whenever it suits him. He is a totalitarian, a marxist-socialist. He bows to foreign enemies and insults our friends. Barack Obama is a racist who appoints other racists to work along side of him. He strongly encourages voter fraud. He is purposely bringing down our nation morally (spiritually), financially, and militarily. So yes Barack Obama is definitely a traitor to our nation. Even our Supreme Court knows this to be true. So the next question to ask is this - are people who support and vote for Barack Obama traitors? In many cases I would say the answer is "yes." Some are just politically ignorant, some don't care, but others know exactly what they are doing. Barack Obama is anti-christian and anti-family, I would assume that his supporters are as well to some degree. Myself I don't consider such people to be friends or even fellow Americans. I mean why would I call someone who wants my family and I to live in a dependent-state a friend? They are really an enemy to us all - even to themselves. That's just the way I see it now.

5-11-2012 - So it’s Friday, on the eve of my precious daughter Jenna’s 8th Birthday. My wife Cheryl’s family is coming over to our house tomorrow to help us celebrate Jenna’s birthday, as well as Mother’s Day for all of the mothers – Lois, Cheryl, Heather, and Kristen. The next day we will go to church and afterwards celebrate Mother’s Day at my mother’s house. Also in a few days (on May 14th) it will be my 22nd Anniversary of working at the same company as an electronics technician. I have been a member of the same labor union during this whole time (IBEW 1362) and this is what I wish to talk about next – Unions – both labor and marriage unions…

So my labor union for whom both my wife and I belong (she works at the same job and occupation as I) is a private-sector-union. That means the negotiations for our labor contracts are between the bargaining unit (our representatives) and the company. There is no direct government or tax-payer involvement like you have with public-sector unions. Both of these sides try to strike a balance between what the company can afford to give us workers for pay and benefits, while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. We (the bargaining unit) have never gone on strike at any time during my 22 years, which means every 3 or 4 years (this length dependent and what was bargained for) we have agreed on a contract. I think overall so far our company has been fair with us and given us fair enough contracts that I always voted “yes” except for once. Back in 1995 our job situation was not good, and they offered us a contract for 3 years that was basically a pay freeze. Instead of yearly percentage pay increases (which remember compound each year) they gave us progressive bonuses instead which increased slightly each year (but were not compounded – once these bonuses are spent – they are gone – forever). I thought it was a horrible deal, but many other people, mostly in lower job codes thought it was fair because we all got the same raises, rather than the usual percentage wages where the more you make – the more your raise becomes each year. I remember I tried in vain to make people see this was screwing all of us in the long run, but they didn’t care because they were only interested in fairness. To me their mentality is the same as the democrats mentality is today, and it’s Barack Obama’s mentality. That is why we fail. Fortunately the next contract (and every contract since) has gone back to the annual percentage increases. I think even the company understood that they screwed us over for those 3 years, and still continues to because think of how much more our wages would be now if they would’ve compounded through those 3 years. So now we have to vote on our next contract in 2013, and I would feel a lot better about things if we have a republican administration for our government by then – it’s our only chance for recovery. The democrats are just leading us down the road to ruin.

Lot’s of people are loudly complaining about North Carolina recently voting down gay-marriage, including one of my own sisters on Facebook. It’s a sore subject to be sure, and there is a lot of name-calling and mud-slinging heading our way (not surprising). People say they don’t understand why it keeps getting voted down in each state, while supposedly nationwide polls say a majority of people think gay-marriage should be allowed. I say the following… “Why would anyone want ‘sin’ to be associated with the blessed sacrament of marriage,” A tradition that we have had for hundreds of years. Some say “well, gay-marriage isn’t a sin.” Well according to the Bible homosexual behavior is a sin, so it only stands to reason that gay-marriage encourages homosexual behavior. Some would say that gay-marriage is a civil-rights issue, like racial inequality, so it should be voted on and/or enforced at the national level (typical liberal-democrat thinking) and not at state government level. Um, no it isn’t a civil rights issue. Race is race – it’s an identity – you can’t choose your race. You can however control your behavior, and being gay and living a gay lifestyle is a behavior. This is often disputed but I don’t understand why. I’ve witnessed gays become straight and straights become gay and people who switch back and forth. This shows me that gay behavior is a choice, a behavior, not an identity. Then there’s the slippery-slope argument. Many people think gay-marriage is just another step toward our descent toward Hell. Our society is losing its religion and this is just another step on the way. Next will be polygamy, then incest and pedophilia, then marriage will lose all meaning except a descent into sin. And the democrats are the pied pipers leading us away from God. I know I can say this again with certainty – If you think gay-marriage is OK then you don’t believe in the Bible’s teachings, which means you are really not a practicing Christian. You can’t pick and choose what to believe and still live a life free from sin. Myself I always have to be on guard against this because sin and temptation here on earth are everywhere. The Bible is our guide to Jesus, and everlasting life. We ignore it at our own peril. People involved in gay-marriage choose to ignore it each day and maybe you support them – so where does that leave you?

Being called a “bigot” and “old timer” and other such things in anger is annoying enough (especially by wussies), but what really torques me off is the expectation by those who expect us to see gay-marriage and marriage as equal and one and the same by the force of law. I’m talking about the 8 or so states (of which Iowa is one) that through judicial activism have made gay-marriage legal within its own state without letting the people of that state vote on the issue. What does this mean? It means that children are taught in public schools that gay and straight marriages are just different options of the same choice. It means Pastors and Priests may be forced to perform gay-marriages. It means adoption agencies are forced to let gay couples adopt children. Landlords are forced to rent to them, and businesses must do business with them while not being allowed to take their “behavior” into consideration with their choice. This is wrong – it is government coercion – its government control – all based on a behavior. Nobody should be forced to have to do business with anyone. To me gay-marriage isn’t marriage at all. It’s a religious liberty issue for those who don’t wish for “sin” to be forced on them by the force of law. This is expressly forbidden by our Constitution. I’m not anti-gay, I’m anti-sin. I’m a live and let live kind of guy, but when you make the government force its way more into my life – then I’m going to fight back hard. If people want to sin that’s their prerogative, just don’t force sin on me.

5-10-2012 - Is anyone reading this unaware that there’s a battle going on for the very soul of our country? I know that I can definitely feel, and see it happening – how much importance does it have for all of us? I’m trying to make the case that it means absolutely everything to us. What is the main problem that we have these days’s in our society – the problem that’s at the root of many other problems? It’s the breakdown of the family unit. This includes everything involved – 2 parents (father and mother), time spent with children and educating our children – showing them right from wrong (morals and ethics) – being there to provide good examples – giving them a good religious foundation. These things have gone away from many families and shifted to the government, who is always inadequate. Religion (especially Christianity) is pushed out of the schools and the public square, mostly by progressive-liberal-democrats. So the subject of gay-marriage has been in the news lately because the people of North Carolina have voted down marriage as being anything but between a man and a woman. The hate that comes from the other side (progressive-liberal-democrats, especially celebrities) is astounding, but not surprising. Also recently Barack Obama and his vice-dupe Joe Biden have publicly endorsed gay marriage, contrary to many states such as North Carolina who have actually let the people decide (and not some judges). None of this is surprising to those of us who pay attention because we already know these 2 are anti-family in about any way they can be. They want everyone’s education not to come from family units, but from schools under government control, and as early in their lives as possible. They think government can do a better job, but all our government does is brainwash our children to become their slaves (and many are). So I read this article today that spells out a lot about the slippery slope of marriage the democrats are shoving us toward, and it’s not hard to understand yet again who the real enemies to the people are.

Unfortunately there are way too many people out there who admit that “I don’t really follow politics” because it’s too boring or whatever. They don’t really seem to be aware that their world is collapsing around them. We can only hope they wake the heck up before it’s too late and violence becomes the norm. That’s something they will not be able to escape or just sit on the sidelines. The only way to return from slavery is violence and death. Maybe you want to be a slave of our government – to be taken care of as they see fit. Maybe it will be the end of times here on earth, only God knows. Someone told me a few days ago "I consider myself to be a Christian, but I know that the Bible is full of fairy tales, so I don't believe everything I read." I told him that maybe he should insert the word "phony" in front of the word "Christian" whenever he makes such a claim. Here's a clue - if you don't believe like the Bible says that all things through God are possible, then you are not a real Christian. The further we stray from the Bible's teachings - the more wrong we become.

5-7-2012 - Today I took the night off from work so I could go with my daughter Jenna to watch my other daughter Leah's "Night of the Arts" year-end band choir, and drama concert. I always enjoy watching her participate in these musical shows. I have videoed every performance she has ever done and I hope she will continue throughout her high school years. So what's happening with the news nowadays? Let me first mention links and their purposes. I love the fact that articles often contain links (on the internet - not on the printed page) that supplement these articles. This particular thread relies on them heavily and I think they improve knowledge dramatically when you open them and read them. I know that I do.

Here's an article about the Real Mitt Romney that I would hope everyone would read. I also read about how the democrats and Barack Obama encourage anarchy rather than law and order for everyone. Here's a history lesson about Social Security and who is responsible for it and it's leading us toward a path of dependency and total governmental control. Once our government has complete control over us they will not relinquish this power and we will not have any recourse to get it back by legal means - we will be destroyed within. Are you responsible? If you are a democrat, certainly you are. We have a leader who refuses to take the blame for anything, will lie about anything, and who obviously can't be trusted - why would you vote for him again? His policies are clear and they have never worked - ever! They are not working in Europe either. Obama is such a dipstick that he keeps lying about our unemployment numbers, and many dupes still believe him, but forgive them their trespasses because they have been brainwashed. If socialism really works why must they lie about it so much to protect it like they do. Btw, do you believe the blatant stupidity of Uncle Joe, our Vice President?

On a more personal note on the joys of fatherhood... last Sunday after church and grocery shopping, I spent the rest of the day rewiring the car stereo speakers to all four doors of our 1998 Dodge Durango (the vehicle we want to sell so we can afford our bills this month). All the door panels and moldings where removed by me last week. Well I worked a few hours on this before it became too dark outside and the stereo works well now. I have 3 of the four door panels reinstalled, but I still have to reinstall the moldings and the dash plate. So I come inside from doing this and Cheryl tells me that our main toilet is clogged and she can't unclog it. So I go to try to unclog it and I fail as well. Plus the toilet is not attached to the floor on one side and is actually loose. I decide to remove the tank and the toilet to see what's happening. I remove the tank and the toilet and see that the bolt template is completely rusted and will no longer hold a bolt to hold down the toilet bowl on one side. The wax donut appears to still be OK. Fortunately I still have the template that I bought that I couldn't use before when I replaced my sister Julie's toilet. So I pushed the rubber hose through the toilet (that's sitting in our bathtub) and discover that someone stuffed a folded paper plate in our toilet and tried to flush it down - causing the turd jam. I cleaned up the area, screwed the new bolt template down to the floor, and reinstalled the newly unclogged toilet and tank. The tank's float was sticking a bit, causing it to fill continuously, so I adjusted it so it would function properly. It all added a couple of hours to my daily labor. Don't feel sorry for me though - it's all a part of fatherhood.

5-4-2012 – Well today I received my weekly Sports Illustrated magazine and it was about the 40 year anniversary of Title IX, which I guess means it started back in 1972. Title 9 is huge when it comes to what it’s done for women in our society. Basically it insures equality for all genders in college organized (scholarship) athletics. Basically things must be equal financially for women and men. In men’s collegiate sports the big revenue makers for schools are men’s programs, football, followed by basketball. All other sports are secondary financial-wise, but thanks to Title 9 such revenues must be shared (not equally but to a degree they were not before. This insures the survival of several sports that couldn’t normally sustain themselves, both men’s and women’s sports but mostly women’s sports. Neither side thinks things are fair and they are both correct, but who ever said life had to be fair. This is a case of legislated fairness, yet neither side thinks things are fair. The upshot is that way more women than before can participate in collegiate athletics without necessarily coming up with the necessary revenue to pay for it. Most of the revenue comes from the tax-payers and the big 2 (football and basketball) men’s sports, but in some cases now women’s basketball can help on the revenue side to some degree. This over the years has helped improve things for women, it gives these women more to do in college, and it often gives them more confidence and camaraderie with some other fellow students. It has helped them enter job fields of management, lawyers, doctors, researchers that were normally positions held by males. There’s no doubt that things have come a long ways for women, and our society has changed as a result. It has affected women’s earning power, but it has also affected families in ways both good and bad. It has hurt some men’s sports like wrestling and baseball who don’t necessarily earn much revenue on their own, and several of these programs had to be dropped to make things more equal financially for women’s programs. In some cases it has almost gone too far with some people – some progressives now think that women can do anything men can do. This might be true in some comparisons, but overall it’s ridiculous. Men in general will always be stronger and smarter in some ways, yet dumber in others. Women in general will always be better shoppers and talkers. Women often will have more dexterity; most men will have more mechanical abilities. Women often have more empathy and compassion, which usually makes them better with children (who need these things more than others). Men and women are made to complement each other, not work against each other. To say that one can replace the other well is a lie because they each perform important tasks and have unique abilities. I reject the opinions of those who think we are all alike – especially between the sexes.

Occupationally I have witnessed some effects of this shifting of equality over the years. I have been in the field of electronics for over 30 years. In the beginning (early 80’s) there were not many women in the field of electronics at all, and the ones who were frankly were mediocre, and often didn’t have the necessary strength or knowledge to do the jobs that men could do. So I could be forgiven to think that electronics was a man’s profession. Then in the late 80’s I joined a communication electronics program in college and out of the 20 or so people in this program, half of them are women. At first this blew my mind. As time went on in this program I thought that maybe more than half of these women didn’t belong in an electronics program and would probably never work in this field, but I also thought the same thing about a few of the men. I don’t know if it was a lack of interest, ability, or some combination of the two. I did learn that some women can be effective as electronics technicians, and in some cases more productive than many of the male technicians. I still wouldn’t say women are equal – because in general they are not. There are just some exceptions to this rule. My wife Cheryl would be one – she is an exceptional electronics technician and is better at it than many men are.

If you read this and think to yourself, “man – what a male chauvinist!” I wouldn’t blame you – perhaps I am. I’m approaching 50, and in some respects set in my ways.

5-2-2012 - So what's at stake? What's at stake for our children's futures? For our own futures? Here is an article that explains it exactly. This isn't no time to be pussy-footing around, this is a time where sides are chosen - where battle lines are drawn. And there will be some major battles between good and evil, between capitalism and communism, between conservatives and progressives, between races, and between classes of society. You will have to choose a side - you can't keep sitting on the sideline. These battles will affect everyone's life here on earth. Which side are you on? Our President is working hard to divide us all - are you in it with him. If you are you're a dupe, plain and simple. You are a future slave if you aren't one already. You are either secular, or a phony fill-in-the-blank religion follower which in effect are the same thing. Even the know-nothings (independents) will have to live with the consequences of their wishy-washy choices. It's just a shame that we have to rely on such nincompoops. Are Barack Obama and his followers the evil ones - absolutely - just read here and here. When it comes to Barack Obama and the democrats - behold their destinations for us, and half of us follow them blindly. You will be the casualties in their war, and there will be no heaven for such people who know no truth and have no moral foundation - just moral relativity, like Barack Obama.

4-30-2012 - today I'll type about adventures in automotive radio repair. Maybe you read earlier that our 1998 Dodge Durango needs to be sold this month so we can afford our auto insurance payments which are coming due at the middle of May. However it's factory car radio/CD player blew up. So I removed the radio/CD player from our 1988 Toyota 4-Runner (which needs new brake line to the rear and has a fuel line leak - a future project to be sure)and installed it into the 1998 Dodge Durango after I removed its blown factory radio. The new radio powered-up but there was no sound coming out of any of the 4 door speakers. So I got an old auto speaker that was removed earlier and hooked it up to the radio near the dash, and it worked. So now I'm thinking the speakers must also be blown. So I remove one of the door speakers and hook it up to the car stereo near the dash, and it works. So now I'm thinking its the speaker wire - there must be a speaker wire plug within the dash that came unplugged. So I get a flashlight and climb under the dash and look up inside of it with the flashlight, and I can't find no unplugged plugs. So today I went to Radio Shack and bought some speaker wire. Im going to have to run some new speaker wire to each of the doors and hide the wiring under the dash and under the necessary moldings. So I removed all of the door panels and all of the relevant moldings. Now I just have to run all of the new speaker wire and wire everything up and make sure it all works. Then I have to replace the speakers in the doors, all of the door panels, and all of the moldings I removed earlier. Then we have to clean this vehicle up and get it ready to sell. With all the experience I have with installing car stereos - it's just the damnedest problem to have.

1998 Dodge Durango SUV 4x4


4-27-2012 - Today I sat down and typed another short story called Return to I-Don't-Care Land.
I'm not going to link to it anywhere else but right here, just treating it as another one of my stories. This one is personal - it's about the struggles we are having with our 2 oldest children. I doubt I will posting it on Facebook just to be ignored. I did also work on my WOE blog as usual. Here's an article I found that has many links to articles about 50 ways Barack Obama and his administration are ruining many businesses in our country. If that's not enough here's another article about radical quotes from 7 people higher up in Obama's administration - interesting. I have been having a discussion with a couple of people lately about our Electorial College - why I think it's necessary and they don't - but what do you expect - they are liberals and are willing to cheat and steal. I wonder if anyone will actually read my new story.

Just to keep score a little bit, besides keeping up this thread (which I haven't done very well this month), I wrote 2 stories this month here and here. My WOE blog might reach the highest total of views ever this month (20K). The highest so far has been just under 19K. That's a lot for such an obscure blog.

4-25-2012 - Today I’ve been thinking about our younger people. They are the future of this country don’t you know, but too many of them haven’t a clue about our past, about our history. What does this probably mean? We are doomed to repeat past mistakes. Too many children never learn how to learn because too many teachers and parents aren’t teaching them how to learn. It should be a team effort but the team is failing badly. Too many of our youth think our government owes them stuff (which really means taxpayers owe them stuff because the government doesn’t actually have their own money). We owe them free contraception (Sandra Fluke). We owe them a job, we should help them pay off their student loans, we should provide them with housing, etc. Our government is mainly responsible for telling these naïve youngsters that all of these things can be a reality – if only they are allowed to tax the rich more than they already do. It’s just more lies – but many of the youth believe them. Is it stupidity, naiveté, have they been fooled by television and the mainstream media, or all of the above? At some point what all of these youngsters really need is a good swift kick in the ass, but reality will probably supply the kick. Today Obama is visiting a local university to work on getting more of the youth vote. Many of the youngsters who attend this rally will go gaga over Obama, and of course he can count on their vote. They have been receiving regular text messages and/or tweets from Brad Pitt and George Clooney telling them to be sure to vote for Obama. The ironic thing is that it’s Obama and the democrats who are screwing up their futures. Many of them won’t get a job when they graduate, except as a waitress somewhere. They won’t be able to pay for their student loans. They will be living with their mommies and daddies unless they wake the heck up and tell Obama to take his vote and stuff it. Obama and the democrats aren’t just ruining things for them, they are ruining our country. They are refusing to use our abundant energy resources, causing the cost of our electricity and gas to skyrocket – which in turn causes the prices of everything else to go up. There is only one answer – get rid of the democrats in 2012, and especially Obama and his corrupt administration. Would someone please explain to me how “crucifying our oil and gas companies will help us in anyway? Yet this is what Obama’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is up to and it’s been caught on video.

Do I understand about the youth of today? To a degree – when I was their age I was a democrat too, but I still understood that it was up to me and nobody else to make something of myself. As far as myself being a democrat back then – really what choice did I have? I was surrounded by democrats, the media was all liberal-democrat, we were brainwashed in school, in the media, by television and movies, and even by the books I read to be a liberal democrat. At least these days there are conservative alternatives. Once you can see the whole picture you to can realize that you have been lied to your whole life by the democrats in government, the media, and even by those in your own family, We need to break this vicious cycle before it’s too late for us. We have a lying President who is anti-family, anti-baby, anti-Christian, anti-science, and anti-capitalist/Constitutionalist. Obama is in fact, a communist-socialist-marxist-liberal-progressive-statist-democrat. One more bit of advice – read links in articles to learn more.


4-23-2012 - I read an article about the movie "Bully" today and I completely agree with what James Bowman writes. As someone who was bullied a lot in high school, I definitely believe I know how to handle bullying. The way to handle it if you are being physically bullied is to face up to your tormentors. If you are not strong enough - become stronger. If you are outnumbered - fight harder. Nobody said it would be painless, but the only thing bullies respect are people who stand up to them. Being a doormat is not the answer - it's a cop-out. Trying to be the better person is just another cop-out, as is hoping things will just blow over. If someone is bullying you with words don't let the words hurt you - they are only words. If the bully sees they are having no effect on you they will get bored and quit. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against bullies, and most reasonable people understand this eventually. Take my advice - you may lose some battles but you will win the war - and that's what's important. Don't be a fricking pussy. This reminds me of a thread on the Holt International post adoption forum about the gay guy who committed suicide after his room mate took unsuspecting video of his sexual hijinx with another boy and posted it online. The ladies were all "poor, poor gay guy - how can someone do that to him?" My response is he was inconsiderate and was at fault as well. He gets no sympathy from me. It's bullying, but you face it head on or you slink off into weasaldom - which is what he did.

Who's Racist? People who focus on a person's skin color over their character. Most liberals are race-baiters and they are too stupid to even realize they are the ones who are racist. Our president Barack Obama is a racist. AG Eric Holder is a racist. The list goes on and on.

4-22-2012 - I spent a lot of time working on our "Together" blog. I did the post with the Philippines pictures, completing my 3 part series of pictures and postcards of places we've been. Then I did a blog post of our children's spring school pictures and soccer pictures after I scanned them all into our computer. I also added links on the right side of the blog that go to all of our children's school pictures going back to the spring of 2009 onward. Next I did the first blog post of this year that described what's been going on. Finally I caught up our family slide show, which now contains 565 pictures, nine songs, and lasts 37:46 minutes. It currently has 224 views.

Our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan.

I also completed a task that I started last winter. Cheryl wanted me to replace the rear shock absorbers of our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. So I removed the tires and replaced the shock absorbers. However back when I removed the rear passenger side tire, 2 of the lug bolts busted off using a star wrench. To replace these lug bolts on the rear hub requires the removal of the brake drum and brake shoes. After much pounding with a ball peen hammer I finally removed the brake drum and found that the brake shoes needed to be replaced anyway. So I went to Advance Auto to buy a set of rear brake drums and a complete set of brake shoes. Since I didn't want to freeze my ass off on a vehicle we could do without for awhile, I put this job off and let the van sit over the winter. Just before I replaced the shock absorbers last winter, I had all 4 tires of this van replaced with new tires at 5 Seasons Tire in Cedar Rapids. They mentioned to me that one of the lug bolts broke off when they removed one of the tires, and they said they replaced it. I didn't really check it out, but I found out later that they replaced it with a sawed off lug bolt. This allowed them to replace the lug bolt with out removing the brake shoes, thus saving them some time. This didn't really help me out much when I later had to remove this tire again and 2 of the lug bolts broke off (as I mentioned). So today I replaced both sets of brake shoes and brake drums, put the tires back on the van, and got it back on the road again. I've done several brake jobs on many of our vehicles, but this one was really a pain in my ass. Next I have to figure out why all 4 door speakers in our 1998 Dodge Durango blew when the factory radio quit working last winter. I replaced the am/fm/cd radio but that didn't solve the speaker problem, and the speakers are in the doors which means I have to remove all of the door panels again.

The old brake shoes.

The new brake shoes. You can see the new yellow shock absorber.

The new brake drum.


4-20-2012 - So I wrote another story that I've been working on off and on for a short while. It's about the time I spent in the U.S. Army almost 30 years ago. Click here to read it if you wish. I'm also working on our "Together" family blog, posting some pictures from our travels. I've done the China one, and the South Korea one, now I just have to do the Philippines one, then I will go back to regular blog posts again. My news blog "What On Earth" is picking up more traffic. It now averages over 19K views a month, and 700 - 900 views a day. Click here to read about how thanks to Obama and his administration, our muscle cars are going to disappear and become illegal to drive, or maybe even own. This is all due to his fuel fake phoniness and his impossible-to-meet fuel restrictions on our automobiles. Obama can't really help himself - after all he's just a garden variety commie, but we don't need to put up with his ignorance much longer. Click here to read what Uncle Ted has to say about this subject.

4-17-2012 - Yesterday (Monday the 16th) I typed out an entry to this thread that I later deemed too dismal. I just said what was on my mind, but I decided to delete it because I didn't want to have to possibly explain myself. I just decided to let things ride, and things will be better tomorrow. There are some anniversaries coming up in the next couple of months. Next month on May 12th will be our daughter Jenna's 8th Birthday! On May 14th it will be my 22nd completed year of working as a electronics technician at Rockwell-Collins. On May 26th it will be 6 years since we received our son Benjamin in Seoul, South Korea! On May 31st-June 1st will be our 11th year as parents, this being the day we received our first daughter Leah at the Des Moines Airport in 2001! On June 2nd it will be my 50th Birthday, and on June 16th it will be our 15th Wedding Anniversary!

I finally made a blog post on our Together family blog, only the 2nd one this year. Hopefully I will step it up a bit more. It can be viewed here - be sure to follow the links at the end if you go there. Allow me to expain - it's photos and short descriptions of the 3 trips I've taken to South Korea, the last one with my wife Cheryl. The blog post before this one was photos and short descriptions of the trip Cheryl and I took to China in 2007, to receive our daughter Jenna. This blog post can be viewed here. That's all I have to say for today - until tomorrow...

4-9-2012 - Slowly, Slowly.

Part 1 - Barack Obama's Past - His roots.

Oikophobia - Hatred of Your Own Culture.

4-6-2012 - Here's an Obama joke for you that I read on a comments board recently...

Barack Obama Goes to Hell

One day in the future, Barack Obama has a heart-attack and dies. He immediately goes to hell, where the devil is waiting for him.

"I don't know what to do here," says the devil. "You are on my list, but I have no room for you. You definitely have to stay here, so I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I've got a three people here who weren't quite as bad as you. I'll let one of them go, but you have to take their place. I'll even let YOU decide who leaves."

Obama thought that sounded pretty good, so the devil opened the door to the first room. In it was Ted Kennedy and a large pool of water. Ted kept diving in, and surfacing, empty handed. Over, and over, and over he dived in and surfaced with nothing. Such was his fate in hell.

"No," Obama said. "I don't think so. I'm not a good swimmer, and I don't think I could do that all day long."

The devil led him to the door of the next room. In it was Al Gore with a sledge- hammer and a room full of rocks. All he did was swing that hammer, time after time after time.

"No, this is no good; I've got this problem with my shoulder. I would be in constant agony if all I could do was break rocks all day," commented Obama.

The devil opened a third door. Through it, Obama saw Bill Clinton, lying on the bed, his arms tied over his head, and his legs restrained in a spread-eagle pose. Bent over him was Monica Lewinsky, doing what she does best.

Obama looked at this in shocked disbelief, and finally said, "Yeah man, I can handle this."

The devil smiled and said..........."OK, Monica, you're free to go."

Hello, I'm Barack Obama and I approved this message...

Hey! I'm Black; you're Black; You need to vote for me in the 2012 Election because we're Black, and us Black's gotta stick together, and I don't care if you think that's racist - I'm racist!
I'm also a free-market kind-of-guy, except when I'm a socialist pig. I mean, what's wrong with some environmentalism? We could all use more environmentalism. And what's this crap about my selective service card - of course I had one filled out for me, and George Soros paid good money for it - so it's paid for - what's the problem white bred? Now Trayvon Martin could've been my son - I mean he looks like the son I've never had - you know - back when he was still alive. I just hate it when some Oreo tells me how I should respond to such a tragedy. I mean he gives Oreo's like me a bad name. Now the Asian's - you know those Asians that are always making us brothers look bad by treating us like thugs and some kind of crooks. They make it look like Affirmative Action is no longer necessary with all of their studying and receiving high scores and such. Well that's all for now - ya'll go home now.

3-30-2012 – The month of March, 2012 is winding down. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. What if the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union has never ended? It didn’t end with the collapse of the U.S.S.R., which broke up and allowed some freedom to former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe. What if we’ve just been in a lull for the last 20 or so years? The insidiousness of socialism/communism has been working its way into our society, and now it’s bringing us down from within – thanks to the democrats and Barack Obama. Former Soviet leaders told us (bragged to us) that this would happen – they would defeat us from within – the enemy within. It’s like this old Paul Harvey broadcast warning from 1965 that we have forgotten about. Destroy our schools, destroy our families, destroy our religions, destroy our schools, encourage class warfare, stoke the flames of envy and greed, divide us by race. I believe it’s happening to us right now, and it’s the liberal-socialist-communists who are behind it all, and Barack Obama has helped to advance it more than anyone else in our history. I’m afraid soon even families will be divided – it will become clearer that this is the battle between good and evil. Their Democrats are on the side of evil, obviously, because they are behind it all. Their guide is Satan – he’s the one whispering in their ear and guiding them. Some conservatives are on the side of good, others are somewhere in-between. I believe not all democrats are evil, some might not even be aware they are evil. If they vote for Barack Obama and the democrats to be in power, they are evil by default. They will end up on the wrong side of the battle that’s surely coming by default, or willingly. The end effect will be the same. Our mainstream media is mostly the devil’s propaganda. It will brainwash you and definitely mislead you if you believe what they say. Some good news is ObamaCare is was being argued in the Supreme Court this last week, and despite the fact that there's 4 liberal justices who don't give a crap about our Constitution - ObamaCare looks like it's going down for the count.

Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate has been located and is circulating on the web. Just more proof that’s he’s not even qualified to be our leader. Now we know why he produced the phony photo shopped one that he release last year. We shall see where this all leads us.

3-21-2012 - Spring of 2012 is here! The weather is nice - in the 80's today and yesterday, in the 70's the few days before. Our country has been on a spectrum for some time now. On the right side (because it's correct) of this spectrum is Capitalism. I put things like "liberty," "freedom." "Republic" and "economic growth" on this side of the spectrum. On the left side (the wwrong side) of this spectrum is Socialism. I put "poverty," "tyranny," "Communism," and "slavery" on this side of the spectrum. Our countrie's government and economy has always been somewhere within this spectrum. When the Republicans have been in power our country was more toward the right side, usually somewhere more toward the middle, because there are a lot of moderate Republicans. When the Democrats have been in power we shift on this spectrum more toward the left socialism side, but also somewhere toward the center. There have been a few times where we had a President who was essentially a socialist - Woodrow Wilson and FDR to name a couple. Now we have a President in Barack Obama that is trying to pull us hard toward the Socialism side of the spectrum, just as far as he can take us and we will let him get away with. Obama is a marxist-socialist who is anti-colonial. He claims he is a Christian (remember how he views Biblical followers) but he's actually an athiest with strong Muslim sympathies. We have never before been so far left on this spectrum, which means we are heading toward poverty, tyranny, Socialism, which often leads to Communism. Here's a good recent article that talks about the differences between Capitalism and Socialism - check it out.

Of course if Obama hopes to be a tyrant dictator of the United Socialist States of America (USSA), he going to have to control the weaponry of the citizens. This is a big reason why the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution is so important, and how we keep it unmolested by people such as Obama is because of facts such as these. I also read an interseting article today about how Democrats keep blacks poor and victims - just where they want them, so they can keep bleeding them for their votes as they keep throwing them table scraps.

3-19-2012 - During my last entry I talked a bit about how we are all brainwashed by our government through it's educational system, a complicit mainstream media, and even our entertainment media and the liberal democrats are behind it all. Well check out this story with video from Breitbart.com with Eric Holder talking about how we need to brainwash people to be against guns. It's from 1995 but Holder's and Obama's stance hasn't changed. They want stricter gun laws, and ultimately to take guns away from regular citizens - circumventing the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Now take this bit of news with something else that just happened Friday. President Obama signed an executive order giving our government (Obama's administration) control over all of U.S.'s resources in the event of wartime. WTF!? Is Obama getting ready to be our tyrannical dictator? Obama has been trying to get his shrinking base to be OK with a possible war. He has also been traveling around our country, wasting jet fuel telling us that rising gas prices are not his fault. Um, actually they are - dipstick! How stupid does a person have to be to sit there and listen to this pathological liar, nod their head, and think to themselves "what a wonderful speaker, and he makes so much sense." "I don't understand why republicans are so mean to him?" Then they proceed to suck their thumb again.

3-16-2012 - Have you heard of Burt Prelutsky? He's a conservative writer who is always entertaining to read, and also has a lot of common sense, which we all know is very rare these days. Anyway he recently wrote an article about how he keeps hearing that Obama will win again in the 2012 elections, but he doesn't believe them. He proceeds to give several true and funny reasons why. I completely agree - Obama is going to get trashed, and if it takes paying $5 -$6 a gallon in gas for awhile to get people to wake up - well it's a small price to pay because that's the only hope our country has is if Obama gets sent home. What can be done about our mostly ignorant electorate? Well that will take some time and something must be done about our heavily biased media. For some entertaining reading, click here, read, and keep clicking on the links to past articles by Burt at the bottom of each article - and learn some common sense.

Let's talk about hypocrisy. When I was growing up I was raised to be a Catholic and a Democrat, forced in the prior by my parents and brainwashed like many of us in the later. Not all, but many Catholics think it's OK and natural to sin as long as you regularly go confess your sins to a priest. After this you have a clean slate to continue our sinful ways. This is rarely spoken but often implied. Some of the rowdiest partiers I have ever known were Catholics - many of them love to drink alcohol and they love to party. Looking back I have to wonder what God thinks of the sincerity of such people (of which I include myself - for I was one of them). I was also a Democrat, and since I was brainwashed to be one by the mainstream media, public schools, my family, television, Hollywood movies, etc. I didn't really have other options because Republicans were foreign to me, and when I did hear about them they were almost always put in a negative light. When I finally learned about both sides (which was a long and gradual process)I learned that Democrats are some of the biggest hypocrites imaginable. I coud give a thousand examples (my WOE blog contains thousands of examples) of how big of hypocrites Democrats are, but the biggest one right now is they claim the Republican Congress are the reason nothing much is getting done, but the real reasons are the House (Republicans) are passing all kinds of legislation to help fix our economy and the Senate (Democrats) are blocking it all or ignoring it - they are the problem. If they didn't do this the Obama would block them. The Democrats refuse to do their jobs, and that's why they should all be fired. Obama refuses to follow the Constitution, which he took a solemn oath to uphold as his main responsiblity, and he refuses to obey laws that he doesn't agree with. Obama should be fired as well because he's the suckiest, most pathetic President we have ever had in our whole history.


3-14-2012 - I recommend this to you. It contains links to two different interviews by two very smart men who have much wisdom and insight. Their names are Dinesh D'Souza and Mark Levin. They have written books which are what the interviews are about, and Dinesh has collaborated on a movie about Barack Obama which is coming out this summer. The video is a trailer to this movie - check it out!

You can also read more about Derrick Bell and critical race theory if you click here. How about reading more about our lawless, racist Attorney General and Obama BBF Eric Holder - the crooked. Click here to read more about his voter fraud protection scheme that I also mentioned yesterday.

Oh yes - Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi, but Mitt Romney won Hawaii and Guam. Just more proof that if Newt Gingerich would just drop out than Rick Santorum would beat Mitt Romney like a drum. Mitt seems to do well in urban areas while Rick seems to win the more rural areas. The democrats often do better in more urban areas as well, which is another thing that Mitt has in common with them.

3-13-12 – Democrats are like snotty children. When they make mistakes they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Obama doesn’t think our rising gas prices are his fault, despite the fact he refuses to take action on increasing our oil supply, and in fact regularly impairs our ability to increase our own supply. Children whine when they don’t get their way and so does Obama, the democrats, and the mainstream media. Democrats expect our government and the tax payers to provide the funds to take care of them – no matter how much the government must increase, as well as our national debt – doesn’t matter. Democrats regularly lie and hope nobody will notice. They lie so much they can’t remember them all, which causes them to contradict themselves regularly and make themselves look like hypocrites. Democrats think everyone is stupid just because they are. They think the republicans are going to war against women because we don’t want to pay for their birth control pills, abortion pills, or abortions, and then they turn this around to say this means we are keeping them from doing these things as a result – big lie. Democrats also strongly encourage voter fraud by fighting voter-ID laws – saying they are racist and disenfranchise minority voters because it’s too difficult for them to get ID’s. These same people don’t seem to have trouble getting ID’s to buy liquor, to drive, or for any of the number of other things for which ID’s are necessary. What democrats really want is for illegal aliens, the dead, and felons to vote because they will vote for whoever pays them to vote, and only democrats are that low down. Democrats think we are fools for wanting to follow the Constitution, but not following it is what got us into the mess we are in. Following the Constitution is what made us the greatest country on Earth – but the democrats don’t see it that way. Children need somebody to hold their hand – to give them guidance. Democrats need the government to hold their hands, to solve all of their problems, but they cannot because they are just as stupid as the people who elected them. Collectively government is way less intelligent and inexperienced, so what makes anyone think they are even qualified to control us is beyond me. Democrats – I highly resent your rampant stupidity. Now we have the most racist president ever in Barack Obama, and his racist sidekick DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder, and a huge number of like-minded crackpots in their administration. Thanks a lot! Just stay home for the next election unless you’ve learned your lesson.

3-9-2012 - When you are a moral relativist - who can you trust? When you have no moral absolutes, or only think you have to follow the laws that you like (like Obama, many democrats, and much of our media) how exactly, does anything work. I don't think anything works - I think it all breaks down, just like what's happening in our country right now. Why should anyone believe one thing Barack Obama says when he only follows his own narrow narrative of which most of it is based on lies. Does Barack Obama even know what truth is? Does any of the people around him know? After they finish tearing our country down, what makes them think they can build it back up better - obviously they think they can but they have no clue. You think we have hell on earth now, just wait until the moral relativists have control. Since Obama hates our country the way it is now you really have to wonder about things like this - could it be true? I mean it's truly amazing that someone like Barack Obama can even be elected, but he was definitely elected under fraudulent means and with much help from our propaganda arm (the mainstream media). Read about a good recent example here how biased the media is. We have elected the most racist president ever, who has surrounded himself with a racist administration. They only seek to divide us because they see that as their only hope to win the 2012 Elections. They have the most ruthless hatchet man ever controlling things and things will get mean - things will get personal. Barack Obama calls himself a Christian, and whenever somebody doubts this claim (mostly based on his long anti-Christian - pro-Muslim record) they media is all over them. The Bible warns us their would be false prophets, and Obama definitely qualifies as one.

3-7-2012 - I read somewhere that Barack Obama, our marxist-socialist pig of a president, has an approval rating of 48%. Really? Why? What has he done besides making a bad situation ten times worse? Can that many people really be that stupid? Possibly. Here are various recaps on the results from Super Tuesday (yesterday). It is becoming more and more apparent that our media's choice, Mitt Romney will probably be the Republican nominee for president unless Newt Gingrich drops out of the race. Without Newt, Rick Santorum would've definitely won both Michigan and Ohio, and the delegate count would be closer to even. There just isn't enough contrast between Romney and Obama - I think it would be tough to win. There's Romneycare that's similar to Obamacare, and there's Mitt being involved with all the global warming - cap and trade idiots. Mitt's like a lightweight Obama. I am typing up an excellent interview between Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, with Mark talking about his excellent new book Ameritopia,, which talks about what Obama is doing to our country from a historical perspective. When I'm finished I will post it to this blog and it will be one of the long posts. Finally Florida passed a law that you have to do drug testing and be drug free before you can receive welfare. It's just anther one of those common sense laws that every state should have - like needing photo ID's to vote. Of course democrats are against these because they always favor the deadbeat criminals - in fact that's what many of them are. Democrats just suck - yeah I said it! Sandra Flake is also a slut and a whore - yeah I said that too!

3-6-2012 - read all about it here the Political Puppet Show! Read it carefully and read all of the links. It's all about how the mainstream media and the democrats work together to demonize opponents (Rick Santorum) and (Rush Limbaugh) as they take away our liberties. Clearly Obama fears Rick Santorum more than her fears Mitt Romney. The question is why is our media who is so "in the bag" for Obama and the democrats willing to lie to us directly by showing us only one side of things and having these ridiculous double-standards when it comes to reporting on each political party. It can be summed up in one word "brainwashing." They have been brainwashed by the media before them and television, movies, and public schools. It's still going on today and it may already be too late for our country as a result. This video is an example of some of what I'm talking about - check it out! It takes one of the few networks that is mostly is fair to show us what happens. Super Tuesday was today - more specific results tomorrow, but basically Romney edged Santorum in Ohio, won Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming. Newt won Georgia, and Santorum won Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Mitt Romney extends his lead in delegates. Too bad Santorum didn't win Ohio - surely the media campaign against him had its effect. Ron Paul didn't win squat, but his main man Romney won the most so I'm sure he's pleased. Check out this tribute article about John Q. Wilson, who did studies that contradicted the liberal's claims about lax punishment for crimes helping our society starting in the 1960's - very interesting indeed. Just more proof that democrats are diabolical and despicable.

3-3-2012 -

This cartoon is a good representation of a battle that's going on right now, and is also a good example of how the democrats twist words into a lie. I saw this cartoon on facebook and it was posted by a dingbat. See the Catholic church, and everyone else who wants our government to follow the 1st Amendment of our Bill of Rights - do not want to be forced to pay for abortifacts and contraceptives for our nation's sluts. Oops I mean for anyone, just like we don't want to pay for their abortions either. The democrats turn this around and say this means we want to take these things away (contraceptives, birth control, abortifacts). This is a lie. Ultimately some of us do want to outlaw abortion because it is murder of the innocents, but nobody is talking about taking anything away now - and this is the big lie. It's no surprise why democrat voters are falling for this trick because they are stupid enough to be democrats. Some independent voters are falling for it, as well as republican voters because they still believe some of the propaganda coming from our democrat-complient mainstream media. No doubt many years of this type of learning has a lot to do with it. The bottom line is it shows once again how despicable the democrats are. Here's an article that goes into way more detail about this subject. Also check out this article, and this one too.

3-1-2012 - Hey it's March 1st! Spring is almost here! It happen later this month. Something unfortunate happened today - Andrew Breitbart died. He was 43-years-old. If you don't know who he is you are really out of the loop. He's a fighter, he's a leader in the conservative movement. He's a blogger. He's the author of 2 excellent books that I've read, one just within a couple of months ago. His books are Hollywood Interrupted, and Righteous Indignation. You know how you can feel like you really know someone who you have never actually met, but you still feel like you know them, that they are your ally, that you know you would be friends if you would ever meet. That's how I feel about Andrew, and now he's dead. I have a couple of posts about Andrew on my blog which go into more details - click here and click here. Like myself Andrew was a democrat who eventually wised up and left the dark side and headed toward the truth. Then he turned around and faced the moral relativists down - daily. He exposed them for who they really are. I try to do this as well but on a smaller, more anonymous level. Rest in Peace Andrew Breitbart. I truly feel like I have lost a friend. Hopefully those videos you are releasing by proxy of Barack Obama back in his college days are as good as you say they are.

Speaking of friends, I finally took the little bit of effort of figuring out how to unfriend someone on Facebook, and then I unfriended 3 people who iratate the heck out of me. One was a second cousin of mine who has a Barack Obama poster as her profile picture, and is truly an inane person who I will probably never see again - so bye Nicole. The other one is also a second cousin who always likes to bitch and moan and feel sorry for herself on Facebook, and the last one is her mother, my cousin, who only enables her whiny daughter - who is also a single mother. So bye bye. I probably won't miss your posts. Check out this cartoon of Obama which hits the nail on the head - Sluggo! If you've ever wondered why liberals like Obama like taxing the wealthy (except himself and his good friends), you can read about it here. Here's another good article about truth, lies, and Obama.

2-29-2012 - yes, it’s leap year day – that one day that comes every 4 years so they can keep the seasons balanced. It takes the earth 365.24 days to make one revolution around the sun, so if they didn’t throw this extra day in there then eventually the seasons would change, with winter becoming fall, fall becoming summer, summer becoming spring, and so on.

Davy Jones – lead singer of the 60’s TV band/Rock’n’Roll band “The Monkees” died of a heart attack today at the age of 66. The Monkee’s started out as a television show about a rock band, and eventually became a successful band. I feel sentimental about this because I liked The Monkee’s, and they take me back to my youth, as I’m old enough to have seen the first runs of the TV shows and to hear their musical hits back when they were still hits.

Mitt Romney won both the Michigan and Arizona primaries. I think he was awarded all 24 delegates for winning Arizona, but he had to split the 30 Michigan delegates with Rick Santorum, 15 – 15 because of how they did in each district. Michigan is Mitt’s home state and for Rick to essentially tie him there is really like an upset. Rick Santorum actually one 53 out of 83 counties in Michigan. Click here to read more. Let’s see how Mitt does in Rick’s home state of Pennsylvania on down the line.

Did you know that Newt Gingrich had a debate with Barack Obama about our rising fuel prices, about what to do about them and who is to blame. Newt cleaned Barack’s clock on this one – check it out. Also check out this recent article about what our college students are learning about these days – thanks to liberals. Why do we listen to anything these marxist-socialist have to say – we can’t boot them out soon enough.

I remember on one Saturday during the winter in 2008, there was a heavy snowstorm that dumped about 2 feet of snow on us. A Chinese man knocked on our door and asked us if he could borrow a shovel. I’ll call him “Chen” because that’s the name I remember he told me. It seems he went off the road down by our mailbox and was stuck. I gave him a shovel and got my warm clothes on, and took a shovel for myself so I could see the situation and maybe help him out. I noticed that his family was still in the buried car, his wife and 2 teen-age children. They were stuck badly, and we realized there was no way to dig them out of the ditch. So I invited them all back to our house so we could figure out some alternative to help their situation. Ironically they had been driving on their way to go skiing at Sundown ski resort, which is roughly 60 or so miles down the road from us, when they lost control of their vehicle and ended up in the ditch where it was at now. He made some calls, couldn’t hire a wrecker truck because they were all busy elsewhere. The Chen’s had some relatives who were also going to Sundown, but they ran into some of the same sort of trouble near Cascade, which is further down our road. So as their situation was starting to look more and more hopeless, I offered to give them a ride back to their home, which is in Iowa City. Iowa City is around 25 – 30 miles away from us, and the roads were still pretty bad. We have some 4-wheel drive vehicles that we have confidence can go just about anywhere in snow. They accepted our offer so I drove them to Iowa City in our Dodge Durango.

During the trip we talked a lot about the upcoming election. I listened to him talk excitedly about Barack Obama. I told him I was a republican, and there was no way I was going to vote for Obama. He tried to change my mind, but I could tell his knowledge was weak. He mostly used talking points and campaign slogans while trying to convince me to vote for Obama. I told him I read both of Barack’s books – The Audacity of Hope, and Dreams of My Father, and I thought he would be a horrible choice for president. Barack admits he’s an anti-colonialist, and that he doesn’t really like America (how it is now – but he can transform it into something better). He was raised by Marxist-Socialist-Communists (the un-holy trinity) and pretty much agrees with them. He admits he was a cocaine user. He doesn’t like our Constitution. It just goes on and on. I told him I thought Obama was at least a socialist and possibly a communist. Chen was quiet and didn’t say much. He said he didn’t read the books (which I should add here that every single person I ever asked if they read these books said “no”). At least I got him to quit trying to talk me into voting for Obama. I remember I also mentioned to him how it’s embarrassing how much our media is biased toward Obama, and it was and still is to this day. I wish more people would’ve read Barack’s books. Not only does he suck as a President, but he sucks as an author as well. Well either him or William Ayers – his terrorist friend and probably ghostwriter. I’m continuing my mission to point these facts out everyday. I wonder what Mr. Chen thinks of Obamanation these days.


2-27-2012 – Today (as I often do) I was thinking about the future of our country. I was thinking about all the people who have lost their jobs and can’t find another one, or can only find a job that’s not nearly as good as the one they lost. I thought about how our president and the democrats actually think unemployment is good and stimulates our economy, as well as food stamps etc. Here’s a good article about what really happens. I was thinking about how President Obama and our mainstream media constantly lie to us daily and way too many people believe them. Really our country is already under governmental control and things are only going to get worse if this continues. Here are a few more videos about what the democrats think of our Constitution; as if we needed more proof they don’t wish to follow our laws. I was thinking about Obama’s plan for our country, and about how his sordid past ties into all of his crap. I wish that more people cared that our country is heading down the tubes and the democrats are leading us there. Lately I’ve been posting a lot of articles about Rick Santorum to paint a picture of what he’s all about. I figure Ron Paul hates him, so he must be alright. Each of these articles have links afterwards which can take you to more article about Rick. Read how he is our best chance to stop Obama. The mainstream media is attacking Rick hard – it’s really amazing that there are actually people out there that can’t see that this media is in Barack Obama’s pocket – they must be absolutely retarded.

If you haven’t seen these already, check out these pictures of Obozo and Joe. Tomorrow is another day! Obama will think up more ways to blame our increasing gas prices on everybody but himself, even when his administration has admitted several times that they want our prices of gasoline and electricity to increase (see Obama’s Plan above).

2-25-2012 - I am a collector. I collect several things - musical instruments, music, DVD's, political articles, political cartoons, pictures of all kinds, vehicles (unfortunately), books, magazines, etc. I'm not as good at keeping track of such things as I used to be, which I blame on lack of time, and laziness. Below is a recent political cartoon I found...

I post this cartoon here today because it's symbolic of why I dislike president Obama and the democrats so much. This is how they make us all slaves. They take money from the earners with taxes and over-regulation and give it to people who have done nothing to have earned it. However with our youth they are draining all of the opportunities they have had in the past, and making them more dependent on the government. You can say it isn't their fault, but they are part of the problem when they keep voting for democrats, thereby supporting a Marxist-Socialist form of government. Yes they are taken care of for doing little, but they will never reach their full potential because they have helped to enslave themselves (and the rest of us, as more and more of our jobs disappear in the private sector). We have reached a point of critical mass - where the dependents out number the tax payers who support them, and that has always been the democrat's goal. It's how they stay in power because the slaves don't want to give up what they believe are their entitlements. They either don't understand what it means to be free, or they just don't care. Maybe revolution will be the only way for those of us who do not wish to be slaves to get our country back from our own government. If Obama keeps on taking away more of our constitutional rights (and if he's re-elected we haven't seen nothing yet), then a revolution will happen.

Check out all of the links I've found in this blog post I created today. It's all about aspects of Barack Obama's past which he's paid millions to keep from us, but much of this information is right out in the open if you know where to look - and I know. Gain insight from this as I have. Information = power!

2-22-2012 – Another day – a nice warm day. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow a lot – we shall see. Spring comes in one more month, at least on our calendars. Another republican debate in Arizona tonight, hopefully Rick Santorum will do well. Maybe Obama and the democrats should just fill up large wheelbarrows full of our tax dollars and just hand them out to people, telling them "if you vote for me than there's more where that came from - that is until China stops lending us money." Watch this video where Ben Shapiro explain's why Obama's left worships big government. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s main advisor was caught on video today talking about that old democrat belief that unemployment works as a stimulus for our economy. Gas prices are heading back upward. Unemployment’s heading back up to over 9% again (good news for that unemployment stimulus – right dumbo democrats). The democrats have turned their fury toward Santorum. They are trying to paint him as a religious fanatic because he believes the devil is influential in our society. News flash bozos – to any real Christians (not progressive ones) this is common knowledge. In fact people like Obama and his supporters are heavily influenced more by Satan than by God, they show this both in words and deeds. The mainstream media gets mad at Rick because they don’t think he thinks Obama is a true Christian like he has stated that he is. Well other than that you tube video where Obama talks about his Muslim faith and admits he’s a Muslim, and stating before that if things go bad he will side with the Muslims – well of course he’s a Christian! Not! Of course Obama and his family attended Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation separatist church for over 20+ years. I wonder what they use for a Bible there? Here’s my theory – Obama isn’t really a Christian or a Muslim, but definitely his sympathies lie with the Muslims, and not the peaceful ones either. If he’s a Christian he’s a phony one. Mostly Obama is a Secularist. He has nothing but contempt for Christians, but he knows many Americans are too stupid to question anything he says, so he can be many things to too many people. Speaking of stupid people (democrats), check out this article about how Catholic schools in our country test way above the Public schools. As someone who has attended both public and Catholic schools, these results are definitely no surprise, and probably explain why there is still so many stupid democrats who would vote for someone as evil as Barack Obama. Check out this story with a video that describes how loss of our religious liberty is just the first of many losses we will get with Obamacare. Also if you have time here's a good story about how clever Obama is with his calculated deceptions - how he thinks we're all stupid, and how he's half right because democrats and the mainstream media are, in fact, stupid! If that isn't enough to make your head spin - well come on back tomorrow and we'll see what else we can find.

2-18-2012 - As of mentioned in other parts of this thread, I'm an adoptive father of 5 children, 3 from South Korea, and one each from China and the Philippines. We know other adoptive parents - our neighbors to our east are adoptive parents. We have belonged to a local adoption group for several years where we've had many get-togethers. Our oldest daughter has attended a couple of adoption culture camps, and we regularly attend a picnic that the adoption agency we used (Holt International) puts on every year. Holt has a website that has online forums for adoptive parents, that I've read and sometimes participated in over the years.

Most adoptive parents we've met are really nice and really seem to be good parents and love their children. What I want to talk about are the forums I mentioned above. In these forums it seems like they are mostly dominated by adoptive parents (mostly mothers) who have a very narrow-minded way of looking at things. They tend to be what I like to call "hyper-politically correct." They have one way of looking at things, and if you mention another way or viewpoint - well you must be wrong. One of many possible examples would be the whole "saved" issue. Think about how many people view adoptions, especially the older generations. I include myself here because I tend to relate to the older generations more than the younger ones, because they have way more wisdom. When we think of orphans we think of war orphans whose parents may have been killed, or are maybe too destitute to afford to feed their children. We see the commercials on TV where some character actor asks us to sponsor a child for "X" dollars a month and they show pictures or video of hungry-looking children. So they tend to think that the plight of such children is pretty dire. This was how I thought of orphans as well before I became an adoptive parent. I actually thought #1 people who adopt children must be rich, and #2 they must have big hearts and are even heroic. After we became adoptive parents we learned that it was wrong for us to think we are saving children by adopting them. Notice I said - wrong for us, but many people like the ones I mentioned above see things differently, and because of the valid reasons that I mentioned. So on these forums I've read about adoptive mothers who were mortified or even outraged that a stranger would come up to them and say something along the lines of "bless you for saving this child," or something similar. So these adoptive parents think they should feel this way, and sometimes they will ask others on the forums for a snappy comeback so they can show these people how dumb they are for making such a comment. My suggestion to them has been to remember that these kind people view adoptions differently than we do, so cut them some slack and answer them respectfully with something like "thank you, it's our honor and privilege to be our children's parents. We could try to explain that we didn't really save our children because they usually are well cared for by their foster parents or orphanages, but why not just accept the compliment as it was intended? For this I would often receive ridicule from these sanctimonious purveyors of our children's fragile psyches.

I do think that we have the potential to help "save" our children. Here's how I see it and I don't really care if it's politically correct or not. God put adoption in our hearts. He told us to "go and bring these children home into our family and bring them to Me." Our children have a greater chance of being brought up as Christians by us. They have the potential of being saved by our Lord, Jesus Christ if they choose, but it will ultimately be up to them. We provide them with love, care and guidance, but we cannot save their souls. God is our guide, to be our children's guides to lead them to God so he can be their guide as well. Only Jesus saves, we are merely earthly instruments who help to execute His plans for us and our children.

2-17-2012 - for years the democrats-liberals-progressives or whatever they want to call themselves have mentioned that we need to throw out our Constitution, or at least put some more rights in there. It's possible to change our Constitution, it's been changed many times (that's what the amendments beyond the Bill of Rights are about), but it needs a 2/3rds vote of Congress and the President's approval as well - which isn't easy. It shouldn't be easy - the Constitution shouldn't be changed just on a whim - there should be much representative support before it can happen. Our founding fathers didn't want a government like they escaped from in Great Britian, they didn't want a government that controlled it's people. They wanted a government that the people could control if the government wasn't doing what the people wanted, by voting them out. Of course now we have a president who regularly ignores or circumvents our Constitution - he should be fired. The problem with the type of rights the democrats want in our Constitution is they often infringe on other people's liberty - so they are partisan. They just can't help themselves because they are selfish and only care about themselves. They want things like the right to free housing and free health care. They want the right to vacations, free contraception, to kill babies (population control-eugenics), and gay-marriage. Rights like these often lead to socialism (at least) or some type of totalitarianism because someone has to pay for these things, and too often it's not the people who are using them. In other words it encourages free-loading - why work for something if the goverment will just give it to you. Democrats like socialism because it gives them more power to use tax dollars to buy votes to keep them in power. The people (the ones who pay the taxes) get the shaft. It becomes like the fable of the Ants and the Grasshoppers. The worker ants do all the work and the grasshoppers freeload and reap the benefits of the ant's work, but the grasshoppers starve in the wintertime because they are lazy and stupid. Anyway, the republicans are not blameless - they overspend as well, but at least now they are aware we have reached the tipping point (thanks to all of government) that our entitlement spending is bankrupting us. Once you give something to the people they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. So many are too blame - but it begins with the democrats thinking we need these rights in our Constitution - which gives them the power to circumvent the very liberties our Constitution guarantee to "We the People."

If you've been reading this particular thread for a while, you may have read about my regular ridiculing of the Occupy movement (whom the democrats endorse). If you are someone who thinks anarchy is the answer - look around you. There are lots of stupid people in our world and this country. Thanks to the dumbing down of our society starting at the 60's liberal movement and going forward - we are surrounded by complete idiocy. Do we really think these people can run anything?

This is why we should never vote for a democrat.

2-16-2012 - Lord know's I've tried - to tell people that we (well not me - I never voted for him) have elected a president who is successfully destroying our country. He hasn't finished the job yet though, so many complete idiots want to re-elect him for 4 more years so he has more time to finish the job. Some time ago I wrote a story about how I used to be a democrat, but eventually evolved into a republican, click here to read. I can look back and clearly see how the game is rigged totally for the democrats. The media has the narrative that the democrats care more for the people, the poor, the middle-class, minorities, the elderly, etc. The republicans are for corporations, the rich, the robber barons, Wall Street, banks, etc. This is what is pounded into our heads and obviously many people still believe this - though its mostly complete bullcrap. We are taught in school that the great presidents were Teddy Roosevelt who fought corporations and monopolies (robber barons), forgetting to point out how they also provided jobs for many Americans. We were taught that Woodrow Wilson made the world safe for democracy, when what he really did trash our Constitution in any way he could (like Obama). FDR got us out of the Great Depression with his New Deal and all it's socialist programs, which in actuality prolonged the depression, and gave us a ponzi scheme known as Social Security. We were taught that LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) brought us the Great Society, which started welfare to help the poor. What it really did was kickstart in a major way several entitlement programs which has turned us into a welfare state that's taken much power from the people and given it to the government, while encouraging single motherhood - fatherless children - leading to the downfall of our society. These presidents are examples and heroes to Obama (or so he's told us), and he's like all 3 of them in one, and on steroids. Here's a simple description of what Obama's all about - click here. So these are examples of the knowledge our schools and mainstream media lay on us. That is why I do my blogs - which are collections of articles that don't mislead us, but let us know what's really happening. Shouldn't we want to know "What On Earth" is happening?

I'm a politically incorrect person and proud of it. I have read many of the PIG books (politically incorrect guides). I highly recommend them because they teach the truth, rather than the lies that we learn from school and the mainstream media. If more people read them they would understand why democrats are dirtbags who are morally bankrupt and are the true agressors in our culture wars. Speaking of political correctness, here's a story that explains why it's so harmful to our country - click here to read.


2-14-2012 – Now you can’t take a lot of stock in polls, because they can change from one day to the next. However it’s encouraging that Rick Santorum is starting to take over from Mitt Romney as the front-runner for the republican candidate for President, and it’s also looking like (according to the polls) that he’s the candidate who has the best chance of defeating Barack Obama in November. I’ve read some people talking about a Santorum – Marco Rubio ticket. I don’t see how Obama-Biden could possibly beat this ticket. The only chance they would have would be to dump Biden off of the ticket and add Hillary Clinton. Of course this is all just wishful speculation. I do believe if Newt Gingrich would drop out of the race and put his support behind Santorum, it would help him and the republican party a lot. Mitt Romney is going to attack Santorum’s lack of executive experience, as will Obama if Santorum wins the nomination. Yes Mitt was the governor of Massachusetts for one term, but he did a poor enough job that he was only elected for that one term. His main accomplishment was Romneycare, which is state-controlled-mandated health care for which Obamacare was modeled after, and is failing dramatically. Obama will have served close to a term as our President, but he has been the worst President we’ve ever had in our whole history. He has no good record to run on, by November he might not even have Obamacare because it might (should) be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court this coming Spring. So Obama is using negativity and class-warfare to try to divide us, as well as his own special brand of racism. The only reason Obama even has any chance is because he’s still within the positive narrative of our lame-stream media, where they shield him and only try to make him look good while tearing down the republicans. Obama is still fully engaged with using tax-payer dollars to buy votes, which has proven effective for him in the past. Because of these things you can never count Obama out. Obama just rolled out another joke of a budget for 2012. His budget in 2011 was such a joke that that it was voted down in the Senate 97- 0, and this one may be just as bad. The Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to bring it up for a vote to see how many democrats want to further torpedo our economy like Obama wants, and will go on record with their votes, which can then be used against them in the 2012 Elections.

Received some pictures of a German Parade today, click here. Even the Germans understand what a joke our current administration is now. Thomas Sowell wrote an interesting history lesson about Progressives. Here’s an excellent article about how the democrats our working hard to take away our Constitution, and our liberties. Here’s another cool article about Chris Christie, Israel, and what good leadership is like. Lord knows we don’t have any going on now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2-13-2012 – here are some things I’ve learned being the father of 5 internationally adopted children. We (my wife Cheryl and I) knew it wouldn’t be easy; being a parent isn’t easy period. It isn’t easy – sometimes it’s hard, but it’s almost always rewarding. I realize I will never know the answers to everything, and may not always come up with the best solutions for conflicts or to solve problems, but I can find out things that work and things that fail and try to build knowledge from what I learn from these lessons. I’ve learned a lot more about humility and how little pride matters when it comes to the big picture. I’ve learned more about patience, and I’ve learned to put less value or concern on possessions or material things – such things used to matter a lot more to me than they do now. I’ve learned that children need to feel secure and they need to feel loved – not always, but regularly, and we as parents need to be there for them during these times – very important. I’ve learned that I can tell any one of our children something once and they may understand, or I might have to tell them the same thing repeatedly and it still seems like they will never understand. I know that sometimes I feel like a failure as a parent, but I also know I probably won’t feel the same way tomorrow, or maybe not even within the next hour. I realize that I must not take them for granted and appreciate them each day because they grow up so fast. I’ve discovered that striving for perfection is fine, but realize that it rarely happens, and that’s OK because only God is perfect. I’ve learned that each of our children has their own unique quirks and personalities that mostly endear them to us, but also sometimes frustrates us. One thing is certain though – they each enrich our lives exponentially. They are all precious gifts from God!

When our children go to bed each night my wife Cheryl has always made sure that they pray for their birth families and foster families, for they are all very important parts of their lives and we don’t want them to be forgotten. I’ve learned it’s important for them to keep in touch with this part of their lives, and to encourage interest in their heritage and homelands. We don’t force it on them or push them into such interest – just encourage. We try to be prepared for whatever questions they may have about their pasts, while knowing we can’t anticipate what they will ask and knowing we won’t know all the answers. We have studied history about their homelands and have visited them and wrote about them. Hopefully this has helped us to answer more of their questions. We don’t want to be responsible for them losing that important part of themselves. They are also Americans, and we want them to be proud to be Korean-Americans, Chinese-American, or Filipino-American because that will be their true identities and there is value in all of these heritages. It is our plan for me to take our 3 oldest children from South Korea back there to visit their homeland to see where they came from, and hopefully visit any of the people who knew them and loved them (their foster families). Cheryl is going to take Jenna and Ryan to visit China and the Philippines to do the same for them. Hopefully we can make it happen, but it won’t be easy. Kind of like parenting isn’t easy, but again it would be a tremendous blessing.

2-11-2012 - I've mentioned before about my WOE Blog (What On Earth) blog which is a collection of thousands of articles dealing with history, politics, and religion. Click here to read an article that's been making the rounds for the last couple of years. Consider how much of what it says has come to pass - I don't think there's any doubt that what Wayne is saying is absolutely correct. Do we really want this to be our future?

If I only read and viewed the heavily biased mainstream media, and not the more conservative websites like Townhall, American Spector, and Human Events (just to name 3 of my favorites), I would think that happy days are here again - I mean unemployment is heading downward and the stock market isn't going down as much. If this is true though (it isn't) then why is our grocery bill more than 50% higher than a couple of years ago? Why are gas prices still so high? Obama warned us that the prices of electricity would necessarily skyrocket, and he wasn't fooling around. When the price of absolutely everything rises it has a dramatic effect on family budgets, but we know that democrats don't care about budgets. They are playing with monopoly money as far as they are concerned. Obama always says "well, just give us more time and things will be OK." Well if we give him more time we will no longer be a nation.

We can already plainly see the effects Obamacare is going to have on us, at least anyone who's paying attention. The democrats passed out thousands of waivers to their friends and supporter to shield them from the bad effects its having on our economy. If our flaky Supreme Court (who at least 4 of them thinks we should just throw out our Constitution - just like Obama and the democrats) fails to knock out Obamacare, soon we will have government run healthcare. There is no way that private insurers will be allowed to coexist because our government will regulate them right out of business. There is no way they can compete with a government that can just print their own money whenever they need it, or increase our taxes. Once the government has complete control they will own us. They will be able to control our behavior if we want any sort of health care, and they have already shown that they will be partisan, and favor only democrats when the inevitable rationing happens. I know this is true and it worries me. I think our society is so dumbed down and immoral that something like this will be perfectly acceptable to too many. It's difficult not to regard such people as enemies. We used to fight wars to prevent things like this from happening - I'm thinking there will be more wars mainly because of all the class warfare the democrats' are giving us.

2-9-2010 - Today I was thinking about death. What got me thinking about death was last night I slept really good, which is unusual for me. I woke up, got the kids ready for school, and went back to sleep for about an hour or so. I had to get up because I had to take Leah to an ortho appointment at 10:40 a.m. When I woke up I felt really good - like the sleep was enjoyable. I wasn't feeling any pain, which is different because I usually have some sort of chronic pain - which isn't unbearable but it's always there. Strangely enough I thought if I had to die soon, this would be the way to do it - feeling like this. I felt like I was ready to sleep for good. I can't really explain why I felt like this - I'm enjoying my life with our kids and my wife. We live comfortably - no bill collectors knocking on our door. We are not rich, but that's OK because we never have been.

I have this feeling though that things are going to change a lot in the next year - probably for the worse. I just hope I'm up for the challenges that are coming because things are about to really get mean. I hope I'm mistaken, but I don't think I am. We have a government that's running things into the ground and it's seems like there's not enough interest out there to stop them. The prices of everything are rising dramatically. Christians are facing more ridicule from the secularists (liberal democrats) and we actually have a president who's actively taking away our religious liberties chunk by chunk. The democratic Senate continues to spend irresponsibly and the block everything the republican House tries to do to cut spending and get things going. If Obamacare doesn't get shot down by the Supreme Court then we will end up with crappy government health care, paid for with our countries dwindling tax revenues and borrowed money from China. We are facing some massive health care costs in our family in the near future and we probably won't have the same decent insurance by then. To make matters worse we could be facing massive rioting in our country this election year - that's the really ugly part. We have only seen previews of the ugliness that the democrats' class warfare brings - it could exponentially get worse if they don't get what they want, which is total power and control. We are not about to give it to them - so we are heading toward a major fight that could be the end. We could have something like the French Revoltution or the Bolshevik revolts happen here in this country - that's where we seem to be heading - that's where Obama's pushing us. To follow Jesus Christ is our only salvation. To follow Obama leads to Hell on Earth.

2-7-2012 - Let’s do a little recap of some of the ways the democrats and Obama are ignoring the 1st Amendment of our Bill of Rights in our Constitution. This is the Constitution that President Obama took an oath to uphold and protect, as his main duty, which he has done nothing of the kind. I’m talking about our religious liberty. In the ObamaCare monstrosity that the democrats fobbed on us against our will it has us paying our tax dollars to kill babies (abortions). It forces catholic hospitals, clinics, schools etc. to provide contraceptives, birth control pills and morning after pills (abortifacients). They tried to eliminate conscience protections which protected hospital doctors and nurses from having to participate in abortions against their morals and religious beliefs. Of course there is the same sex marriage issue.

Democrats and Obama are working hard at supporting same sex marriage, which always ultimately leads to taking away religious liberties. It puts gay marriage on equal legal footing with heterosexual marriage, which then forces acceptance legally. To anyone who follows the Bible – this is being forced to accept sinful behavior, in our schools, in our businesses, in the public square. To a Christian who follows the word of the Lord – If I choose not to hire an employee because they are gay, or to rent to them, or to not want gay-themed books that treat such behavior as “normal” in our schools, that should be my religious right. I have nothing against gay’s personally unless they try to tell me what I must believe – then often we will disagree. This cuts it to the core – we have this huge difference between us, and frankly I’m on the side of good and whether they realize it or not they are separate from God, which is evil. In the battle of good and evil – gays are on the wrong side according to my beliefs, and I have a right to my Christian beliefs. I’m not saying they cannot be gay, or they cannot sin, what I’m saying is they can’t force me to accept this behavior as being OK, normal, or the same as mine – it’s completely different! It is the opposite! You can say this is intolerant behavior on my part, but true tolerance goes both ways. The Word of the Lord isn’t negotiable, it cannot be compromised. The key word is behavior. A behavior and identity are different things. The fact that I’m a heterosexual is a behavior, not my identity. A homosexual is not who they are, its how they choose to behave. It’s not an identity so it has no place in identity politics. According to traditional beliefs based on Biblical teachings marriage between a man and a woman are what is normal, with same sex marriages not being normal. It is not discriminatory or bigoted for me to say these things because I’m not denying anyone anything that I have myself. You can reject Biblical teachings because they don’t conform to your desires, but you obviously do so at your own peril. It is bigoted and discriminatory to expect or force me to go through the same peril, and I will not allow this to happen. If I have to fight to prevent it from happening – I will.

So basically this is a battle for our religious liberty, a protection we have according to our Constitution, and those who care more about their own desires (gays) and power (democrats and the Obama administration). God and his followers will win in the end, and the rest will suffer eternal damnation. In the meantime, since Obama and the democrats refuse to do their jobs they need to be sent home for good.

2-6-2012 - Today's first question is - would our mainstream media mislead us about such things as unemployment figures and election polling? Why yes! Click here to read how they do it. Burt Prelutsky has come up with a good idea about voting requirements, over and above a valid picture ID - A Quiz! Click here to see if you can pass this quiz yourself. The NY Giants beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 46, 21 - 17. Eli Manning won the MVP award. The Giants also beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 41 in 2007. It's President Ronald Reagan's 101st Birthday! Read about it here and watch a video.

2-4-2012 - Jon McNaughton is an artist who paints great pictures about what's happening with our country. Check out this video about one of his paintings called "Wake Up America" about what debt is doing to us. Here's another video about another one of Jon's paintings called "Forgotten Man". Another important painting he did about God's influence on the founders of our country, and those who ridicule His influence is "One Nation Under God" which you can read all about if you click here. Check them out!

You know there was a time (my first 30 some years) where I was a totally brainwashed democrat who hardly paid any attention to politics, but fortunately I gradually became wiser as I got older. I can honestly say though that I was never as stupid as many Obama supporters are now. Click here to watch a video of some really stupid people who call themselves Obama supporters.

2-3-2012 – There is a trend lately, about more states becoming Right-to-Work states. Indiana recently became the 26th RTW state, which tips the balance positive. Gov. Mitch Daniels has said that already businesses are lining up to move to their state. Why? It’s very simple despite the mainstream media’s and the democrat’s constantly trying to confuse people about it. It means that a state or a business within this state cannot force you to be a union member as a condition of employment to work at a unionized business or for the government. This means they cannot automatically deduct union dues from your pay if you don’t wish to belong to a union. It gives an employee the choice to decide if they want to belong to the union or not. Democrats support unions because unions heavily contribute to their re-election campaigns, helping them stay in power. With public sector unions (government) the unions and government are actually on the same side of the collective bargaining table, when democrats are in power. So the government gives their unions what they want and the unions turn around and financially support the democrats re-elections, and it’s all done with taxpayer money – everyone’s – not just democrats. This is one of many lowdown examples of what happens when government gets too big and has too much power. Who keeps leading us down this road? The democrats mostly, although some republicans are not blameless in this blatant perpetual power grab. Click here to watch a video that explains this very well.

It’s no secret to anyone that our governments entitlement spending is leading us down the road to ruin and will lead our country to bankruptcy unless major changes are made. Barack Obama, his administration, and especially the democrat-controlled Senate refuse to do anything about it. When the republican-controlled House pass bills to get our economy going, make spending cuts, and decrease entitlement spending, the Senate ignores these bills. To make matters worse they practice parasitic morality. Parasitic morality is an important building block of Big Government, we hear such formulations all the time from Obama and the democrats. If you oppose a tax increase, you want poor people to die. If you demand government spending cuts, you must want to yank cops off the street, and doctors out of emergency rooms. Challenge Big Government in any way, and you are clearly a hateful enemy of whatever virtuous dependency group it chooses to hide behind.

Then there is the continuing war between between Christians and the Obama administration. A lot happening here with abortion and birth control, and this administration's constant violations against religious liberties of Christians and Catholics (a type of Christians). Click here and here and follow the links in these articles, as well as below each article to find out all that's happening there.

Oh yeah - one more thing, a public high school in Des Moines is teaching it's students that Communism is better than Capitalism - big surprise huh?

2-1-2012 - Here I am, typing to myself again. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, but I don't think Mr. Groundhog is going to be seeing his shadow - because it will be foggy outside. This morning I walked our kids to the bustop for school in the fog. It was foggy when the Linn County Appraiser came to our house around lunchtime to see if they could find some other way to tax us more. It was foggy when I picked up the kids from school and drove to to work, and it was still foggy driving home from work at 1 a.m. The fog is worse at night because it swallows up the lights and makes it really dark. The couple of days before it has been unseasonably warm again so most of the snow has melted and made things sloppy and muddy. Maybe the kids might not have school tomorrow, or maybe they will have a 2 hour delay - more sleep for me. I will type more about what's going on in the world tomorrow.

1-28-2012 -

Click here to see the front pages of newspapers from 80 countries in the world, and all across the United States.

1-27-2012 - From a news article in 1949 - so class warfare has been around awhile. It goes from Marx to Lenin to Mao, to Castro, Alinsky, and to Obama.

An Old Democrat Poem...

Father, must I go to work?
No my lucky son.
We're living now on easy street
On dough from Washington

We've left it up to Uncle Sam,
so don't get exercised.
Nobody has to give a damn -
We've all been subsidized.

But if Sam treats us all so well
And feeds us milk and honey,
Please, daddy, what the hell
He's going to use for money

Don't worry, bub, there's not a hitch
In this here noble plan -
He simply soaks the filthy rich
And helps the common man.

But, father, won't there come a time
When they run out of cash
And we have left them not a dime
When things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shinking, son,
you nosy little brat;
You do too damn much thinking, son,
To be a Democrat.

from this article...

1-25-2012 - I still don't know who I want the republican candidate for president to be. I just know that whoever it is will have a great chance to beat Obama, and that I will vote for whoever it is - even Ron Paul (except there's no way it will be Ron Paul). It's like every time someone seems like they should be the candidate - they get shot down by not only the media and the democrats, but also many republicans. The republicans seem like we are split down the middle. You could make an excellent case for and also against all of the remaining candidates, and that's whats happening. It seems like the mainstream media want the pick to be Mitt Romney, but the republican elite don't want Newt Gingrich and do want Mitt Romney. So the Mainstream media and the republican elite want the same candidate. The Tea Party don't really like Mitt or Newt and are not crazy about Rick Santorum, but they seem to prefer Newt over the other 2, and Ron Paul has the support of his people - let's call them "the zanies". I think a lot of the people who are supporting Newt are sick of all of the media trying to pick their candidate and are sick of the blatant media bias toward Obama - so they want the media to be the losers and they think Newt is the one who will stand up to them and Obama, because the republicans have to fight both Obama and the mainstream media. Fox News seems like they are all in for Mitt. Thomas Sowell, Chuck Norris, and the Limbaugh Brothers are for Newt. Ann Coulter despises Newt and supports Mitt Romney, so does Burt Prelutsky. Peter Ferrara and Jeffrey Lord are for Newt, Jonah Goldberg seems like he's leaning toward Newt. Charles K., George Will, and Karl Rove are for Mitt. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are for Newt. They all make good arguments for who they support. The good news is there's time to see how things shake out - it's a marathon and whoever wins will have to earn it. The wild card of course is the know-nothings or the independents, they are so stupid they might actually vote for Obama despite the fact he's ruining our country. Anyway the republican winner should be battle-tested for the fight against president Ofraudma. Tomorrow is another day.

1-24-2012 - Well Pelosi's bogus debt chart makes another appearence - this time on my facebook wall...

If you look at this chart and are somewhat stupid, you might think "Wow - they are lying about President Obama causing most of our debt" It's really Ronald Reagan and the republicans fault.

Click here to see what Politifact has to say on the subject.

Yesterday my wife and I were talking about the pussification of our society - how with each generation people seem to become bigger wimps and pussies than the generation before. At this rate if we keep listening to liberals - we will all just listen to our feelings rather than facts and logic. Check out a related article, just click here.

1-23-2012 - from the e-mail...

The current Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama's America looks like. It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule. It is an America where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly.

It is an America where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves. It is an America where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society.

It is an America where humans have been degraded to the level of animals: defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene. It is an America where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been rejected. It is an America where our founding documents have been shredded and, with them, every person's guaranteed liberties.

It is an America where, ultimately, great suffering will come to the American people, but the rulers like Obama, Michelle Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, liberal college professors, union bosses and other loyal liberal/Communist Party members will live in opulent splendor.

It is the America that Obama and the Democratic Party have created with the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood , unions, universities, the Communist Party of America , the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.

Barack Obama has brought more destruction upon this country in four years than any other event in the history of our nation, but it is just the beginning of what he and his comrades are capable of.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another step in their plan for the annihilation of America .

Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it." Thomas Sowell

a story...

When I was about 9 years old I remember asking my dad about Castro. I asked, "Is Castro a good guy or bad?" Dad said...he couldn't tell!! This was about 1955. We were living in Louisiana ...at the time. Dad was in the Army and stationed there. Cuba was fairly close and in the news a lot. The Cubans were asking the same question! Ike was president.

This past July 4th, we had the pleasure of sharing a summer barbecue with a refugee from Cuba. Our dinner conversation was starkly different than most. This refugee came to the United States as a young boy in the early 1960's. His family was more fortunate than most, as they were able to bring a suitcase and $100 when they fled Castro's newly formed revolutionary paradise. Our dinner consisted of all-American fare: hamburgers, potato salad, fresh ears of sweet corn and watermelon. This is a menu shared with family and friends nationwide...while celebrating the birth of our beloved America .. on the Fourth of July. We began with a simple discussion about our country, and the direction it has taken since Barack Obama came to power. We shared the usual complaints about the sour economy and liberal social engineering emanating from the rulers in Washington. But then he said it. The sentence flowed naturally from our refugee guest. I assume it was unplanned. But it carried the weight of a freight train. "You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist". We sat stunned. He continued, "Yes, we all thought he was a patriot, a nationalist. Before the revolution he didn't sound like a radical." The comparison at this point was easy, and I interjected, "You mean just like Barack Obama?" He responded; "Yes, just like Barack Obama." He continued, "We were all shocked as the government just continued to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn in your guns. We all complied." I also remember my uncle saying; Castro will only nationalize some of the big industries. He will never come and take our family hardware store! But that is exactly what happened. Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations. They said we now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that four-bedroom home you own...it is now our property too. You have to move yourself and the five children into those two rooms of the house, because others are moving in here with you." The lesson learned from this discussion, is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. Political leaders can lie about their agenda and once in office, they can take totally unexpected turns. If you had asked us three years ago if we thought General Motors or Chrysler would be nationalized, we would have never believed it. We could never contemplate a country where the rule of law, the most fundamental building block of a justice society...would be evaporating, just like it did in Castro's Cuba in the early 1960's. But the news of injustice keeps increasing; Black Panthers are not charged with wrong doing by the U.S. Department of Justice...because their crimes are against whites; The bond holders of GM are stripped of their assets...without being given due process by the government; Car Dealerships are closed with out due process; Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight...only to have all investigation of the crimes stifled by the Attorney General; The U.S. borders are over run with crime and illegal activity, and the leaders in D.C. act as if it is important to protect the lawbreakers, while the innocent are killed and overrun.

When local communities attempt to enforce the law, they are ridiculed and threatened as racists and bigots. They are sued by the very administration entrusted with enforcing the law.

Without the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution is a sham! Without the rule of law, our beloved America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well connected and politically powerful will be safe. As an author recently and so eloquently explained in her most recent book "a culture of corruption has replaced honest government" (Michelle Malkin).

The only way this problem will be fixed is by massive citizen action. All honest citizens that want to be treated equally, must come together and demand that the favoritism, the bribes, the uneven enforcement of law end now! And yes, it can happen if we all pull together.

To read about Obama's origins - Obama's Rage - where does it come from? What motivates Obama? Click here for answers.

1-22-2012 - Because today is the Sanctity of Life Sunday, which falls on the anniversary of the abomination that's the Roe V. Wade decision, click here to see my "most democrats are heading to hell" thread. Follow the links at the bottom of each article to read more articles. Am I bitter about the democrat's constant pursuit of killing babies and to add insult to major injury - sticking tax payers with the bill - YOU BET I AM.

1-21-2012 -

I pledge allegiance
To the agenda
Of 0bama, Pelosi, and Reid.
And to the confiscation
Of wealth and success,
Higher taxes,
More regulation,
With poverty and Government dependence for all.


I pledge allegiance
To Obama
And to believe everything I hear in the media
And to Planned Parenthood
Who kills our babies
One World Government, under Soros
With taxes and spreading the wealth for all


I pledge allegience
To Socialism
And to Marxism, Totalitarianism, and Communism
And to Saul Alinsky, who honors Lucifer
One government, in control
With no Christians, but the Muslims are cool

1-19-2012 - Whenever our government takes control of something - they will screw it up and leave the people with far less freedom - guaranteed! This isn't a political party thing - it's a power trip. If our government sticks their nose into the internet, whether by taxing us, controlling content (fairness doctrine), policing piracy (SOPA), they WILL ruin it! When are people going to learn? Government can't control our health care (ObamaCare) because they don't know how to run anything. The only thing government is good at is wasting our tax dollars. Both political parties need to go back to following our Constitution or the people will take away their power and their jobs! Now we are stuck with a pussy coward president with a corrupt administration. Our president lies daily and the mainstream media nods their idiot heads. We have a Justice Department that only enforces what laws they want to enforce and it usually favors blacks over other races. They all need to be swept away - cleaned out! They need to be gone before we completely lose our country. Also check out this video that talks about a book that explains the democrat's long quest of destroying the bedrock of our society - the traditional family.

Things that happened today - turns out Rick Santorum won Iowa's Caucuses, and not Romney. Rick Perry quit as a candidate and is endorsing Newt Gingrich. ABC News played an interview they did with Newt Gingrich's 2nd ex-wife, but we still don't know hardly anything about Obama's past. Newt took over as leader in the polls for South Carolina (this weekend). Obama said "no" to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Oh yeah, and the democrats want to control oil companies profits, and if you think this OK (I'm sure Obama does) then yeah, you are a socialist - duh! So it's been a busy day!

1-17-2012 - Something weird has happened to my blogs and I don't know how it happened. There are links all over the place that found their way into my posts that are advertisements. They are usually one word. If you put the cursor the link it says "powered by Text-Enhance" These are not links I put in there. The links I put in there don't say anything when you put the cursor over them, but if you click on them it will be a legitimate link I added. It's annoying but I don't know what I can do about it really.

Don't you wish everyone in our government was as smart as Walter Williams, or Thomas Sowell, or even Mark Levin. I mean these are guys who know what they are talking about - not like the idiots like Obama and those in his administration. People like these 3 guys are too smart to run for President or Congess because you have to be a fool to want any of these jobs.

1-14-12 - in a court decision recently in Texas, Chief Judge Edith Jones struck down the blocking of a sonogram law. Now instead of Planned Parenthood in Texas just strongly encouraging mothers to get abortions without giving them other options, now mothers must view a sonogram of their baby before they make a final decision on whether to have their babies killed (just telling it like it is), or to use other options like keeping their baby or putting him/her up for adoption. Click here to read a story about this great decision. Of course the black evil witch of millions of babies deaths - Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, referred to the 5th Circuit’s ruling as “abhorrent.” Strange isn’t it? The very organization which has framed the abortion argument around a woman’s “right to choose” is now repulsed by the fact that women have a choice. Or is Richards really repulsed by the loss of revenue this billion-dollar-a-year abortion giant will suffer as mothers truly understand what abortion is and does? I'm sure democrats nationwide are crying crocodile tears over this decision. Anyone who reads my WOE blog regularly knows that I pick on Planned Parenthood a lot, but truly they deserve to be denigrated. I also pick on our Abortion President Barack Obama, and I think Barack and Cecile will share the same special room in hell together one day.

Here's a good article that gives a rebuttal of the video on You Tube about the young man who wrote a poem about loving Jesus, but hating religion. He thinks Jesus hates religion as well. My thoughts are I agree with this rebuttal and think like he does that a lot of youngsters have a lot to learn - including this so called poet, but I wish them all well on their journeys.

1-13-12 - Well today is Friday the 13th! It was cold! When I walked our kids up to the bus stop this morning at around 7:45 a.m., the wind was at our backs. When I walked back home the wind was in my face and it was so cold it was painful - a feeling us Iowan's know well. The windchill was below 0 degrees F.

I can tell you right now that this cartoon sure seems like it's true!

So it did snow yesterday finally and the average temperatures dropped from the high 40's to the low teens, and below 0 degrees with the wind chill factored in - ouch! It definitely feels like Winter now. It snowed maybe 2 inches yesterday, which doesn't seem like much. But the cold wind was a blowing and the snow was a drifting into drifts that were sometimes 2 feet high. I drove our 2009 Ford Focus home from work last night and made it home - no problems, but I got it stuck in our driveway. It was 3 a.m in the morning so I didn't feel like digging it out. I left Cheryl a note to drive our Durango to work, but she decided to dig the Focus out instead, and drive it to work. Yes - she's making me look lazy.

1-12-12 - Today I’m talking about Facebook. I think I have been on Facebook now for a little over 2 years. It has its pro’s and con’s, like most things in life. For one thing I don’t carry around photographs in my wallet, or any kind of computer memory storage device. So it’s nice to know that I can get on a computer anywhere that has an internet connection and see a variety of photo’s and video’s of family and other stuff that can lift me up when I’m sometimes feeling down. Facebook is a good storage place for digital photos that’s better then a place like Photobucket, which basically just hosts photos in a poorer quality size and format. I’m on Photobucket only because I needed a place to host photos that I post to Holt’s adoption forums, that I sometimes participate in but way less frequently than I used to do. It’s a good place to see other people you know and other member’s of your family’s photos. You can find out what’s going on with some people although most of this information is more cryptic than informative. I try not to be cryptic myself – if I have something to say I say it. Some people will say anything on Facebook – some of the information is junk. Overall I would put this aspect of Facebook in the “Pro” column. Today I read a discussion about whether children should be allowed to be on Facebook. I don’t think that Facebook is dangerous myself as long as everyone is somewhat respectful and has consideration for others. Some kids have used Facebook to bully other kids, but this can be solved by just un-friending the offending poster. Anyone can be filtered-out when they don’t behave. Myself I’ve never been a popular person, I’ve never had a lot of friends. The reason is I don’t live a lifestyle that’s conducive to being popular, and I don’t do many of the kinds of things a person needs to do to be popular. I guess the reason would be lack of both interest and time – I don’t need to be popular. So it’s kind of odd in my own mind that I even participate in a social network like Facebook, when I’m not a very social person. Most of my friends on Facebook are family or acquaintances. Most of them seem to be more liberal than conservative, which is both typical and somewhat depressing. I would love to have more conservative-minded friends on Facebook, but I’m not just going to dismiss the liberal ones. We are going to disagree when it comes to politics but not everything is about politics. I used to be a liberal once myself – so I do understand their mindset. Another thing you learn on Facebook is people you know like’s and dislikes. You can hear music and watch videos; you can read interesting articles that you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. There are annoying advertisements but they help to keep Facebook free to use. Facebook has an automatic spell correct that can alter what you write in ways you don’t want if you don’t self-check and edit. Sometimes Facebook even let’s me know about good books to read. If you can overlook the annoying aspects of Facebook and focus mostly on the positives, then it’s worthwhile.

The main thing about Facebook for me is I consider it to be just another part of my online network that I have been creating over the last several years. This network consists of Facebook, and several blogs that I’ve created and these are all interconnected by many links. The blogs are about me, some of my stories, stories of my family, and about other subjects that are interesting to me, such as history, politics, and religion. Examined as a whole I believe it’s massive and growing each day. Call it a hobby. It’s a way I’ve found to make Facebook work for me. The heart of this network is our family blog, called “Together” that can be found here. If you are reading this you are already on my Facebook information page. From here there are links to all of my other blogs, and also to our family photo slideshow, which has over 500 photos and music to go along with them.

1-11-2012 - Here's another perfect example of why everyone should have to produce a photo ID to be able to vote - click here. Of course democrats love dead voters and use them often. They also love felon voters and illegal alien voters - anything to tip the balance of power. Here's a good article that explains how liberal white guilt actually hampers those they claim to help, which is a lot like they always do to the electorate as a whole. Click here to read a little satire of one of many examples of Obama's lying and hypocrisy. Remember if you've read earlier in this thread about when I talked about the stupidity of Ron Paul wanting to legalize currently illegal drugs should he become president? Click here to read another article on this subject.

It's continued to be a weird winter here in Iowa, it up in the high 40's in temperature again today, which is nice. However we have had hardly any snow this winter, just a couple of dustings that never lasted accumulationwise for more than a day. There are still more than 2 months left of winter, and things could change quickly. In fact it's supposed to snow tonight - we shall see. Still it's very unusual for weather to be in the 40's in January for so many days, or at all really. The Global Warming nuts are telling us yet again "see we told you so." How do they explain the harsh winter with record snowfalls that we just had last winter? It's climate change! Climate changes - who knew? Everybody - that's who. Oh yeah - almost forgot to mention - Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire republican primary by - a lot! Ron Paul came in a distant second. Rick Santorum came in 5th place. Who cares about the rest - not I!

1-10-12 - the Trojan Horse President? Could such a title for our President be more accurate? I love this article by Robert Knight - it describes Obama and his administration to A TEE. Then there's this short message about Harry Reid, the other obstacle to recovery in our country. Obama just appointed radical # 100 something to his cabinet - what's he gonna do - radical is all he knows. President Obama has appointed open border/amnesty advocate Cecilia Munoz to replace Melody Barnes as the head of the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz, a strong supporter of the failed DREAM Act, is the former senior vice president for the radical open-border National Council of La Raza. Great! Just what we need - someone who thinks Southwestern United States and California should be a part of Mexico to run our domestic policy. Just another step in Obama's plan to give us all away.

Did you know that Leftism makes people meaner? It's true!

1-6-2012 - click here to read something I posted to my facebook wall that received a reply from my cousin Diane, who moved to California years ago. Now I usually don't post political stuff on my Facebook wall because it's such an inadequate place to have political discussions, or really any discussions. I know what she means - she's saying that my father and I are way different politically and socially. It's true. We were the same. We both grew up in relatively the same liberal-democrat societal - media - echo chamber. We were both brainwashed into only seeing things from one side like our government likes thing to be. Then in the mid-to-late 1990's somethings happened (this was during my 30's agewise). I became more interested in politics. The internet started to become a useful and reliable source of information that allowed me to read and watch information about the other side (conservatism), which up until that point was completely foreign to me. Gradually I could see the total picture and compare and contrast the 2 sides. Combine this with my increased interest in the Bible and religion, and what I gradually discovered was I was on the wrong side! I had been misled and lied to! Since this time I have made up for lost time and have worked to self-educate myself in politics, and the other side of history that I wasn't exposed to by any prior knowledge I received, and now I know a lot more about these subjects than most average people. I certainly knew more about politics, history, and religion than my father, who didn't read much and really wasn't very educated. Whenever we discussed politics he would always get angry because I tended to tell him things he just didn't want to hear. So soon we just never talked about politics anymore - so we could get along better. My father has been dead since March 2010, and yes Diane - a lot did change in a generation, but better late than never.

1-5-2012 - Well dang! I was called a bigot by a dumb gal today. It was at work while talking to said gal and another guy, so 3 people, me, gal, guy...
gal: - I have a cousin (a girl) who wants to get married to her girlfriend, but they want to move out-of-state and the state they are moving to (California) doesn't recognize same sex marriages as legal. I don't understand why people have anything against same sex marriages - people are such bigots! Note: this gal knows I'm against same sex marriages. me: Wow! I didn't know anyone moved to California anymore, what a stupid plan! guy: laughs. me: well, I definitely don't think that same sex marriages and hetero ones are the same - in fact they are opposites. Maybe if they called it something else besides "marriage" so it wouldn't be implied that they're the same. gal: what do you mean they are opposites? me: Well one is approved by God in the Bible and the other is sinful behavior according to the Bible - it's like the difference between good and evil, which are opposites. guy: is laughing and has a funny look on his face. gal: is flabbergasted. gal: people can't help it if they're gay! me: sure they can! That's like saying people can't help being murderers, or thieves, or obnoxious, or pedophiles, or drunk drivers. gal: well how does gay marriage hurt you, how does it affect you? me: It's already been shown that when same sex marriage is legalized and put on equal footing as hetero marriage that the government can use it as an excuse to take people's religious liberties away if they don't treat gays equal, or the same. Employers are forced to hire them, landlords to rent to them, clergy to perform their weddings, schools to teach that gay marriages are normal even when some don't believe they are. Nobody should be forced by law into a belief! gal: Maybe if you weren't such bigots then the law wouldn't have to force you to do anything. me: that's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. guy: like in the Constitution we have the seperation of church and state... me: it doesn't say anything about the seperation of church and state in our Constitution. gal: yes it does! me: really? What amendment is that? Is it in the Bill of Rights? gal: doesn't know - proving she doesn't know what she's talking about. me: if you mean the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution where it mentions freedom of religion - some people, usually democrats like you, get that confused and think it says or means freedom from religion, which is wrong. There's a huge difference between the words "of" and "from"."From" means to remove religion from government - like you guys believe. "Of" means in this case that the government can't force you to be religious, or into a state-run religion, but we are free to follow whatever religion we wish. See the difference? It doesn't say anything about a seperation. gal: what about abortions - they're legal? me: Who said man's laws are perfect - they are far from perfect. Humans are natural born sinners. Abortions are the worst kind of murder - they are murders of the innocent, of the helpless. gal: a woman should have control of her life and her body, nobody should be able to tell her otherwise. me: what about the baby's rights? I guarantee you that God sees abortions as murders, because that's what they are. gal: there you go with the religion again...

Note: other people know dang well the difference between the words "of" and "from" but they still perpetuate the myth that it mentions a seperation of church and state in our Constitution because they want religions (mostly Christianity) to disappear. They want the "state" and "athiesm" to be our religion. These people are usually (almost always) liberal-democrats, who like to confuse the simple meaning of words to keep the idiots confused, and our mainstream media also works to perpetuate these same myths because they are mostly non-religious liberal-democrats. This all helps the liberal-democrats in their eternal quest to grow our government and increase their power over the useful dupes who enable them, at the expense of those of us who want to keep our liberties and freedoms.

1-3-2011 - Well, Rick Santorum came back from months of polling in the single digits to essentially tying Mitt Romney for 1st place in the Iowa republican caucuses. Ron Paul was just behind in 3rd place. That just shows you that maybe the mainstream media won't pick our candidate again, although it's early yet. Thank God Ron Paul didn't win Iowa - I would be embarrassed for my state if that would've happened. I'm somewhat embarrassed that he did as well as he did, but clearly the mainstream media and the democrats want him to win so Obama could run against Captain Kooky instead of a legitimate republican. Many democrats, moderate republicans and know-nothings (independents) think that Rick Santorum is too religious and he makes them nervous. Personally I think this country could use a lot more religion but I don't think Santorum will shove it down anyone's throat. He just might try to do something about all of the babies who get murdered because they are inconvenient to some people, and maybe he might pick a conservative justice or 2 for the Supreme Court.

So far I'm sticking with my prediction that Ron Paul won't win one single state (well maybe one), but still think he can win the 2012 Election running as a 3rd Party candidate (Libertarian), thereby siphoning enough votes from the republican candidate to hand Obama his re-election. God, I hope I'm wrong. Donald Trump might even join in and siphon off even more votes.

Check out these Mike Adams satire articles that do a great job of explaining the differences between liberals and conservatives.

1-2-2012 - If you read this thread you may have noticed that Ron Paul and his supporters bug me - a lot. It's because Ron Paul and Obama have so much in common - the main thing being they totally try to deceive us into believing they support things that anyone who pays any attention to what's going on out there knows dang well they do not - they pretend to be people they are not. Well you might say - "that's what politicians do." I say not ones who deserve our vote! I've mentioned a few times earlier the Iowa primaries for president are coming up in a couple of days here in Iowa, and we've been receiving a lot of political calls. Several have been from young student Ron Paul supporters. Once after I listened to one of these callers idealistic rambling, I asked this young lady if I could ask her a couple of questions I've wondered about. She said OK, so I said "here's my question." "Do you think Barack Obama has been a good president for our country?" She said "no, that's why we need someone like Ron Paul who will get us out of the economic mess we are in and help create more jobs." This made me think of even more questions, but I decided just to ask the one question I originally had left, so I stated "this is a fact - Ron Paul has said if he drops out of the primaries he wouldn't endorse any of the other republican candidates." "He also refuses to say that he wouldn't run as a third party candidate." "So my question for you is since Ron doesn't have any loyalty to the republican party and he would rather hand the election to Barack Obama, than support another republican candidate who beats him, why should I support him?" Basically she just told me that I was wrong and that Ron Paul was loyal to the republican party and will do what it takes to defeat Barack Obama. Well to say that was an unsatisfactory reply by the young lady would be an understatement - it was complete bullshit, so at that point it was time to let her go on to her next call. Well - I tried.

1-1-2012 - Happy New Year! Now its 2012! I feel like this is going to be one radical year for all of our futures and the future of our country. It's either going to be a turning point or the end - it's probably that dire. I could try to stay positive and nicer, but our opponents are mean and evil. We must continue to fight them head-on. We know that good will ultimately triumph in the end, so we have that going for us - which is nice. Speaking of evil, check out this old link here that someone recently commented on that's a good reminder of another reason why China should not be envied. Remember when Joe Biden visited China last year and told them he totally understood why they (China) have the one-child-policy, giving it his tacit endorsement. This isn't surprising from one of the leaders of the most pro-abortion administration we've ever had in our country, and one who wants pro-eugenics policies. There is no doubt anymore that the democrat-liberal-progressives or what ever they want to call themselves to confuse people are evil and are the enemy to be defeated. Also to read more about China here's a link to the "China Thread". Oh yes, and we must not forget about our friends in Iran. You know, the one's who are no threat to us according to many democrats and presidential aspirant Ron Paul.

12-31-2011 - So we have come to the end of another year, and this post is still going, as well as all of my main blogs - which still surprises me. I would've thought I would lose interest by now. Just to do a recap, this post (as mentioned above) started in late September. I haven't posted everyday but some days I just don't have too much to say. My WOE blog "What On Earth" readership continues to increase. This is my blog about political and religious subjects to which I link a lot from this post. It started back in 2007, but really didn't get going until 2009. It has 155,948 page views in it's history. Last month (December 2011) had 18,089 page views, which is the highest by far, and it also had the highest day (December 10) with 3,884 on that day. December 11 had 2,025, so these couple of days were an anomoly. Generally the averages this year were between 9K-10K page views per month and close to 400 page views a day. This blog (Stories) readership has increased a little. The Stories blog started in October 2009 and has 17,579 total page views. It has been averaging close to 1.5K page views a month, but last September it had 5,811 page views. It averages 50-60 page views a day. Our family blog "Together" started in early 2009 just after we brought our son Ryan home from the Philippines. Since June 2009 it has 12,802 page views. It generally receives between 600-900 page views per month. My posting on this blog has decreased somewhat but I have a least one post per month and 20 total for 2011, which is a substantial decrease from the 38 posts I did in 2009. Our children each have their own travel blog, but they don't receive new posts anymore although I sometimes link to them.

End of recap - Happy New Year 2012!

12-30-2011 - Anybody with any sense knows that our government shouldn't be able to force us as citizens to buy stuff, to make purchases. You could say "well they force us to buy auto insurance." No they don't because they don't force us to buy the vehicles for which we need this insurance. They can't force us to buy or rent a house or apartment. You might say that they force us to pay taxes but they do not. You only pay taxes if you have any earnings, or purchase items that are taxable - which again you are not forced to do. So we do have this freedom still - until the democrats saddled us all with ObamaCare, which will force us to purchase health insurance, thereby taking away this freedom we once had. It is unconstitutional and will go before the Supreme Court in 2012, but the democrats are not concerned about following the Constitution, and especially don't care about our freedoms. In fact they actively work to take away more of our freedoms each day. This also includes the 4 liberal justices of the Supreme Court - they are no different. Then there is the Supreme Court justice in the middle - Anthony Kennedy, who sometimes sides with the liberals. So it's not a given that ObamaCare will be struck down. If it isn't then the government will be able to force us to purchase anything they want, and you better believe Obama will use this power to take away more and more of our freedoms. Then we will be that much closer to being the "serfs" that Obama already thinks we all are. We have one last chance - vote Obama and the democrats out in 2012, while we still can. Obama and Holder are doing all they can to stack the deck - to keep control. We all know this is the way they operate, well some of us know this. Others have been dumbed down by our public schools and mainstream media through the last several generations.

12-29-2011 - Here's a quote that I really like that was mentioned in one of the articles I provided a link for yesterday. Ronald Reagan often spoke of a “three-legged stool” that undergirds true conservatism. The legs are represented by strong free-market economic principles, a strong national defense and strong social values. For the stool to remain upright, it must be supported by all three legs. If you snap off even one leg, the stool collapses under its own weight.

Mr. Paul is relatively conservative from an economic standpoint, but in true libertarian form, has snapped off the legs of national defense and social values. This is why I would never vote for anyone like Ron Paul - plain and simple.

Now examine the rules on this blackboard. This is a picture that I found posted on Facebook. Click on the picture to enlarge, and when finished reading just click on the "X" at the upper right-hand-corner of the picture...

These are rules that used to be common sense, but now thanks to groups like the ACLU and the our government's control of our schools, and most all democrat platforms and liberal thought - these rules are mostly ignored. They are ignored because our government wants to take care of us - "it takes a village to raise a child nonsense." That's why we refer to them as the "Nanny State." What we really need to do is to throw the Nanny State and Obama out and give the power back to us people. Click here to read an article that goes along these same lines.

Now check out this recent political terms poll from Pew Center research.

So what does this chart tell us?

It tells us that not many people want Socialism, which is clearly where the democrats are leading us. They like 'Conservative' slightly more than 'Liberal' and 'Capitalism' but 'Progressive' is a word that's popular. This is why democrats call themselves 'progressive' rather than 'liberal,' despite the fact that they are the furthest thing from progressive.

In fact democrats are actually more regressive, or the opposite of progressive, but the truth is what they make it out to be.

While I've been typing this entry I've received at least 3 political calls from republican candidates. We used to have a call screener hooked up to our phone line that all of our incoming calls would go through. This device was called a "Phone Zap." It would ring once and then answer and proceeded to tell such telemarketers to go away and take our names off of their calling lists, or if they were a legitimate call to just press '2' and it would let them ring through and we would know it was OK to answer the phone. We've had this device working for us for well over 12 years and we loved it, but it has since quit working. So now we have to answer all our calls or let our answering machine answer them. Back when we got the Phone Zap in the late 1990's they worked so well that the company that sold them was bought out by a telemarketing company (so we heard). Go figure!

12-28-2011 - read a good article today by Robert Knight, called "Trojan Horse President." Check it out - it describes Obama pretty well in a roundabout way. Also watch this video that is a good metaphor for a hard working citizen putting a freeloader in his proper place. The republican primaries are happening next week. Still I'm unclear as to who I want to support. I want the most conservative candidate, who is probably Michelle Bachmann, but I also want someone who can beat Obama. I figure even a half-baked republican president can get the job done way better than Obama, especially with a republican legislature. So as a result what Ann Coulter is saying lately is making more and more sense. One person who it will never be is Ron Paul.

12-27-2011 - Thomas Sowell had this to say in his most recent "Random Thought" article...

What do you call it when someone steals someone else's money secretly? Theft. What do you call it when someone takes someone else's money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else's money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice.

Liberal-democrats are always talking about Social Justice like it's a good thing, but it's really about gaining and holding power at the expense of the people. Especially the dupes who the Social Justice is for, but also for most hard-working Americans. For this reason alone people of this country should dump democrats and never give them your vote, but there are so many other reasons as well. You can't trust them. They have no moral fiber, just moral relativism - they make their own rules that are always subject to change if it means more power. They ridicule God and his people and marginalize them. They twist the meanings of words to cause confusion. They often play-act and often pretend to be someone they are not when it serves their purposes. It just goes on and on.

The 2 Supreme Court Justices that Obama nominated, Sotomayor and Kagan are huge advocates of Social Justice, just like Obama and many within his administration. Their decisions are more based on their feelings rather than the correct interpretation of our Constitution. This is because Obama doesn't care about our Constitution or our country, and anyone who continues to support him is complicit with him in these matters. I would just call you what you are - traitors!

12-21-2011 - Now check out this video of our eloquent president. He's speaking at the APEC Summit in Hawaii recently, yet he thinks Hawaii is in Asia. Isn't Hawaii where Obama tells people he was born in 1961? Isn't that where his phony photoshopped birth certificate he showed us says he's from, born in a hospital that didn't even exist yet in 1961? I think if he wants us to believe he's a U.S. citizen he shouldn't be telling us his birthplace is in Asia. Does he know that Asia and North America are two different continents? Of course he's talking again about spreading out the sacrifices so things will be even and more fair. Where have we heard this before? Robin Hood? Karl Marx? Chairman Mao? I tell you - the blatant phoniness of our socialist leader - so many questions. Read about some questions here. Also check out how the democrats define fairness, plunder the tax payers, and make republicans appear heartless (to idiots) at the same time - just click here. Yeah, we can trust these guys.

12-20-2011 - Notice how in the cartoon with this article the Grim Reaper is crying along with some North Koreans over Kim Jong-Il's recent death. It's funny because presumably he's (it's) crying because now there will be fewer deaths due to persecution and mass starvations, that were all too common under Kim Jong-Il. However we do not know yet if his successor 3rd son, Kim Jong-Eun will be better or even worse. We do know that he had horrendous examples to learn from and look up to, so it doesn't seem promising. You would think that this would be an opportunity for North Koreans to reach out to South Korea and say to them "help us to be free - teach us to be free" but nobody there really knows what freedom is or what it's like. In other words they don't know any better. My eldest daughter Leah was born in South Korea about 10 miles from the DMZ (demilitarized zone) that seperates the North from the South. She also has the surname of "Kim" which is the most common surname in Korea. She was that close to being born in the "Hermit Kingdom," which would be one of the worst places on Earth to live.

It's bad enough that presidential candidate Ron Paul is a racist against african-americans and jews, but what makes him even more unqualified to be our president is he's a pacifist. Imagine our Commander-in-Chief being a pacifist - his main job is to be the leader of our military - the protector of our sovereignty. He just plain flat out won't do it and he would admit that he won't do it which makes me wonder why he even wants to be our president. Ron Paul is so naive to think that Iran, Islamic Fundamentalists, and even communists are no threat to our nation. We already have a president like that now - we don't need another - they should both be doing jobs for which they are qualified. I disqualify both of them as United State's Presidents.

Let me leave any anti-semites, anti-Israelis who may be reading this a little reminder. According to the Book of Revelations in The Bible, if you are not on the side of Israel in the End Times, then you are on the side of the devil and you will be destroyed and live in eternal damnation. It is written.

12-19-2011 - a few people have asked me why I've used the cartoon at this link - click here, repeatedly, on other posts as well. My answer is our Attorney General, Eric Holder, is such a blatant racist scumbag, that this cartoon fits him so well. So most articles which show his racism usually get this cartoon. He's one of those fools who also think that blacks or any minority can't be racists - the fact is anyone can be a racist, especially Eric Holder and his boss Barack Obama.

Check out this video of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida talking about his 1st year in the do-nothing-democrat-controlled Senate - which has failed to pass a budget for over 1,000 days now. He talks about all the ways in which the Senate and the Obama administration are failing, and he is right on the money about everything he says.

I watched a special on 60-Minutes yesterday about the housing crisis. It showed houses being torn down that were once perfectly good houses, but their owner's banks foreclosed on them and the banks just let them go to waste. Scavengers stripped them of plumbing and aluminum siding and made them so they weren't worth fixing up for anybody. Even worse the surrounding property values plummet as a result and many people are underwater on their mortgages (owe more than the property is worth. This isn't just a problem in Cleveland (where the piece was filmed), but it's widespread throughout our country. One things for sure - the Obama administration isn't going to solve these problems - here's why...

Two important things have happened recently. First the Iraq War has officially ended. Second is North Korea's Communist Leader Kim, Jung Il has died at the age of 69. I will talk a little more about these tomorrow.

12-17-2011 - I'm just going to talk about something positive today - myself and my family. Click here to read our family blog. I mostly keep stuff like politics off of that blog. I am 49-years-old and the father of 5 children who were all adopted internationally by my wife and I. I work as an electronics techician and I've been working for the same factory for almost 22 years. I have been married to my wife Cheryl for over 14 years and she has the same occupation and works at the same place that I do, but we work opposite shifts. Before my current employment I went to college locally and earned 2 associate degrees, one in communication electronics, and the other in microcomputer and microprocessor repair - so electronics and computers. Simultaneously I was in the Army National Guard for a couple of years. The year before that I was in the Active Army Reserves and before that I was in the Regular Army for one enlistment (1981-1985). I worked as a satellite and microwave systems operator and repairman, where I was stationed in Fort Bragg N.C. and later Seoul, South Korea. I graduated from a local high school in 1980.

12-15-2011 - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, from queerland, who was once the speaker of the house back in the day - which I think made her 3rd in line to become president should Obama and Biden be unable to perform their duties of wrecking our country, is insane. You want proof? Watch this video. Does anyone really buy this shit? Really? I mean really? This didn't just happen overnight, Nancy has been insane for years. Maybe all of those taxpayer funded facelifts tipped her over the edge. Obama isn't insane - he's just very stupid like many democrats who think socialism/communism are just what our country needs. I mean how can they be more idiotic? Speaking of idiots, we have one who is running for president as a republican, and he isn't even a republican. Read about him here - it may all seem very familiar (for some reason - look below). Also read this about how Ron Paul himself was the author of his racist newsletter. After reading this we won't have to worry about Ron winning the republican primary or running as a 3rd party candidate.

Oh wait! Nancy just gave me an idea. Maybe I should quit my job and let someone else have it, and then go on unemployment so I can help the economy. Then maybe I can convince thousands of other deadbeats to do the same - wow! Just imagine the good we all could do.

12-14-2011 - Well yesterday we had an article that talked about how the Obama administration wants to take away our trucks. Today there's an article click here, about government disallowing by law for teenagers to work on farms and agriculture doing jobs they have traditionally done for years. Gee, what's next? Taking the toys out of our Happy Meals? Doh!

Well here's an article that talks about a little Obama Marxist history, as well as answering several of his lies he told in his Kansas speech where he channeled Teddy Roosevelt.

Poor Newt Gingrich is even getting the pummel treatment by republican pundits. That's what you get for being a front runner for the republican primaries. Just ask Herman Cain and Rick Perry. Ron Paul should be getting some disrespect because a) he's not a republican, and b) he is an anti-semite who dislikes Israel (a deal-breaker for me), c) we know he's not a republican because he's said so, and has also said if he ever drops out of the primary he will refuse to endorse another candidate or even give them support - not a team player - but again it isn't his team. There's also that drug legalization thing that I discussed earlier below. He's a disaster when it comes to foreign policy. Ron also doesn't seem to think Iran or Islamic fundamentalists are much of a threat to us. Is that enough reasons? If either Ron Paul or Donald Trump decide to run as independents then you might as well hand 4 more years to Obama, which will mean the total destruction of our country. Let me give you another bottom line... Bottom Line - at this point independents are just as big a traitors as democrats - period!

12-13-2011 - those of us who have been following politics from both sides for the past three years know that Obama lives in his own fairytale land where he can make up his own truths each day and demand that we believe them, even though (unlike Obama) many of of us know the difference between truth and lies. If you watched Obama's 60 Minutes interview last Sunday, you know like I do that Obama was at his delusional best. I don't think he was honest about one damn thing - nothing I heard anyway. Click here to read an article about this interview.

Democrats are such snakes - let's examine Voter ID Laws. Democrats don't want voters to be required to have identification when they vote. Why? They say because it makes it harder for minorities and older folks to vote, thus leaving them out of the election process. Bullshit! They want illegal aliens and convicted felons to be able to vote and thereby not enforcing election laws, just like they won't enforce our immigration laws. When states try to enforce immigration laws and election voter ID laws, then our top corrupt cop Eric Holder sues them. Then he says it's not political. What a dipstick! Really, how hard is it to get identification? It's not hard at all if you are a law-abiding citizen. If you're a scumbag bottomfeeder democratic voter you may be too lazy, or illegal, or a felon. Democrats are also against E-Verify, which helps employers to know if a job applicant is a legal immigrant or not. Now try to tell me that democrats are not hell-bent on destroying our country. Even Bill Cosby is tired of democrats and their moral bankruptcy. Another thing that's a horrible idea that we can thank Obama and his administration for is we will no longer have affordable trucks. If there wasn't 5 thousand other reasons not to vote for democrats, the above reason on its own would be enough.

12-12-2011 - So here's more indicators that show Obama and the democrats are purposely trying to destroy our economic private sector and doing a pretty good job of it - click here to read about this treachery. Click here to read an homage to Harry Morgan, who played Colonel Potter on the M*A*S*H series, he passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 96. Well another study has been done and they have proven what most conservatives already know - that we are happier than liberals because liberals are usually too busy coveting things that others have - view a video on this subject here.

Because labor unions work so hard to steal money from taxpayers and with getting democrats re-elected, I always take any opportunity I can find to slam them, so for your continued reading pleasure, click here to check out some more history.

My WOE blog has suddenly gotten more popular lately. Yesterday it received 2,025 views for just one day - that would be a record! I don't know why, it usually gets between 400-500 views per day. It will probably end up being an anomaly. Even this blog received over 100 views yesterday which is unusual as well, it usually gets between 40-60 a day.

12-10-2011 - Today I was thinking about "the big con," "The huge con," Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change. Mostly I was thinking about some past comments I've received on my blogs and discussions I've had with liberals, basically ridiculing me for thinking the many billions of dollars our government has spent to take us back to the stone ages has been a huge waste. Businesses are hamstung by massive increases in environmental regulations, our energy costs have skyrocketed just like Obama said had to happen. This has all adversely affected our economy and the democrats don't do it because they care about our planet, it's just another power grab, and it has been successful to some degrees. It's all based on looking at one side of the issue and harrasing, demogoging, and ridiculing anyone who tries to look at the big picture. Many people are like myself, I want to do what's necessary to reduce pollution, to make our vehicles more fuel efficient, to keep our water supply safe, etc. We just don't have to go back to the horse and buggy days to do so, and we definitely don't have to bankrupt our country to do so. Instead of discussions on the best way to do things including working on alternative power sources like solar and wind power, along with the efficient energy sources we already have petroleum, coal, natural gas, nuclear power, etc. democrats want to make all energy sources more unaffordable so we must rely on solar and wind power more. This has put us further in debt, and made it harder for people to create businesses and hire employees. It has increased the operating costs for existing busnesses and families. Democrats and our main stream media have lied, cheated, and stolen from us all, and they need to find a new line of work - bottom line!

12-9-2011 - Well you've heard of the canary in the coal mine, a caged canary who is put in a coal mine to warn people of dangerous gas leaks and such by dying before the humans do so they have time to escape. Well California is our canary in the coal mine about what will happen to our country if Obama gets 4 more years as our president. Obama's policies are already happening in hyper-progressive California, and all you have to do is click here to see how that's all going from a native's perspective.

The following is a neat paragraph that I read from an article I recently posted... In his book Free to Choose Milton Friedman wrote, "A society that puts equality -- in the sense of outcome -- ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom…. On the other hand, a society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality." Click here to read the article, which states how liberals are Marxist by default because of their hang-ups about economic equality.

A couple of days ago we received an overnight dusting of snow and a little bit of rain, which froze and made our highway slippery. A doe (a deer) got hit on the highway and landed in our yard. Cheryl latter had to drag it up to the side of the highway so animal control would see it and remove it from the highway. Cars were traveling very slow and some of them were slipping and sliding. When I walked the kids to the bus stop for the school bus, at the end of our access road there was a car in the ditch and some flashing lights of County Sheriff's cars. The car was a Toyota Corolla and a young lady drove it into the ditch, took out a road sign which came down on her car's roof, shattering the sun roof and back window. the car came to rest by slamming into a culvert that's right by our mailbox, and our children's bus stop. The woman seemed OK, but she wasn't wearing a coat. It was cold enough for ice so you know she was freezing. All of these vehicles were blocking the entrance to our access road so when the bus arrived it had to stop along the highway so the kids and our neighbor Quinn could get on. This was dangerous because they were right on the other side of a blind curve. A semi-trailer truck came around the curb and just about slid off the highway trying to avoid hitting the bus, but fortunately it missed. That would've been a worse accident than the other bus accident our children's bus was involved in a few years ago.

Remember back in 2008 when the propaganda ministers of our lamestream media did the best they could in squelching any information about Obama's relationship with the church (that he and his family attended for 20+ years), and the racist, anti-american, black seperatist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Well click here to read all about him - too late to prevent the damage that Obama has done.

12-8-2011 - How dumb are democrats when it comes to economics? They are this dumb - click here. They are so dumb they think increased use of unemployment insurance create's jobs. Follow this dumbass logic now - they think that people who have been laid off from jobs (lost jobs = higher unemployment) will take the money they receive from unemployment insurance and spend it, putting it back into the economy - which will create jobs. They must think this money just falls from the sky. If this logic was real, then why not lay everyone off and pay them all unemployment, I mean what could increase unemployment more than that? The obvious problem is of course - where would all of this money come from? I'm afraid it doesn't just fall from the sky. I know many democrats are unconcerned about massive debt, but when the interest you pay on that debt equals or exceeds tax revenue, that's called bankruptcy and that is where the democrats are trying their hardest to take us all if they don't stop their spending madness. You ever notice how their answer to every problem is to increase taxes on the rich and throw money at the problem. The words "create" and "produce" are not even in their vocabulary.

Hillary Clinton has been traveling around the world telling various countries all about human rights. Earlier it was about women's right to kill their babies and now it's about people's right to be gay, that gayness wasn't something like a behavior that just started here in Western civilization, but it's everywhere. People must acknowledge gayness and give gays the rights they have coming to them. Maybe Bill has driven Hillary to become a lesbian - I've heard that mean, lying, cheating, creepy men can do that to a woman sometimes. Maybe Hillary will leave Bill and move to San Francisco so she can be with her sisters. Hollywood can make a movie about her and call it Milk Maid.

12-7-2011 - Here is a summary of a book I've read in the past. It's called Nineteen Eighty-Four (first published in 1949) by George Orwell is a dystopian novel about Oceania, a society ruled by the oligarchical dictatorship of the Party. Life in the Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control, accomplished with a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc), which is administrated by a privileged Inner Party elite. Yet they too are subordinated to the totalitarian cult of personality of Big Brother, the deified Party leader who rules with a philosophy that decries individuality and reason as thoughtcrimes; thus the people of Oceania are subordinated to a supposed collective greater good. The protagonist, Winston Smith, is a member of the Outer Party who works for the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. His job is to re-write past newspaper articles so that the historical record is congruent with the current party ideology. Because of the childhood trauma of the destruction of his family — the disappearances of his parents and sister — Winston Smith secretly hates the Party, and dreams of rebellion against Big Brother (from Wikipedia). The reason I mention this is back when I really started going on my What On Earth blog in late 2008, into 2009 this is when Obama came to power in our country by some of us (not I) electing him our president. As his cabinet took shape and Obama and his administration started showing their true socialist colors in a big way (after fooling many people into believing he was a centrist who could work with both democrats and republicans), I was thinking there are a lot of similiarities and parallels of our government to the government in Oceania of 1984. There are a lot of examples of "big brother" taking control, there is much doublespeak and deceptions. Well I just read an article today that I posted to this blog that goes along these same lines and explains it quite nicely. I definitely think David is onto something here - just click here to read. Another George Orwell book "Animal Farm" also strikes a chord of resonance with the Obama administration.

12-5-2011 - well the good news is I purchased a new computer system which has Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, a 1.5 terrabyte hard drive, 8 gigabytes of ram, etc. I will now be able to continue my blogs at a higher rate of speed which will save me more time to do other things - hurray! So what's going on that I can mention now? Herman Cain has dropped out of the presidential race for our republican candidate. So another democrats + mainstream media character assasination is successful, but hopefully the next republican president will find a place for him in their administration.

Check out this video here about how the democrat's asswipe plan of taxing the rich to pay for their payroll tax cuts they want and their bloated government.

Oh yeah - the Obama's are going on a 17-day vacation over Christmas - to Hawaii! The place of his phony birth. Maybe they can't do much damage from there, I mean other than more wasted taxpayer dollars. He has shown us that he can waste our taxpayer dollars from anywhere better than anyone ever has throughout history. The Obama's take so much time off for vacations, you would think they believe they live in a socialist European country.

12-3-2011 - yesterday the hard drive in our home computer crashed. So now I'm using our laptop as our main computer. It sucks, but what can you do. Our computer is over 3 years old, so it was just about time for an upgrade anyway. It had a Windows XP operating system so it is 2 operating systems from being current. This laptop I'm using has Windows Vista, which was 1 OS ago. Until I get the new computer purchased, up and running it will be more difficult to keep up with my blogs, but I will do my best. I read a good book yesterday titled 'Heaven Is For Real' that was excellent, and I want to do a blog post about - maybe tomorrow because now I need to get to sleep.

12-1-2011 - Today I was thinking about drug legalization. I read an article today about Ron Paul being the only republican presidential candidate who wants the legalization of drugs, especially marijuana. I talk to a guy I work with about this very subject a lot - who also thinks drugs such as marijuana should be legal. In fact he thinks meth, cocaine, heroin, etc. should also be legalized. His argument is it's like the prohibition in the 20's was, where even when liqour was outlawed people were still able to obtain liqour, and it made the gangsters rich and their battles bloody. It drove up the price of liqour, and the government couldn't regulate it or tax it (which are both very important to hippy democrats like him). He says it's the same way with drug lords today - drugs are more expensive, cannot be regulated or taxed (unless they (the dealers) are caught), and drug pushers and users take up too many law enforcement resources and prison space that would be better used for more violent criminals. Myself I have some reservations - it's true that both drugs and liqour can be abused and addictive, although I think most drugs are more addictive. Some people who smoke marijuana are harmless, but it is a gateway drug which often leads to harder drugs that are more addictive. Marijuana dulls people's minds and their senses, and if it was legal more people would smoke it - no doubt. It's just hard to tell how many more. If marijuana was as readily available as tobacco and maybe even cheaper then no doubt many would smoke as much marijuana as they do tobacco now, maybe they would even replace the tobacco with marijuana in many cases. It's true though that if they were legal, drugs could be taxed and regulated by our government and way fewer people would be in jail for drug related crimes. On the other hand do we need our fellow men and women to be even more zombied than they are already? Would this be in our best interests? Do we need people to have less ambition and to be even lazier than they are now - I don't think so.

I think if we would enforce our borders - especially the one with Mexico, that would eliminate a lot of our problems, but obviously that's never going to happen with democrats like Obama in charge. We have drug testing where I work - I don't think they do it to hassle us or to keep us from getting busted by the narco squad. They do it because they want their workers to be sharp and not be like Cheech and Chong.

11-30-2011 - a good measure of a person is how they treat other people. Have you ever wondered about how our past and present presidents and first-ladies treat those around them? Like maybe the people who must be around them almost all of the time - the Secret Service? Click here to watch Wild Bill, who has known several Secret Service agents and talked to them on this very subject. Here's another video of Wild Bill talking about Democrats and American Blacks. I like watching the Wild Bill videos and I trust what he says is true. If you like this video check out more of them on a variety of subjects by clicking here.

So it looks like Herman Cain is still under attack and his poll numbers continue to drop. It's definitely another high-tech lynching by the democrats and their partners in the mainstream media. It's a shame how low-down-dirty-mean they can be. Read about the latest developments here.

Welcome to December - the battle continues...

11-29-2011 - just to continue the thought from yesterday, the other half - the productive half rely on the growth of our economy to keep being productive - to keep their jobs. Since the private sector is shrinking and the public sector is growing, along with the numbers of those on welfare, our economy keeps getting worse. This gives the democrats more power and control and the people (us) less control. It wouldn't be too long before the elite - those in power will be making most all of our decisions for us. I can guarantee we won't like them, but we will be powerless to do anything about it because we foolishly gave up the control we once had. If you are one of the sponges who keep voting for those who promise to take care of you - you're helping to give it all away to people who don't have any morals, ethics, or values, and who don't care about you. Right now we have leaders who lie to us on a daily basis - there is no trust and there will never be trust, so we all must vote them out before it's too late for our nation.

Today marks a decade since George Harrison of Beatles fame died. I found an article today that is a fitting tribute - click here to read it and hear some of his best songs. George was probably the most talented Beatle overall. Paul was the best lead vocalist. I was thinking today about how several of the Beatles best songs have Paul singing lead and John and George singing backup harmony. George and John's voices fit together so well that they are very unique - think about songs like 'Hey Jude.' The ride-out is good example of John and George singing harmony together while Paul has the lead. A couple of other examples would be the songs 'Magical Mystery Tour,' and 'Lovely Rita.' The vocals are just awesome in these songs, especially George and John singing together.

11-28-2011 - "When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, this is the beginning of the end of any nation."

But by all means don't just take this guy's word for it - click here.

All dummies please wake up!

11-27-2011 - I read the following comments in an article recently that I believe are accurate about the future of our country...

Americans have 3 choices next year:

1) Status quo of gridlock for another 4 years--just re-elect Obama and keep the Democrats in charge of the Senate. This is true, except for it won't be exactly gridlock, as in nothing will get done, because Obama will step up his efforts to bypass our elected legislature and do even more damage because he figures he won't have to face any consequences since he don't have to worry about elections anymore.

2) Vote Democrat, and return to Obama's first 2 years where we got Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, and the war on successful job creators. Except it will be way worse - they won't dicker around so much next time - they will just steer us toward hardcore socialism in any way they can and they will continue to disregard our national debt and the future of our children. It will be the end of our nation. Our Supreme Court will almost certainly become liberal, which will mean the end of our Constitution.

3) Vote Republican to reduce the size of government, reform taxes and entitlements, balance the budget, reform welfare, and pass a budget.
Our only hope to keep our nation and to get out of this long recession.

The sad fact of the matter is too many people still believe the crap that the mainstream media is shoveling and don't bother to be informed. So they haven't significantly changed their minds about Obama since 2008, back when they were stupid enough to vote for him. The rest of us pay for this ignorance, and it's going to cost many of us our jobs, and decent health insurance, our homes, our government, etc. I'll ask it again - when everyone who still has a job works for our government - where will the money come from to pay their wages?

11-24-2011 - someone told me today that "Hey, Obama hasn't done anything against our Constitution!" To which I replied "Oh really?" Then I proceeded to mention some of the ways that Obama has mangled our Constitution. Rather than typing out everything I said, click here to read an article that spells much of it all out. This person also mentioned that abortion isn't murder because a fetus is just a blob of cells. I just wish I could've shown them this video - click here to see for yourself. Keep in mind after watching the video that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion, anti-family president ever. Happy Thanksgiving!

11-23-2011 - I'm going to make a prediction on the 2012 Elections. I think for sure that the republicans will keep control of Congress and even make some gains, and they will also take control of the Senate. Now the presidency could go either way, which is troubling to me because Barack Obama doesn't deserve to get re-elected since he has been the worst president our country has ever had. If Barry does get re-elected he will veto more bills than any president has ever done. He will also try to do way more by executive fiat, even more than he does now. He might try to do too much to where he would be impeached. So really it would all just be a huge waste of time, kind of like what's going on now. So we should all just spare ourselves the trouble and vote republican so things can get turned around. In the mean time the democrats, the mainstream media and Obama will keep demonizing the rich and try to get the republicans to raise taxes - so they will brake their no new taxes pledge, which the dems will just use against them.

Well it's clear to anyone paying attention that the democrats want to change our Constitution, or at least change the meanings of words of our founding fathers, whereas the republicans think we should go back to following our Constitution. Just imagine how things would be if we didn't have our constitution. Click here to read an article about this subject. Really though, what should we think of those among us who think more government control over our lives is what we need. I think they should go straight to hell.

11-22-2011 - coming up on Thanksgiving 2011 - I have the next 5 days off from work - groovy! Lot's of turkey and ham and such! Today I want to type some more about lying liars and the dupes and liars who support them. Namely our president Barack Obama, the democrats, the mainstream media, and people who still plan to vote for them. Instead of wasting your time reading the NY Times and the Huffington Post, read articles like this link I just made. Actually if you follow all the links you will know what the democrats plan of attack is for the 2012 elections. Basically it's torpedo the budget Super Committee and then blame the Republican controlled Congress for standing in the way of Obama and the democrats getting our country back on track - despite the fact that they don't have one single idea that doesn't involve stealing $1 Trillion dollars in taxes from the more wealthy and spending it to try to create more public sector jobs, as well as bailing-out irresponsible state's budgets. Why in the hell should we have to pay for other people's failures and stupid mistakes? Speaking of our democrat's fierce march toward socialism, read these articles on this very subject. Just click here, click here, and click here.

In fairness to Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, after spending the last couple of weeks defending himself from the attacks and dishonesty of scumbags like this, here's an article/interview of someone who actually knew and worked with Herman, just to add some truth. Just click here to read.

11-20-2011 - OK yesterday I typed complaining about some of the problems with our current administration and our government in general. Now here is an article that outlines 10 of the best solutions to these problems and several others. Unfortunately they are all solutions that Obama and the democrats have refused to even try, so that's why they must be voted out. Click here to read the solutions that can happen once they are retired.

The whole Penn State child rapist fiasco has been happening lately, I have posted several articles on the subject and to read them click here. Just follow the links for a lot of information on this subject. Naturally there is a lot of outrage that Mike McCreary, JoePa, and the Penn State administration who knew about child rapist Jerry Sandusky just let things go on without police involvement until it was too late for the young boys, and there should be outrage. To my mind though I think there's a very fine line (little difference) between homosexual behaviors and those of a pedophile. One is illegal while the other isn't, but they are each examples of giving in to animal behaviors and instincts which are sinful according to the Bible. Homosexual lifestyles have become more acceptable to our society by those who are more secular, to the point that same-sex marriages are viewed as equal to traditional heterosexual ones by many people. They are not really the same at all. Once homosexual behavior is accepted as normal by most people, then pedophilia is probably the next frontier in the continuing breakdown of our moral fabric. There are already groups working toward the normalization of pedophilia. This is how it began with homosexual behavior, and look where society is now. The liberal mantra is at play here once again - if it feels good - Do It! To hell with what society thinks. So maybe one day in the future the behaviors at Penn State will become normalized.

To read more on the subject, click here. Also check out this article on related subjects.

11-19-2011 - Obama is going around over in SE Asia telling people that Americans have gotten lazy, and that we need to invest in and sell our country more. But the question is where is the incentive? Why would anyone want to invest in a country that has some of the highest corporate tax rates? Why would anyone want to invest in a country that is so overregulated, and put down and ridiculed by it's own so-called-leader.

Think about your own home and family budget. Ideally you have income coming in that you earn (and hopefully don't sponge from taxpayers). You have bills and you probably have debts. The best thing to do that everyone should know is to keep your budget balanced - meaning don't spend more than you earn. At least make sure your bills for each month don't exceed your income earnings, because if they do then your debt will continually increase. Most debt requires interest payments on top of the principal payments. Interest is the cost you pay to the lender to service your debt, because the lenders are businesses that need to make money to survive. The more debt you have, the more money you throw away on interest. The logical thing to do is to avoid debt as much as possible, and when you do have debt to pay it off as soon as possible. The best way to do this is when you spend more than you earn - cut your spending down until you can at least balance your budget. This is common sense - basic economics. If you don't have this basic common sense you shouldn't be trusted to be the stewards of other people's money. This brings us to our government. They are 15 trillion dollars in debt and climbing. To the republicans and most responsible citizens who create and earn the revenue this is alarming, as it should be. The democrats seem less concerned and many of them think we have plenty of money and we should keep spending, and this is what will put people back to work and improve the economy. The democrats also fight the republicans tooth and nail over any budget cuts, they have worked damn hard to increase the size, scope, and power of our government and they are not about to relinquish any of it now. The only thing the democrats are willing to cut is our military. Soon our debt will be so high that the incoming revenue received from our shrinking base of taxpayers won't cover the interest paid on our national debt. For huge programs such as Social Security it already pays out more each year then it brings in, so where does this all lead? Bankruptcy! Until then we are either printing more money to make up for budget shortfalls, or borrowing more money from places like China - who clearly don't have our best interests at heart. Printing money with nothing to back it up just makes the dollar more worthless - more like monopoly money. It has less and less purchasing power. Any of us who buy groceries each week know that in the last three years - it costs significantly more to buy the same amount of groceries because the prices of almost everything have increased, because the value of our dollars have decreased. What's even more distressing is besides being horrible and irresponsible stewards of our money (government revenue is our money - they received it from us), our government doesn't run anything well. None of our government programs are successful - they are poor at running everything. The democrats haven't come up with a budget for over 900 days! Since they have been in control over this time - the responsibility is theirs, and obviously they are failing. Yet they refuse to see the problems and therefore refuse to accept responsibility - this shouldn't be tolerated by their bosses - us. Myself I want them fired.

Republicans are far from perfect and they are responsible for their share of this reckless spending in the past, but at least now they are willing to do what's necessary to stop this madness. For the democrats it's full speed ahead down the road to ruin, and they are lying, cheating, and stealing along the way. Our only hope really is to vote them out at every opportunity.

11-18-2011 - There is lots of evidence out there that the MSM (mainstream media) and the democrats are full of crap and would have no problem with our nation being destroyed and our Constitution thrown out. We have a president who has spent millions to hide his past, despite this we know he has a social security number from the state of Connecticut, despite the fact he's never lived there (can you say 'identity theft?'). Earlier this year he released his long form birth certificate to the public and it was found to be fraudulent and photoshopped. It called "Kenya" Kenya before it was Kenya, and it gave the wrong the hospital name one that didn't exist at the time of his birth. So more illegal fraud even before he became president. Once he became president fraud became one of his main tools, for which he has much prior experience. Our mainstream media has been complicit in all of this and more, but don't just take my word for it, click here.

Harry Reid (D-NV) said recently that there is no way that regulations cost our nation jobs. What an idiot! Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) said if she becomes Speaker of the House again she will do for our children what she did for our healthcare, meaning free daycare for all our children not in school, because the indoctrination our children receive from our public schools just isn't enough. We need forced government-run daycare. The daycare providers would of course be unionized because that's the only kind of workers the democrats' want, so they can pay them with taxpayer dollars and have the unions give them more campaign contributions to keep them in power - you know, the same racket they have set up with all the public sector unions. To gain more electorial advantages - the dems don't want identification to be required to vote, nor do they want E-verify to be used by employers to determine if a worker isn't an illegal alien. They just want to give our country away just so they can remain in power. They are complete and total frauds, just like their president. They have idiots like Bill Maher as their mouthpieces - just check out a recent video of that dumbass, click here.. Remember when anytime someone mentioned healthcare rationing and "Death Panels" how they were ridiculed by the democrats and the mainstream media as "quacks." Apparently we have since discovered that we were acurate ones, but don't take my word for it, just click here. Democrats are such scumbags and anyone who supports them better realize, or continue to be complicit.

11-16-2011 - Today my Uncle, Dale Feye passed away. I believe he had liver cancer. Although we were not close or anything, he was someone who I remember often being at family gatherings and events when I was a child. He was a good and a strong man who remained strong even up into his 80's. Rest in Peace, Uncle Dale.

11-15-2011 - Got this email today and my comments will follow...
Does this explain being a liberal to you?
"This is sheer genius"

In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify.

His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained,

"Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it."

I can't add anything to this, except "yep" to the original question. Excuse me please, but who was it again who were responsible for the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae fiasco? Click here. History shows us (unless you choose to keep your head in the sand) that this was the main driver for the recession we are still in now, going back to 2007. It's been mostly the democrats in power since then and they are doing an outstanding job of keeping us in this recession to where they often refer to it as "the new normal." It will only get worse with the dems in charge.

11-14-2011 - today I'm typing about field mice. If you remember in an earlier post I was working on our old 1988 Toyota 4-Runner that hadn't even been started up for a year or so. Before I started it up I checked the air cleaner and found it contained a smelly mouse nest and the air filter was halfway chewed-up. So I cleared it out and started the vehicle, which unfortunately has a fuel leak above the gas tank. Back to yesterday - we paid our 6 month auto insurance policies recently and a I was putting the proof of current insurance cards in the glove compartments of each of our vehicles (we must have these cards in Iowa or we get a nice ticket). When I was in the 4-Runner I opened up its glove compartment and discovered where the air cleaner mice moved. The mice were there and they quickly escaped into the dashboard. I also found another big, smelly mouse nest there and all of the papers and such were all chewed up and smelled like mouse pee. Mice turds were evrywhere. Earlier Cheryl and I were discussing how to get rid of the mice that we knew were there somewhere. We decided De-con (mice poison) would kill them, but they might crawl somewhere where we couldn't see them and die. Then there would be the lingering smell of rot. Plus it's a painful way to die for these cute, but invasive and nasty creatures. So Cheryl got us some mouse traps. We forgot about them until I opened up our glove compartment and saw the varmints. So we put some peanut butter on the traps and set 2 of them on the floor in front of the front seats. Within an hour or so we got the first mouse - broke its little neck. So I deposited it in the outdoor trash and reset the trap. We got the next mouse a few hours later, and since then the traps have been left alone. Hopefully there are no more mice, but we are leaving set traps in there just in case. We just have to remember to check them periodically. Of course we could always have new mice move into the air cleaner again.

Speaking of varmints, click here to read about liberals in acadamia who indoctrinate our youth while they steal their parents and us taxpayers blind. Surprise! - they're of course liberal-democrats. I wonder if we can create some sort of rat trap for them?

11-12-2011 - First of all, click here for a good laugh. Although I'm pretty certain my daughter would never work to re-elect someone like Obama - I'm training her right. I have noticed some democrat tendencies with her - like she's always concerned whether someone gets more of something than she did, and everything has to be equal, and she's a slob who doesn't pick up after herself - Oh NO!! She might be a democrat and not even know it. However she does think abortions are murder, and she is aware that democrat's policies are mostly responsible for the downfall of our families and society, and the reason we will remain in this recession we've been in for over 3 years unless someone who knows something about economics takes over and dim-wit Obama and his administration are booted out. My daughter also is a Christian who is building a good moral foundation and doesn't buy into the moral relativism crap that most liberal-democrats do (like Obama).

Maybe there's hope for her yet.

Democrats are often like little snotty kids who when you tell them something they don't want to hear - like some truth - they will plug their ears and go la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la until we stop. I've said it before and I'll say it again (and again and again...) Obama's the worst president we've ever had - in fact he's a Manchurian Candidate. He's not even legally qualified to be our president, or so they say...

11-11-11 – Today is Veteran’s Day – one where the day and the month match the year, and they are the same number (discounting the 2000 in the year). The reason I mention this is both numbers and war have fascinated me. 11-11-11 same consecutive numbers only happens once each century. My birthday is 6-2-62 – the day and month match the year. My sister Lori’s birthday is 7-5-75 – same thing. I wouldn’t swear it happens every day but this happens a lot – I look at the clock and it says 11:11. Also my all-time favorite MLB baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals won their 11th World Series Championship in the year 2011. It’s all coming up eleven’s. As I mentioned earlier I was born in 1962. If I add up 62 plus my age (49), I get 62+49=111. This is true for anyone, just add up the year you were born to your age and it will equal 111. This day started out being Armistice Day, marking the eleventh hour of eleventh day in the eleventh month – the end of World War 1. I have always held veterans in high esteem, much more than anyone in government, including the president. The president is the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces but he’s no more important than any one soldier, than any one veteran in my mind. Veterans have been throughout our history absolutely essential to our freedom and liberty. President’s mostly just take these away from us – especially our current president.

I am a veteran, but I haven’t fought in any wars because there were no wars that our country was involved in during the 80’s, other than small conflicts like Panama and Grenada. I have a DD-214 from our government that says I’m an honorably discharged veteran, after which I continued in the Army Reserves and later the Army National Guard. I certainly trained for war within my job as a tactical satellite microwave technician, but it was all for practice. It was a great experience that you can’t get anywhere else. I got to travel all over the United States and meet, work, and live with people from all over. I lived in Germany for a month and South Korea for almost 1 ½ years. I got to shoot a lot of weapons and drive a lot of different vehicles, as well as learning several different jobs. I learned leadership skills and life skills. I earned enough money and benefits to put myself through college, which led me to my current profession (employment)as an electronics technician, which I’ve been doing for almost 29 years. I owe everything that I am to these opportunities.

We all owe our freedom and liberties to our veterans! Especially those who have fought in wars, and those who have given their lives for their country. To read a cool article I found today, click here.

11-10-2011 - I remember an article that I read on my last birthday (my 49th!). It was about the differences between the public and private sectors. I remember it explained really well the differences, about how the private sector is way more efficient, creative, and innovative, whereas the public sector (government run and controlled entities) are slow and inefficient. It's a good read - click here. Of course for those who pay attention to such things it's obvious that the democrats and Obama are only interested in growing the public sector and starving the private sector. This is leading us to disaster. The fact is both are necessary, but the private sector is way more necessary. Currently it's the public sector that needs to shrink.

Here's more proof that our country is going to hell under democrat-control, from Michael Medved...

A new Gallup Poll reveals that, under Barack Obama, Democrats have moved further and further away from the American mainstream. Democrats are more likely to describe themselves as liberal than ever before, and less than half as likely as the general public to see themselves as conservative.

When it comes to religiosity, a clear majority of Democrats say they “seldom” or “never” attend religious services, while 53 percent of the general public attends religious services once a month or more. Most surprisingly, most Democrats today—some 54 percent—are unmarried, while a strong majority of the public at large (and 62 percent of Republicans) are married.

The figures for Democrats reflect the fact that those who have chosen not to put faith in God or count on a spouse are much more likely to rely on government—and to embrace the party of big government. Speaking of big government, click here. Also click here to discover more of the democrat party's narrative from the horse's mouth. I mean when you lie your ass off everyday isn't it past time for a padded cell?

Also I came across this article today which talks about the differences between the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street (or wherever) protestors - from the perspective of someone who looks at it logically and truthfully - a leader in the Tea Party movement. Click here to read about these differences.

11-9-2011 - I'm rooting for Herman Cain. I believe he is systematically being attacked by people in the Obama administration (David Axelrod - the fixer) because they see Herman as the greatest threat to Obama being re-elected in 2012. It's always easy to find gold diggers who are willing to lie to ruin someone for the fame and notoriety it brings them - forget the fact that most people think they're just whores. Nothing is beneath the democrats, Obama and friends. They will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get what they want - which is power and control. I hope when all is said and done people see Obama, the democrats, and Axelrod for the scumbags they are, and the mainstream media loses even more credibility if they even have any left. They don't with me, but I haven't trusted them in years.

Obama shouldn't just be defeated in 2012 - he should be thrown in jail, along with Eric Holder and some of his other cronies.

11-8-2011 - Today just a quote from the Czech Republic - "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

True as true can be.

Think about all that ails our society and a large majority is the resposibility of a democrat platform and ideas. Read this story and just think about it. Think about the moral relativism that leads to the death of trust and moral foundations. This is what makes the revolution possible and is what's behind its supporters (Obama) and its participants.

11-7-2011 - Today let's talk some more about illegal immigration. One of Obama's plans to bring down our country involves mass amnesty of illegal aliens to overwhelm the state's budgets and the country's whole welfare system. There was a good article today about how Obama's Justice Department is suing states who are making laws trying to enforce federal immigration laws, first it was Arizona, and then Alabama and now South Carolina. from one article...

In other words, the lawsuits represent a political hammer, meant to deprive states and localities of their tools of federalism. The administration apparently seeks to make every corner of the country suffer the ills of illegal immigration until Congress passes a mass amnesty. Then, all the former illegal aliens will be legal residents—and newly laundered Democrat voters.

States and localities bear the brunt of the costs that illegal aliens impose on taxpayers. Most of the cost burden goes for education, welfare and medical coverage. Other costs include criminal justice and jail.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that South Carolina has suffered a 337% spike in illegal immigration since 1990. In Alabama, illegal immigration has skyrocketed 287% over that period. Arizona’s illegal resident numbers rose 208%.

State and local costs for services siphoned by illegal aliens and their anchor babies now total $391 million a year in South Carolina. Alabama’s costs associated with illegals come to $298 million a year. For Arizona, illegal aliens cost the state $2.6 billion a year. Read the whole article here. To read a couple more recent articles about illegal immigration, click here and click here.

Also thinking about what's happening with the revolution of the so-called 99% who all happen to be democrat-liberals-socialist- anticapitalists-communist-and nazis in some combinations. Well predictably they are just getting more violent. Click here to read a story about how many of them attacked a tea-party related convention in Washington D.C. just last week. It has video and everything. Degenerates!

Also today I read an article and watched a video about Bill Maher asking people in one of his roundtable discussions about what part of our Constitution they would like to eliminate or change. Some ditzy lady from MSNBC said she would like to see the 2nd Amendment go away, our right to bear arms. Later dumbass Bill mentioned something like "what good would it be for us citizens to be armed - if our goverment wanted to take total control they just would - they have nuclear weapons." He mentioned that back when the Constitution was written it was musket against musket, but now it's guns against nuclear weapons. Yes folks - he's that stupid, but don't just take my word for it - to read the article and watch the video, click here. Here's another article of another NSNBC dipstick saying the 2nd Amendment is unnecesary because we have police to protect us. I can't make this stuff up!

11-4-2011 - Liberal–democrats controlled the state-run media for so long (also known as the mainstream media) that it just bugs the hell out of them now that there are so many alternatives that expose them for who they truly are. When they controlled it all it was no wonder that many of us were indoctrinated by them into becoming like them – including myself. I was a democrat until I was around 36-years-old (now I’m 49)! The democrat – progressive-liberals still try mighty hard to control the news (the narrative) into only what they want us to see and hear, but they are losing their grip. After I gradually became a republican I could no longer discuss politics with my father, who was a hard core democrat without him getting angry at me. I was seeing things from both sides while he could only see things from one side, and took it as the gospel truth. The truth is the mainstream media lies to us – a lot! Nothing has changed – the media and the democrats still mislead us but conservative news sites and blogs can call them out and expose them as liars frequently, so obviously they lose more credibility daily, which just angers them. When I found out how much the media conned me throughout my life I was angry, but better late than never. It’s never too late to change until we are dead. Here’s an article I just read today that describes how the mainstream media works.

My dad used to send me various e-mails talking about people and groups attacking prayer in public schools and public places. He was only passing them along, which to me means he endorsed what they were saying. Finally I pointed out to him “dad, who do you think are the ones who are behind taking prayer out of the schools and the public square?” “Who is it that misleads all of us by distorting the 1st Amendment of our constitution by saying there is separation of church and state in this document and that is why religion must be removed from public places?” It’s the ACLU and the democrats, they are heavy supporters of each other and they both fight hard to remove religion from our lives in any way they can – there are just countless examples out there. Dad just wouldn’t believe it and wouldn’t believe any proof otherwise. He’s certainly not alone. A lifetime of brainwashing is hard to overcome – believe me I know. If you are reading this now I could show you many examples of what I’m talking about, perhaps you’re already aware. Let me just show you a couple of very recent examples by clicking here, and also clicking here.

Also a couple of days I wrote about how democrats are racist toward blacks because they keep them down, here is an old article I found that I posted awhile ago that talks about how they do it - just click here to read. Here's a short video clip on the same subject that I thought was funny, and true. View it here.

11-3-2011 – How important is it to have rule of law in our nation, or any nation? Well it’s essential if we are even going to be a nation. It’s also essential unless we all want to live in chaos or in Dodge City in the wild west times. The only kinds of justice that people like our president, and our top cop Eric Holder are interested in is social, economic, and racial justice. That is why neither one of them represents all of the citizens in the country they work for, and not even nearly a majority of the people living in our country. They certainly don’t represent someone like me, who is everything they despise. I’m a white, Christian, conservative-republican, heterosexual male. Three strikes and you’re out! Eric Holder has shown that he only wants laws that he agrees with to be enforced, and that disqualifies him to be our Attorney General, but his friend and boss Obama protects him and covers for him. Obama is no better in how he performs his job – he will go down in history as our worst president ever. He’s still out there telling lies – traveling around campaigning on the taxpayer dime, and now I read that Michelle Obama is bored with Washington D.C. so she’s out there campaigning as well – dueling liars. Here’s a recent article about what Obazmo is up to these days, and also check out this article with many links about how the revolution of lawlessness (blessed by Obama) is doing now, click here to see and read.

But democrats have always been racists thoughout our history, click here for examples. Social, economic, and racial justice are often related. Some examples of both social and racial justice fobbed off on us by the democrats is racial quota's, affirmative action, and eoe (equal opportunity employment). Making sure every race is equally represented in the workplace and in college admissions. For blacks this is deemed necessary or they will be left further behind because they are disadvantaged. Interestingly, it's not necessary for Asians who suffered many of the same hardships as minorities as blacks, but worked hard and often rose above it all on their own. Economic justice is what the revolution seems to be all about and what Obama and the democrats want - for the rich to give to the poor, whether they earn it or not. here is a recent article that explains more.

11-1-2011 - Let's talk about The Gay Agenda. It's common knowledge that the democrats are the Gay Party and President Obama supports this Gay Agenda. What is the Gay Agenda? It's the drive for the normalization of gay lifestyles and behaviors - how everyone needs to buy into this reality or they are bigots and will be bullied. It's the push for gay inclusion into marriage, the military, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, public schools and education, clergy, religions, adoptions, etc. They are to be treated special like they are a privileged race or something, not like the sodomites that they really are. Why do I say this? Because many gays think we should accept that they are "normal" by the force of law if necessary. We are supposed to just accept that they can't help being gay because they are born that way - despite the countless examples of people who thought they were gay becoming straight, and vice versa. If the gays don't get their way they become very mean and will attempt to destroy their perceived enemies. I think that living a gay lifestyle is sinful, period. I don't hate gays, I just don't like their behavior and since it's a behavior it's something they could control if they wanted. Anyway what got me to thinking of the gay bullies who want to take away our religious liberties is an article about a seven year study that shows what many of us already knew - that gay behavior can change, click here to read about it, and also click here to read more on the subject.

If you're gay but don't think you are a gay bully, but you support the Gay Agenda and its bullies - then I'm not talking about you. You are merely a gay bully supporter and just choose to disregard certain portions of the Bible.

10-31-2011 - I thought of my father today. To be honest as more time passes I think about him less frequently, or at least it seems like that's the case. Anyway I thought of him for a couple of reasons - one was I was driving near the cemetary where he's buried. The other reason was normally this would be a day I would see him if he were still alive. It's Halloween and on this day we take our children trick-or-treating near each of our parent's homes so they can see our children's costumes for the year. First we go to Cheryl's parents, and then to my parent's, but now it's just my Mom's house. They have a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating, several homes go all-out effort-wise to decorate their homes and many of these home's occupants participate in passing out goodies for the children. This was the second Halloween since my father passed.

I finished my story "What's the Big Idea," about how we became the family we are now. It is posted on this blog and if you are interested in reading it - just click here.

10-30-2011 - A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.
Cicero, talking about King Obama.

Well I tried to work on our ancient vehicle yesterday, our 1988 Toyota 4-Runner, which has been sitting in place since last summer. It needs 2 new brakelines going to the back, which is why I had to drop it's gas tank. So the gas tank was empty and has just been hanging down. Yesterday I decided to just replug the brakelines up front so just the front brakes will work, and to reinstall the gas tank and see if I can get it running again before winter comes. We are afraid if it sits through another winter it will never come back and we may as well sell it to a junk yard. Back when I dropped the gas tank the fuel line coming from the top of the tank broke in two (it's rusty) so I cut the rusted section off and replaced it with rubber tubing with hose clamps holding it in place. When I re-installed the gas tank I had to move it around and wiggle it to get it into position - to get the bolts to line up with it's holes. During this the fuel line isn't visable. Once the fuel tank was bolted into position I put some gas in the tank. Before we tried to start it we checked the air filter compartment - which is always a necessity when you live in the country and you have a vehicle that hasn't been in use. Sure enough there was a huge mouse nest in there and a hole chewed into the air filter. So I cleaned that out and we started it up - and after a few tries it did start up! Success! Not so fast through - fuel was pouring out from the top of the gas tank. Can't tell why until I drop the tank again. No doubt the fuel line broke again. At least the vehicle still runs - which is encouraging, but we will of course have to fix the leak before it can be driven.

Picture of the 1988 Toyota 4-Runner with its fuel tank hanging down.
10-29-2011 - Tonight I was thinking about Religion. What religions are false religions and what's the true religion - How can we tell the difference? For a long time I didn't know the answer to this question although I've read the Bible 3 times and also listened to the King James Version on audio cassettes. Now that I do know the answer it seems so ridiculously simple. You know your religion is a true religion when it follows the Bible's teachings, when they are always based on the Bible. What got me thinking about this is today our daughter Leah is staying overnight at a friend's house, and in the morning Leah and her friend and her family are going to take a bus to a Baptist Church in a nearby town. I don't know a lot about Baptist Churches - I've been to a couple of Baptisms in a couple of them. They seem Biblically based - almost fundamental. I grew up going to Catholic Church and school. They have good schools - much better than local public (government run) schools. I know because I've attended both sides. The Catholic Church is very ritualistic - its masses follow the same structure each Sunday, the only thing that really changes are the readings from the Bible and the Homily, which is the only part of the mass where the Priest free-lances. There is also the the calistenics - sit, stand, kneel, stand, sit, repeat. They are Biblically based but it's their own special Bible. They have humans who serve as intermediaries between God and the congregation - for example you confess your sins to a Priest, instead of directly to God. Then there's the Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope, who has the authority to change Biblical law on behalf of God. A little too much of the human (or sinner) element. Like a lot of false religions they are picking and choosing what Biblical teachings to follow and ignoring others. Priest also are not allowed to marry (A Pope's grand idea, not God's), and because man is human (even Priests) this leads to many failures and some weirdness (sin) such as pedopilia, homosexuality, loneliness, of the clergy. It's a huge problem that could be remedied to some extent by allowing Priests to have their own families. Our church (Wesleyan) is a very Biblically based Christian Church, but not in a stuffier fundamentalist way. Our church has a band that plays mostly contemporary Christian music, the dress code is relaxed, but it's all about the Bible's teachings. Our Pastor is very experienced and wise, and he has been married for 45 years and has 3 adult children. I believe our church is the real deal. Put it this way - I'm betting my soul that it's real.

I know this much - comparing our Wesleyan Church to the Catholic Church I grew up with - there are a lot more liberals in the Catholic Church - a lot more Democrats. Even I was a Democrat when I attended Catholic Church. So there are Catholics who believe that abortions should be legal, that single motherhood is OK, and many who believe gay marriage should be legal, not all, but a significant number. They also often think that shacking-up, or couples living together before marriage or never planning to marry is fine. I'm talking about four major drivers to the downfall of our society and many Catholics are participants, or at least complicit. I'm not saying there are no Wesleyans who do the same, but when they do it's not OK according to Church Doctrine, and therefore it's far less common. I definitely don't see how anyone can vote for someone like Obama and call themselves a Christian because people don't get much more anti-Christian than Obama. I would bet that some of the people involved in this mess call themselves "Catholic."

People several times have asked me "why do you hate President Obama so much?" I reply that I don't hate him, I just see him as a traitor and an enemy of our country. He should meet the same fate as any other traitor our country has had in our history - I mean I don't want to sugar-coat this...

10-28-2011 - Today I took off from work at 8 p.m. to go home to watch game 7 of the 2011 MLB World Series, which was won by the St Louis Cardinals 6-2! The Cardinals have did it! They won their 11th World Series! To read about it, click here. YES!

Here's a link to an article I found today about how sissified Great Britain has become and how we are following in their footsteps, click here.

10-27-2011 – Today I’m thinking about black, white, and gray. I’m also thinking about Civil War, as well as The End Times. Democrats and their sycophants in the mainstream media want people to see things in black and white, and not in different shades of gray – which is where the truth most often resides with humans. President Obama tells people recently at fundraisers (financed by taxpayers btw) that since republicans won’t pass his jobs bill and complain about added environmental regulations, that they must want dirty air and dirty water. This is as if there couldn’t possibly be any other reason, such as democrats plans have been notoriously fiscally irresponsible and don’t really solve any problems and waste trillions of taxpayer dollars. VP Biden tells people that since republicans want to spare the taxpayers from having to federally bail-out fiscally irresponsible city and state governments, then they must want women to be raped and more people to be murdered. Examples abound – gay activists and the democrats who provide each other with support tell people if they don’t support gay marriage then they are homophobes, and democrats say if people don’t support Obama, they must be racists. This happens daily and with alarming regularity. This is extremely divisive and shows how we will never be able to come together as a nation again. I really believe the only way democrats and republicans will ever come together to get things done is if the republicans capitulate to Obama’s and the democrats demands, and that’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t happen. If only Obama and his administration can be voted out maybe enough democrats will fall into line so things can really change in Washington D.C. and the messes they made can be cleaned up. If this doesn’t happen I really believe things will become very ugly – in fact I think the 2012 Elections will be very ugly and we may have a Civil War before Obama can be removed by voting him out. I heard the song “Civil War” by Guns N’Roses on the radio today and some of the lyrics say “I don’t need no Civil War – it feeds the rich while it buries the poor.” This may be true, but what it will actually do is bring our country down and make all of us poorer, except for those in control – the government. I think this would be just fine by King Obama. He would have one huge problem though – a lot of us would refuse to be controlled in such a way, and we are far from helpless. We are mad and past tired of the constant abuse and thuggery. I believe we can and will kick some asses if it becomes necessary.

So if you look around you see similarities of things that are going on compared to what the Bible says would happen when we are in The End Times. False religions, societal collapse, all nations rising up against the small nation of Israel, European financial alliances, disasters, it goes on and on. It makes me wonder if we are, in fact, living in the End Times. I’m no prophet so I can’t know for sure – neither does any other human know. Have you ever noticed though how the democrats strongly support so many behaviors and things that are pushing us toward societal collapse, while also trying hard to separate us from God? I sure notice this happening. I believe following Jesus would be the way to go, rather than following the democrats off the cliff. My thoughts – My opinions.

Today was Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and it was one of the best games ever! The St Louis Cardinals started the game down 3-2 games, all the Texas Rangers have to win is one game and they win the 2011 World Series. The Cardinals have their backs against the wall once again. The Cardinals were down 7-5 in the 9th inning with 2 outs, 2 strikes on David Freese and two men on base. Down to his last strike, Freese hits a triple to right field and the guys on base both score to tie the game 7-7, and it goes to extra innings! Texas gets 2 more runs in the top of the 10th on a 2 run shot by Josh Hamilton to lead 9-7, but in the bottom of the 10th with 2 outs and the score 9-8 Lance Berkman hits a 2-strike single to center-right and the tying run come in to make the score 9-9. Then in the bottom of the 11th inning (see there's that number again) David Freese hits a walk-off-solo-shot to win the game 10-9 for the Cardinals! Game 7 is tomorrow and the winner is the 2011 World Series Champion! The Cardinals will not die - they are a team of destiny! 11th inning - 2011 - 11th win in the playoffs - 11th World Series Championship tomorrow (hopefully)!

10-26-2011 - Today I just want to quote some descriptions that I read in an article today by Burt Prelutsky that I think are right on the nose...

If there are bigger dummies than those Republicans who trust liberals to behave
honorably, it must be those besotted voters who proudly identify themselves as Independents.

I know they puff themselves up because, unlike those of us who realize that there are existential wars being waged between Israel and the Palestinians, between western civilization and Islam, and between conservatives and leftists, they like to regard themselves as clear-thinking individuals who are above what they ignorantly dismiss as partisan frays.

They bray that they want to see Republicans and Democrats act in concert, joining together to do what’s best for America. What they are too dumb to recognize is that there is no conceivable common ground when one side, in its perpetual trolling for support from unions and minority groups, regards tax dollars as the easiest and cheapest way to buy votes. One side believes in smaller government, the abiding wisdom of the Constitution and American sovereignty; the other side believes that the federal government should be even larger and more powerful; that the Constitution isn’t worth the parchment it’s written on; and that American sovereignty is a foolish conceit, and that American law and influence should be subordinate to the United Nations, the World Court, the ACLU, Sharia and Obama’s whims. - Amen.

Also today I finished my story about the last decade of building our family through international adoptions called What's the Big Idea? I am going to sit on it for awhile to possibly make corrections and decide if it's good enough to post to this blog.

10-25-2011 – Is life fair? I think most of us realize from a young age that life isn’t necessarily fair. Life might seem fair to some, usually when things are going well for them – but things don’t always go well. We all have to deal with both triumph and tragedy and all points in-between. Are wages fair? No, but the question is should they be fair? Also who should be the arbiter of this fairness? Should someone such as me, who spent roughly 8 years in the armed forces and 2 years in college, make the same wages as a brain surgeon? A doctor who spent over 8 years in medical school? No I don’t believe so. Should someone who is unemployed receive more money in welfare and food stamps than someone who works hard each day at a McDonald’s restaurant? Again, no they shouldn’t. For various reasons these are not equal examples. Also what is equal? Who determines what’s equal? Is it even necessary for things to be equal? If you think all things must be equal then you are guilty of one of the 7-deadly-sins – Envy. Envy and jealousy often lead to hate, and rarely lead to anything that’s good or productive and never lead to anything that’s Godly.

Class warfare has in the news a lot lately, and the main person behind it all is President Obama. Joe Biden is carrying the water for him throwing baseless accusations around and lying a lot. Obama wants the have-nots to be envious of the haves and that is what the revolution that’s just beginning is all about. It should be taken seriously because there are several examples throughout history that started this way, and ended very badly. To read about a few examples, click here. To watch a video on this subject, click here. It has been shown time and time again that whenever a government tries to legislate fairness some others are going to get screwed. So it becomes all about the government picking the winners and the losers and when this happens (like it has happened here in the U.S.A) the government no longer represents the people, but only their friends. What’s different this time than with revolutions of the past is communications and media – people are more aware of what’s happening before things get out-of-hand. This is a revolution that can be put down if and when it becomes violent, and Obama as president that can be thrown out because he absolutely refuses to do his job and he’s just a horrendous president.

I am not part of the 1% and I’m not part of the 99%. I’m part of the 53% who work each day and pay taxes of all varieties. I’m OK that there are many people who make more in wages and benefits than I do, and many of them deserve to make more than I do. I’ve been both poor and well-off and nobody is and was more responsible for each of these statuses than me. I deserve the blame and the credit, and much credit goes to God who is my guide.

I had a discussion with a more liberal-minded co-worker today about Obama’s jobs bill. He asked me what’s wrong with it and my reply was basically – everyone who’s ever had to manage a budget knows that when you spend way more money than you earn you just keep getting into more debt. This debt has a cost called “interest” which is basically throwing good money down the drain and making it useless. This is why the best plan is to balance the budget to where at least you are not spending more than you earn, whether this involves cutbacks or some other type of income. The jobs bill goes in the opposite direction, increases debt, doesn’t create private-sector jobs which are the type of jobs that would raise revenue. Increasing the taxes on the rich and corporations just makes them tax collectors for the government because they pass these costs on to consumers (us). Others will find other things to do with their money besides investing it in our country and our government – especially since they are just going to waste most of it on their friends and supporters. Also I’m not happy about the massive bailouts of state’s budgets of those states that have been fiscally irresponsible with bad liberal policies and ideas that failed – let them do what’s necessary to balance their own budgets. As a taxpayer I believe we should be kept from paying for other people’s mistakes as much as possible – I mean how else will they learn to be responsible? I’ll call this rant why democrats suck(revisited).

10-22-2011 - so what's happening with the revolution? The occupation and attempted overthrow of our system of government? You can hear about the narrow narrative in our mainstream media or you can read the truth of what's happening by clicking here. Read each article and the links within the article, and the link at the end of the article to read the next one.

The Sports Illustrated magazine recently made the prediction that the Texas Rangers would win the 2011 World Series in 6 games. Fortunately SI is wrong way more than they are right with their predictions. Tonight in game 3 the St. Louis Cardinals pounded the Rangers 16-7 to take a 2-1 games series lead! So here is my prediction - if the Cardinals win one of the next two games in Texas in the next couple of days, then the Cardinals will win the 2011 World Series in 6 games. Of course if they can win both of the next couple of games then they will win the 2011 World Series in 5 games. I think the Cardinals have proven they can win in Texas after tonight!

Well in 5 more days my "Thoughts for the day" column will have reached a month. I haven't made an entry every day but it's been fairly consistent. I remember back in 1996 I kept a daily journal for a couple of months but when I read it back I came to the conclusion that it was really boring. Basically I wrote (typed) about what I did each day, and I don't exactly lead the most exciting life by any stretch of my imagination. This time it's different because it's not only about me, but what's going on around me and what I think about it. Plus I have my work on my blogs to supplement much of what I say each day. Maybe it's boring to some, but not to me - I'm having fun and blowing off steam at the same time, and hopefully I can continue.

10-21-2011 - today let's talk about poverty, entitlements, and welfare. I recently watched a video interview of our former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, who's now the Secretary of Agriculture in the Obama administration. He was talking about jobs, and he mentioned that when people are given food stamps or welfare that it's actually an economic stimulus for our economy. Just exactly how is it a stimulus when you take money from one group of people (taxpayers) and give it to another group of people (welfare recipients)? I've heard other democrats say the same thing about unemployment benefits - that they are a stimulus. Well if that's true then why don't everyone just quit their jobs and collect unemployment from the government. Btw where is the government going to receive the revenue to pay out all of this unemployment and welfare if nobody is paying taxes? Democrats are either really stupid or they think we are. Well some people are that stupid and many democrats are that stupid as well. Democrats bamboozle the idiots into believing they are giving them a helping hand out of the goodness of their hearts but it's easy to give away other peoples money.

I remember when I got out of the U.S. Army in the summer of 1985, for a few years I worked a variety of poor paying, no benefits type laborer jobs. I made just enough to pay for the rent, bills, and insurance. I was definitely living below the poverty level, but I never received any sort of welfare or food stamps. Yet there were other families that consisted of single mothers who kept having more and more children so they could increase their monthly welfare payments and food stamp allotments. That was how they lived their lives - they didn't even try to find jobs - they just sat their fat asses on their couch all day watching soap operas and Oprah, while they told their kids to go outside and play somewhere. This was obviously a few generations ago, now we have young kids who think the government owes them a living. The first mistake they make is they think the revenue the government has is theirs to do with as they please. It's definitely not supposed to be that way. These kids that are protesting in our cities now think they should receive a free college education and be given jobs that pay at least $20 an hour. If they have any student loan debt of credit card debt, well that should all be forgiven - wiped out. This is the entitlement mentality that they have acquired through their educations and watching our media. So who pays for all of this - well our shrinking private sector, that's who. You could say the public sector pays as well but they are paid their wages with tax-payer revenue so essentially that cancels them out. I really think that a lot of people in our country have a big problem with thinking things through - our wonderful public schools don't give them much practice and they are not going to learn much on their own. Here's a good example about a group of people who don't think things through. Here's a story about a rich man who finances people who don't think things through, just because he's evil. Unfortunately these people aren't the only large group who believes they should get something for nothing, while the democrats just encourage this behavior for more votes and more power.

Here's just some random thoughts - does King Obama have anyone in his life that he can trust and who trusts him? When you live by a moral relativistic code such as he does and often can't tell the difference between the truth and lies - how can there be any trust? There is no trust among thieves and Obama is definitely a thief. Does he even understand what trust is?

10-20-2011 - I was thinking about fairness. I know that the democrats are in a desperation mode and are doing anything they can get away with to shake things up - to confuse things. Is it fair to be called a "racist" just because you disagree with a president who happens to be 1/2 black, while you have blacks in the media who tell other blacks that they should vote for Obama just because he is black. I mean which of these 2 different examples are really the racist? Do these people know anything about history? Is it fair that Obama can tax the heck out of all of us (and it is all of us because increasing taxes of corporations just makes them tax collectors from consumers for the goverment), just so he can give more stimulus money to groups who support democrats for re-elections? He takes from the private sector and gives to the public sector, and the public sector supports democrats with their votes and campaign contributions. No it's not fair at all! You would think that Obama would know that all of his lying is going to bite him in the ass one day soon. Keep in mind that Obama's jobs bill failed to pass in the democrat-controlled senate - yet he repeatedly says it's the republicans who are standing in the way of job creation, and the mainstream media backs him up even though it's all a big lie. The democrats can't come up with any ideas that work, all of their idea's destroy. It's just like the OWS protestors who know they want to bring down our government and our economic system, but they have no clue about any alternatives that wouldn't lead to complete chaos. I'm tired of having a president who's only interested in destroying our country. To me Obama and his administration (which is his responsibility) have always been our enemies. It's not because he's black or 1/2 black (race is immaterial), it's because he doesn't do his job. He can only campaign by lies and ridicule. He can only spend our tax dollars like they are monopoly money. Obama must go and so should Joe.

10-19-2011 - well the 2011 MLB World Series started tonight and the St Louis Cardinals win game 1 against the Texas Rangers 3-2, to take 1-0 series lead! The weather is getting colder and feeling more like Fall. I heard on the news today that King Obama told Jake Tapper of ABC in an interview that every decision (every choice) he's made so far as president has been the correct decision. How delusional can one king be? So I found an article by Guy Benson that mentions 30+ choices that Obama made that were horrible, and the list could've been way longer. Links to articles about all of these bad choices King Obama made are provided, to read them all click here. Call it 30+ reasons why Obama sucks as our president and should be immediately fired or arrested. It's hard to believe how anyone can follow or support the mess that's the Obama administration and the current crop of democrats in our legislature, they must be dumb, duped, or psychotic or some combination of all three. The OWS protestors are threatening to become violent - I say bring it on! You bunch of spoiled sissies who probably fight like girls. Maybe we can clear up some of the gene pool. These people are screaming to get their candy asses kicked.

10-16-2011 - Cardinals 12 - Brewers 6, St Louis wins the NL Pennant - their 18th! They will play the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series, starting next Wednesday in St Louis. They will be attempting to win their 11th World Series. Not bad for a wild card team who back in September was once 10 1/2 games behind Atlanta for the wild card.

So the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests are still going on and spreading to all of our major cities. They have received endorsements from major public sector unions, several Hollywood actors/actresses, most of our mainstream media, Obama and the democrats, and now both the Nazi and Communist Party's of the U.S.A. All of these groups have so much in common, and ideologies in common. Do you think I'm kidding? Click here to read all about it. I also read an interesting article about changing morals, education, and racism in society through one generation, click here if this might interest you.

10-15-2011 - today I was thinking about gun control and the 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights. I was considering how any gun related case that has reached the Supreme Court in the last few years has always ended with a 5-4 decision for justices in favor of the 2nd Amendment, or at least those who believe that citizens should be allowed to bear arms for protection, hunting, etc. This means there are 4 justices who don't believe us common citizens should have that right, but only military, police, and other government employees should. We know for certain that both Obama and our Attorney General Eric Holder want to do away with this 2nd Amendment. They would say it's for our own protection so the crackpots wouldn't have weapons to shoot innocent people, but that is baloney. It's really about power - the first step is usually require all guns to be registered. Once that's completed our government knows where all the law-abiding citizens' guns are located. The next step is one our 2nd Amendment currently protects us from - that is our government outlawing weapons for private citizens and confiscating our weapons. This is when tyranny begins and suddenly we are powerless to prevent it from happening. Some people (criminals) who are outside the law will also still have weapons and us common people will be powerless to defend ourselves against them as well. If they decide to rob our homes or rape our women they know they won't have to worry about being shot. Remember during WW2 the Japanese didn't want to invade the mainland of the U.S.A. because they knew we are well-armed.

So imagine if Obama is re-elected in 2012 and one of the more conservative justices happen to retire between 2013-2016. Obama (as he has twice already) would choose another liberal justice, which would tip the balance of the Supreme Court to a more liberal - socialist - marxist - social justice - empathetic - direction. Hello major gun control! Hello more drastic losses of our individual personal liberty! All things considered it would certainly lead to the end of the United States of America as a sovereign nation, and nothing would stop Obama from officially becoming our king. It has already happened to some extent to once mighty nations - to read about one example, click here.

I was also thinking about Andy Rooney, who just retired from CBS 60 Minutes recently. Back when I was a brainwashed democrat who didn't know any better, I used to think that Andy was a wise old man with keen insights. Once I gained more political knowledge I saw him more for what he really is - a secular, liberal dupe. I read an interesting article about this subject recently, to read it just click here.

10-14-2011 - Hey, guess what? King Obama wants to scold you and I today. You think I'm kidding you? Just click here. While you are there check out the links at the bottom of these lists to read more lists - very educational. Also today Obama cancelled a huge part of ObamaCare and sent more of our troops to participate in another war - yes really - click here to read about this bit of news. I must say that Obama is looking more and more like a huge loser with each passing day, which is to be expected when you follow such a loser ideology as marxist-socialism. This goes for most democrats - they own it, they own Obama, and they own the dirtbags who are protesting against Wall Street when the should be protesting against Washington D.C. Speaking of which, click here to see a funny comic and story on this very subject. Also click here to see a picture of Michelle Obama giving you a dirty look and read about some of King Obama's plans while you are there.

Today the St Louis Cardinals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 7-1 in game 5 of the NLCS. Now the Cardinals lead this series 3-2, and they travel to Milwaukee for a Sunday game 6. They only need one more win to make it to the 2011 World Series, while it would be necessary for the Brewers to win 2 more. It's a great day to be a Cardinal fan!

10-13-2011 - Today both Nancy Pelosi (D-gayland) and VP Bozo (Biden) told us some crazy things through the media. Queen Nancy told that republicans must want women to die on the floor, just because they passed the "Protect Life Act" which prevents taxpayer funding of abortions. I can't make this up - read more here. Now you tell me - is this a rational person who can be trusted to make good decisions as a representative in Congress? I think not. Bozo mentioned that since their horrible jobs bill didn't pass the democrat-controlled senate that more women will be raped. Also more good news from Uncle Joe - he will definitely be on Obama's ticket again for the 2012 elections. Yeah - that should help. The degenerate, er I mean democrat party just serves up whoppers to us daily, especially the King Obama, who's still throwing the race cards around. He's a uniter don't you know. Since his jobs bill didn't pass and the Senate saved us from another mammoth wasteful stimulus, Obama's new plan is to break the bill up and force feed it to us just like an EPA regulation, or Obamacare. Think I'm kidding? Read this story by clicking here. Yes Obama is a pathological liar who keeps telling us what a good job he's doing, but his numbers sure don't lie. He's like the second coming of FDR, click here to see how that all worked out. The Dupe party's DNC Chair screecher Debbie Wasserman-Schultz also told the press today that "silly! democrat's were not elected to create jobs!" Well she and Obama better get together soon so they can get on the same page, so-to-speak.

10-12-2011 – Today I’m thinking about the number 11. The St. Louis Cardinals, my favorite MLB team since I was a young boy in the 1960’s beat the Milwaukee Brewers 4-3 to go up 2 games to 1 in the NLCS. They need to win 11 games in the playoffs to win their 11th World Series Championship, and so far they’ve won five. Five games down – six to go. Two more wins to finish off the Brewers, and then 4 more wins in the World Series. They have as good of a chance as any of the teams left, and they are playing well.

I remember in college in a human relations class I wrote an essay about listening. It was about how listening isn’t a passive or natural ability but rather a learned skill – something that we put effort into to learn to do by ourselves – something that requires years of practice to learn to do well. The same is true with our ethics and morals – these we learn from our parents and at church, and hopefully from some of our teachers and even our friends. So obviously the people who we surround ourselves with (by choice or not) influence this learning. I was thinking about how many people seem to be lacking in these basic skills and how it’s hurting our society as a whole. Our liberal mainstream media is the worst influence for all of us – they just stick to their own narrative and mostly when you consider what their narrative is – it’s mostly just evil. It’s very effective in brainwashing many of us – including myself. They no longer have a monopoly on the narrative because of the alternate conservative media is coming on strong and putting more of the complete story out there. People who are open to reading, watching, and hearing this new media are seeing more of the total picture than they ever have before and the liberal democrats don’t like it – but they can’t stop it – here comes some more. I highly recommend that you read this blog daily (click here) if you want to know what’s going on.

10-10-2011 - My thought for today is "Ouch!" MiniVan air conditioner compressor fixed (replaced)for $936 - not totally unexpected, but still hurts. Bought a new 8 X 10 shed for lawn equipment storage - still needs assembly - it costs $1,100. We still don't know how much of the costs of Jenna's hearing aids we will have to pay that isn't covered by insurance. Also ouch for the Milwaukee Brewers - they got thumped by the Cardinals 12-3 in game 2 of the NLCS and it's tied at a game a piece, and now have to travel to St Louis to play 3 straight games there, but it's a long series. Watched Leah's Choir concert tonight - they did very well. Last Saturday we attended the annual HADSA Buddy Walk - to read about it - click here. My 5 day mini-vacation (including weekend) is now over and it's back to work tomorrow.

10-7-2011 - Lets say you are person who has power in a federal capacity, like President Obama or our Attorney General Eric Holder. It's common knowledge that you have problems with Our Constitution, which was written to protect the liberties of citizens rather than to increase federal governmental power. Just to focus on one of the problems today - how about the second amendment of the Bill Of Rights. We (Barry and Eric) want more gun control, we need more gun control. I mean how can we control the people while so many of them still have guns? Well creating a crisis usually works well - lets get one of our government agencies to strongly persuade gun shop owners in some of our border states with Mexico to sell somewhere between 1,400 - 2,000 semi-automatic/automatic weapons to buyers who will then sell them or give them to Mexican Drug Cartels. So now we have a serious gun control problem, and look! It was American Gun Shop owners who irresponsibly were the source of this problem. Clearly they are out-of-control and need to be kept in check by stronger gun control laws. People will be outraged, and it's our duty as leaders to get the guns out of the hands of the people, er, I mean to create stricter gun control laws for their own protection. Nobody will know of our involvement because we'll keep to our tried and true policy of not leaving a paper trail, and our friends in the press will bury anything that may be an embarrassment. Fast and Furious - check it out!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention game 5 - Cardinals 1, Phillies 0 - The Cardinals win the NLDS and proceed to the NLCS (National League Championship Series) to play their fellow division mates - the Brewers. The Brewers won the other NLDS against the Diamondbacks 3 games to 2 by winning game 5 3-2 in extra innings, and people often told me that the National League Central was the weakest division in baseball. Well I guess not! The Yankees and the Rays fall in the American League so the Tigers and the Rangers survive. Could it be a rematch of the 2006 World Series - Detroit vs. St Louis? Similar results (St Louis sweep)?

10-6-11 - Wow! today is the day we've all been waiting for - the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protestors have published their demands to us ignorant people here in fly-over country. To read the list, just click here. Just remember some of these people will be controlling our country in the future. Don't these people remind you of democrats? After these demands are met they will return to the rocks they all crawled out from under.

Isn't it great how King Obama can continue to jet around the country, avoiding his actual job as commander-in-chief, and waste our tax dollars perpetually campaigning for the 2012 elections? Also telling daily lies that the republicans are holding up his horrible jobs bill (democrats in the Senate are the ones holding it up), as well as some free-trade agreements (he has held them up himself for years). Also the republicans have no plans (they have passed several bills in Congress, only to be held up by the democrats in the Senate). Lies, Lies, Lies, and our tax dollars are paying for another one of Obama's "lie through my rotten teeth" tours. Obama believes if you tell the same lie repeatedly that stupid people will believe it's true, and you know what? He's correct. Obama even has websites that document some (well there's not enough space for all of them) of his many lies. Don't believe me? Just click here. Coincidentally, Speaker John Boehner was on the news today telling King Obama off about this very subject, just click here to read.

10-5-2011 - Today I'm thinking about words, their different meanings and contexts. Earlier I was reading a thread on the Holt International Adoption Agency Korea Forum that I've been reading and participating with for years. It was about some adoptive parents and/or adoptees being offended with t-shirts that an adoptive mother was creating for a play date which said "Asian Invasion" and they had a robot motif along with this phrase. When I first saw the thread with the link that showed the t-shirts I wasn't very impressed by them, but I never thought of them as being racist. However several people mentioned in this thread that t-shirts with the words "Asian Invasion" are offensive and even racist and demeaning to Asians and especially our own adoptive children. I just don't agree with them at all. Taking these words seperately, being called "Asian" is no worse than myself being called "American," I am American and proud of it, and I don't see why Asians shouldn't be proud of being "Asian," or in our children's case "Asian-Americans." Several of these harpies mentioned that "invasion" usually has negative connotations and putting them together makes it offensive. I guess what I would say to this is to give a couple of examples in a different context. In the 1960's the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and other rock'n'roll bands came from Great Britain to the United States to tour here and to sell their music records here. It was commonly known as "The British Invasion." Another example could be you're working at a restaurant and things are slow, and then a large family enters the establishment and suddenly you're being invaded by the Smith family - it's a Smith family invasion. So are these negative connotations using the word "invasion?" How are any of these examples really different than making t-shirts with adoptive children in mind that say "Asian Invasion?" Why does an Asian Invasion in this context have to be negative - I see it as a positive. Invasions are not only associated with wars. I suppose when my family enters a place with our 5 active children, who were all adopted by us from Asian countries people may think of us as an "Asian Invasion," and so we are. There have been several other examples on these forums of people who think words should only have one narrow meaning, and that only their definition is the correct one. Just to give another example off the top of my head - some adoptive mothers have a problem with the "Adopt a Family" drives some companies always have around Christmas time (including the company I work for), which collect donations to buy presents for families who can't afford to buy their own children presents for Christmas. Their problem is with using the word "adopt," because this word is only for adopting children and nothing else. What a crock of ridiculousness! Political correctness is a bogus way to be divisive and controlling and anyone who demands it should be thoroughly marginalized to idiot status. Those who throw around the word racist to describe anyone who disagrees with them should be treated with the disrespect they deserve.

As a side note: The Cardinals defeated the Phillies 5-3 tonight to tie up their series at two games apiece - YES! Hopefully they can win this series on Friday and advance to the NLCS to try for their 18th NL pennant.

10-4-2011 – today I’m thinking about time. More specifically the limited time we have left here in Iowa before the winter weather comes. We have a lot to do before the weather gets too cold, and I decided that I’m going to take 4 vacation days off to try to get a lot of it done. We are trying to get our 1998 Dodge Durango ready to sell as soon as possible. We replaced all of its stereo speakers (which were essentially blown). We have to clean up and do some paint touch-up and a little body work. For our 1988 Toyota 4-Runner we need to replace both brake lines going to the back, then reinstall the gas tank. Then we will hope it still runs after sitting for far too long. For our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, its air conditioner compressor just froze up and wrecked the serpentine belt, so they will have to be replaced as soon as possible. Then a couple of vehicles need oil changes before winter. See what I mean?

So that’s just our vehicles – then we have our home. We need to finish up the French doors we replaced in our basement – the molding and the trim. I need to clean out the back gutters and install their covers. We need to mow the lawn at least one more time and then rake-up all of the leaves after they all fall from the trees. Then we need to winterize and store our mowers and get the snow blower ready to go. Once we get all of this done we’ll be on our way.

The St. Louis Cardinals are in the playoffs, and after losing to the Phillies today by a score of 3-2, they are down 2-1 in the series. They need to win their next 2 games to stay alive – backs against the wall once again. They play in St Louis tomorrow, and if they can tie the series up 2-2 the will play the rubber match in Philly on Friday. Go Cardinals!

10-3-2011 – Today where I work was the beginning of a new fiscal year FY2012. Just seeing the 2012 makes me think we are closer to sending President Obama and many democrats in the legislature into retirement – Yeah! Things are slow – there are fewer people around because many took voluntary layoff because our government business has decreased significantly, but it saved several people from being involuntarily laid off. When I started this job over 21 years ago it was the first time since I was in the service that I had decent benefits. My health and dental insurance was free, long term disability insurance was very cheap, paid holidays and vacation that started at one week, and progressed to 5 weeks over the years. Despite the fact that I work on government communications, I work in the private sector and belong to the local IBEW union – also private sector. I pay union dues to this union and they contribute a lot of these dues to democratic candidates. At first I was OK with this because I considered myself to be a democrat and voted for democrats. Then I finally wised-up and realized the democrats are wretched phonies, so I became irritated that my union dues were going to people whom we shouldn’t support at all. They don’t have our best interests at heart in any way. After working here for 5 years or so our health insurance costs have increased gradually as the cost of health care has increased – due to governmental regulations and interference. Since we don’t work for the government (they are just one of our many customers) we have union contracts that are actually negotiated and relatively fair to both employees and management so that we can keep our jobs and our company can keep running. It’s not like government unions and employees who receive handouts from taxpayers without our approval, rather it’s for their votes for democrats. It’s a horrible deal for everyone who pays taxes yet isn’t a government employee, and now our government is going bankrupt due to all of this pay-for-play abuse. The democrat’s solution is to soak the rich (small business and other job providers). They know nothing at all about job creation unless it’s for government jobs, which only grows our mammoth government larger and requires still more tax dollars to pay the additional wages. For this there are no decent returns because everything government runs is mediocre – public schools, entitlement programs, Medicare, Social Security, Post Office, public transportation, and now with Obamacare they are going to ruin health insurance for us all. Nobody in government from either party knows anything about running our health care insurance industry and the only ones who seem to know this are the republicans. Right now there isn’t much getting done with our government which is actually good because whenever they do something it just causes more damage to our economy. The republicans are working to minimize the damage until the democrats are too small in number to keep voting down their solutions, that have been proven by history to have worked. Democrats and Obama only know about destruction and demonization.

9-30-2011 – Today I’m working on a story – so I decided to write about journals, blogs, and stories. Before we received our first child (Leah) in 2001, I started keeping a journal about Leah, with pictures. It was a way to pass the time during a long adoption process (Leah was adopted by us from South Korea). I continued this journal until we adopted our first son Alex. At this point Leah’s journal ended and I started another Journal about Leah and Alex. I figured there was no point to keeping separate journals because it would take more time and all of our lives are so intertwined with each others anyway. So this journal lasted until we adopted our next son Benjamin, then Leah and Alex’s journal ended and Leah’s, Alex’s and Benjamin’s journal began. It lasted until the late summer of 2005 and then it ended. I don’t remember why – I think I just fell too far behind to catch it up and it didn’t seem worth the effort. It was fun while it lasted (maybe 5 years) and the kids all like to look at their journals and they are keepsakes of a sort. In a way it finished a chapter in our lives and that’s adopting our three children from South Korea, and how things were going with them at the time. However this is not the end of this story…

I’m not sure when blogs (web logs) came into existence, but it wasn’t too long ago – I’m thinking maybe around 2005 or so. I didn’t start my first blog until late 2007. My blogs were sporadic then – I didn’t have much of a plan in the beginning and I didn’t really start getting serious with blogs until early 2008. We adopted our daughter Jenna from China in July of 2007 and I wrote a detailed story about this journey and later added pictures, just like I did for all of our other children. Each of these stories I made into their own individual blogs in early 2009, so each of our children have there own blog about our journeys to receive them. We traveled to the Philippines in January 2009 to receive our son Ryan, and I also wrote a detailed story with pictures about this journey. I also created a blog for this story. Around this time I started our family blog “Together” which has taken the place of the journals I used to do, except they are online. Leah’s blog actually has a lot of her original journal included on her blog.. I started my political/religious blog “What On Earth” back in 2007 and it continues to go strong today. Early this year (2011) is when I started my “Stories” blog which has stories I wrote and long threads of common stories/articles on several subjects that interest me. Mostly it serves as a supplemental blog to my “What On Earth” blog. All of the stories that I wrote on the “Stories” blog have links at the bottom of each story that link them all together. You can click here to begin reading them if you wish.

The final viewer numbers for the month of September 2011 are WOE 9,543 (9,720). Total = 115,559 since June 2009. For Stories 5,811 (1,527). Total = 13,223 since June 2011. For Together 694 (927). Total = 10,691 since June 2009.

So what’s the story I was typing about at the beginning of this entry? It’s called “What’s The Big Idea” and it’s a story of how we built our family in the last decade. Hopefully it ties everything together on the subject. It’s about 3/5ths of the way done, and when it’s complete I will post it on the “Stories” blog.

9-29-2011 – My thoughts for today are about racism. I get called a racist a lot, by a variety of people, who all have at least the fact that they are liberals (and stupid) in common. The reason they call me a racist is because I don’t support President Obama and I criticize him. I usually tell them I criticize other democrats who are white – does this at least make me an equal opportunity racist? I mean Obama is half black and half white – despite the fact that he downplays his whiteness. Now I grew up in Iowa, which isn’t a diverse place, and as a result like most Iowans I was basically colorblind when it came to race. I had no clue what being a member of a minority race was like, but I viewed people of color as fellow human beings – nothing more, nothing less. Is this not what Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about when he told us all to judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character? This always resonated with me. People who call me a racist now have no credibility with me – I think they are frauds – just like our clearly racist president and many of his racist followers. Those of us who shine the light on the liberal’s real agenda will be called racists by them many times before the 2012 elections, because that’s all they have to fight with – they don’t have a record or any decent accomplishments to run with. Yet even this fight is a fraud. This is a problem that those devoid of any moral foundation, the moral relativists always eventually face – that their whole being is fraudulent. I have a long thread full of articles about racism by smarter people than myself – click here to read them.

9-28-2011 – How about that thing in Obama’s jobs bill where if someone who’s unemployed applies for a job and doesn’t get it, but feels they were wrongly discriminated against – they can sue the employer? Brilliant! That should work – NOT! It will keep employers from hiring anyone in the first place. This is probably all part of Obama’s plan so he has something else to blame on the republicans – as usual – despite it being his plan. Don’t believe it – read about it here and follow all links. More proof that our president’s a complete dipstick. One of my hobbies is blogging because it helps me practice writing (typing) and keeps me thinking. Plus it’s a good way to organize information and the thousands of articles I collect. My family blog allows me to keep people up with what’s going on in our family and show pictures – which is one thing that facebook is also good for. This blog “Stories” has taken off in the last couple of months, mainly because I often use it to supplement my WOE “What On Earth” blog. The “Stories” blog has 13,106 views since last January, but the last month it had 5,792, so it’s picking up. My WOE blog, which is a political/religious blog has 114,810 views since January 2009. It generally averages 300-350 views per day and around 9,000 per month lately. “Together,” our family blog is slowing down because I haven’t been posting there as much. It has 10,651 views since May 2009 and lately it’s been averaging 700-900 views monthly, but this has been slowing down. I have 5 other blogs, one for each of our children. They are mostly dormant because I combine them into our “Together” blog now.

9-27-2011 – I’m thinking about Socialism. Many people I’ve spoken with about whether Barack Obama and the democrats are socialists (which I believe they are) generally inform me that they are not because our government hasn’t taken control of our corporations and all of our commerce, plus we the people are still allowed property ownership. I reply something as widespread as socialism cannot happen overnight, it happens gradually. I call it creeping socialism. There are other ways to control people, small businesses and corporations besides taking over ownership. Some of the democrats favorite ways are by regulation, taxation, controlling the media and information, etc. This is clearly going on all around us and has increased significantly since Barack Obama has been our President. This is because he follows the Marxist-Socialist ideology.

Our government has been growing for years. The democrats are all about growing our government, and republicans are not blameless – but at least they tend to understand the private sector is just as important as the public sector. As our government grows in size and influence and our citizens become weaker, public sector (government jobs, bureaucracies) grow larger, and the private sector jobs decrease. Public sector job employees are paid with tax dollars, while private sector employees are paid by private employers. At some point when the public sector becomes too large and the private sector shrinks too much, who pays the wages? Who has control? Is it the citizens? No obviously it is the government, and when they can no longer afford to pay their employees, or borrow enough money to pay them, they will be laid-off as well. So I have created a thread of recent articles of which each thread has a link at the end which leads to another article. They will show you a few recent examples of what I’m talking about here.

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